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Welcome from North East London Faculty

Welcome from North East London Faculty where we care for doctors and our patients [PDF].

We support over 1900 members, Fellows, Associates and Associates in Training in the City of London, the north-eastern parts of inner London and parts of the Thames corridor stretching into South Essex.

The area reflects a wide range of socio-economic diversity and inequality from deprived urban to affluent. The area is also ethnically diverse with a mobile population, including refugees and new immigrants. The needs of our doctors mirror those of the population they serve.

As a Faculty, we bring together GPs from all backgrounds to share best practice and develop innovative ways to support each other and our local communities.

If you live and/or work in one of the CCGs in this NEL Faculty Map [PDF] then as a RCGP member please join our board and be the GP you want to be.

Faculty Board meetings - Get Involved

North East London Faculty Board meetings take place four times per year, in June, September, November and February. They take place just before the RCGP's Council meetings. 

We rely on members to play an active role locally, promoting the College's aims and objectives and the Board is one of the places where things happen. The North East London Faculty Board meetings take place four times per year, in June, September, November and February before the RCGP's quarterly Council meetings.
For more information please email Faculty Administrator, Michael Coyne at:

A full list of the North East London Faculty Board members is provided at the foot of this web page.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) statement to our RCGP members and communities

Collage of people holding Black Lives Matter bannersThe RCGP NELondon Faculty has taken a stand in support of the Black Lives Matter movement following the death of George Floyd in the USA.

Our Faculty is one of the most ethnically diverse and geographically encompasses some of the most disadvantaged Boroughs in England. In addition, our community has been disproportionately affected by Covid-19.

For years our members and patients have experienced and continue to experience macro and microaggressions. This can no longer continue.

In consultation with members of the Faculty Board and our wider community we have proposed a national programme for the RCGP to address systemic racism and inequalities at every level, including the environment and in line with the
Marmot Review Fair Society, Healthy Lives.

We hope to maintain trust with our community and to develop leadership over the next 1, 3, 5 years to deliver on these values.

As a start read our Twitter feed where we have taken the knee to our colleagues, patients and communities.

NE London and NC London Primary Care Awards

Primary Care Awards Nominees 2020We were overwhelmed by nominations of gratitude for our awards to value people, who deliver care in our NHS General Practice communities in North Central and East London that comprise our RCGP NEL Faculty patch.

These nominations revealed the quiet, inspiring and most remarkable work that is done minute-by-minute, day-by-day by generous people working in our General Practice communities.

So why does gratitude matter?

It matters because the evidence shows that enhancing appreciation in organisations at different levels (individual, relational, organisational, inter-organisational) promotes performance, positive relationships, healthy workers, and healthy organisations.

Ninety people, from all roles in the General Practice Team, were recognised for their care but we know in this new world where numbers don’t necessarily tell the truth, that pretty much all of the 10,000 people who work in our NEL Faculty area, are deserving of this expression of gratitude.

And these 90 people were nominated long before the COVID-19 wind of change, brought an eerie intensity to our work in primary care, calling on all of us to step into new roles with more love and courage in how we work each other and with our patients.

For each person nominated we wish to shout out: 'Thank you for your generosity of spirit and for your care in making our world a kinder place!'

Dr Liliana Risi Provost RCGP NEL Faculty

Scholarships for Leadership on Sustainable Healthcare

North East London Sustainable Healthcare Scholarships

The NEL Faculty is offering scholarships to support leadership for sustainable healthcare in our faculty footprint covering North London Partners in Health and Care and East London Health and Care Partnership. This is part of collaboration with the Greener Practice.

The aim of these scholarships is to bring the vision detailed in The Lancet Countdown on health and climate change to all of us who live and work in the NHS practices and Primary Care Networks in our Faculty to ensure that the health of a child born today is not defined by a changing climate.

Leadership is urgently needed because emerging evidence shows that particulates found in pollution are a significant cause of hospital admissions.

In addition pharmaceuticals are the new class of environmental contaminant exemplified by the 73 million inhalers used in the UK every year of which >63% are placed in domestic waste bins after use, most ending up in landfill or the sea.

The RCGP North East London Faculty is awarding six scholarships to develop leadership in our Faculty footprint. Deadline for applications is 12 noon on 27 January 2020. 

***** Entries for the Sustainable Healthcare Scholarship have now CLOSED *****

Faculty AGM and Dinner, 15 October 2019

Professor Angela Coulter speaking at the annual general meetingThe AGM theme focused on reasons why we need to care about Shared Decision Making delivered eloquently by Prof Angela Coulter. This led to stories of hope and joy over the past three years in the NEL Faculty, told by the outgoing Chair Liliana Risi.

View the Silence in London video about courage and love. There has been a distributed model of leadership in the Faculty over the past three years with most roles being shared. Now taking the Faculty forwards into the future with love and courage are two new Co-Chairs Kaindon Kugathas and Sabir Zaman.

Guests included representatives from our two key partners East London Health & Care Partnership and from North London Partners for Health and Care and Barts and the London Medical School.

We remembered three of our colleagues who sadly passed away in 2019:

  • Dr Martin Huddart, Former Chair of RCGP NE London Faculty
  • Dr Lotte Newman, Former President of RCGP and former Chair of RCGP NE London Faculty
  • Dr Jackie Ketley 

New members at the annual general meetingOn the evening, the Faculty recognised and celebrated the new RCGP Members and Fellows, Medical Student Awards and Provost Awards. [PDF]

Bee Ororo from Key Changes brought her soul singing to us in celebration.

There are many reasons why we wish to be involved in the RCGP Faculty. Most importantly it is because we all need belonging, competency, autonomy and to be understood so that we can keep our patients and ourselves healthy, happy and safe. Caring for outpatients and caring for ourselves, in order to care for our patients, continues to be the mission statement for the NEL Faculty and this was much in evidence at our joyful AGM Celebration.     

Upcoming events

EASE (Educational And Support Evening)

We deliver four free Education And Support Evenings (EASE) per year for AiTs and First5s, providing an opportunity to network and gain CPD. The EASE events take place in May, August, November and February.   

Our next EASE is on ‘Dermatology Emergencies, Top 5 Lesions and Getting Started in Teledermatology’ Webinar, Wednesday 16 July, 7:30 – 8:30 pm
We are pleased to welcome our speaker, Dr Victoria Swale, Consultant Dermatologist, Locum Consultant, Dermatopathologist, Royal Free Hospital, London

You can read more and register for this EASE by clicking on the below list of events.
View all learning and social events in North East London

RCGP Fellowship


We award fellowship in recognition of a significant contribution to medicine, and general practice in particular. Fellows are ambassadors for RCGP.
Fellowship is an honour and mark of achievement recognising a significant contribution to:

  • health and welfare of the community
  • science or practice of medicine
  • aims of RCGP, or any organisation which benefits general practice

More information 

  • For more information view the Fellowship page.

Your Faculty Board

Faculty Officers

Dr Kaindon Kugathas
Dr Kaindon Kugathas - Co-Chair

Dr Sabir Zaman
Dr Sabir Zaman - Co-Chair and Council Rep

Dr Liliana Risi
Dr Liliana Risi - Provost

  • Honorary Secretary, Vacant at the moment
  • Dr Helen Stedeford, Honorary Treasurer
  • Dr Nazmul Mohsin, Learning/Education Lead
  • Dr Ken Aswani, Council Representative 
  • Dr Aleksandra Fryzman-Fenton - Chair, Faculty Fellowship and MAP

Faculty Board Members

  • Dr Christiana Aride 
  • Dr Lisa Collins 
  • Dr Janakan Crofton 
  • Mrs Sylvia Debreczeny - Lay member 
  • Dr Dimple Devadas
  • Catherine Dominic, Student Rep, Barts GP Society   
  • Khadija Gitay - Lay Member
  • Dr Shani Gray - First5 Lead 
  • Dr Anwar Khan - International Representative and CSA course Lead
  • Dr Simon Ormerod
  • Miss Chandni Patel 
  • Dr Saravanamuthu Poologanathan - Deputy Council Representative and International
  • Dr Craig Seymour 
  • Dr Freddy Shaw
  • Dr Ann Telesz

Contact us

RCGP North East London Faculty
30 Euston Square

T: 0203 188 7406 

Opening hours

Office opening hours: 09:00 am to 17:00, Monday to Friday.

Your local Faculty Administrator is Michael Coyne.

Don't forget to follow us on social media for the latest updates:


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