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On behalf of the North East London Faculty we are deeply saddened to hear about the effects of the pandemic across the Indian subcontinent and other areas around the world. We are extremely grateful to our fellow colleagues both locally and globally who are helping to care for patients, including the most vulnerable. We offer our heartfelt sympathies and support to all those within our community who have been affected by the pandemic.

Climate Health Equity GP Leadership Scholarships

Climate Health Equity encompasses our goal for sustainable care in our Faculty.

The aim of these scholarships is to support leadership for Climate Health Equity in the RCGP NEL Faculty and in our NHS North Central and East London Leadership Community.

Find out more about the scholarships

Welcome from North East London Faculty

Welcome from North East London Faculty where we care for doctors and our patients (PDF).

We support over 1900 members, Fellows, Associates and Associates in Training in the City of London, the north-eastern parts of inner London and parts of the Thames corridor stretching into South Essex.

The area reflects a wide range of socio-economic diversity and inequality from deprived urban to affluent. The area is also ethnically diverse with a mobile population, including refugees and new immigrants. The needs of our doctors mirror those of the population they serve.

As a Faculty, we bring together GPs from all backgrounds to share best practice and develop innovative ways to support each other and our local communities.

If you live and/or work in one of the CCGs in this NEL Faculty Map (PDF) then as a RCGP member please join our board and be the GP you want to be.

Faculty Board meetings - Get Involved

North East London Faculty Board meetings take place four times per year, in June, September, November and February. They take place just before the RCGP's Council meetings. 

We rely on members to play an active role locally, promoting the College's aims and objectives and the Board is one of the places where things happen. The North East London Faculty Board meetings take place four times per year, in June, September, November and February before the RCGP's quarterly Council meetings.

For more information please email Faculty Administrator, Myriem Ashford at:

A full list of the North East London Faculty Board members is provided at the foot of this web page.

Restoring hope - Health Equity Festival and Celebration from 22-24 February 2021 

The Restoring hope festival started with three evenings of reflection on Health Equity through stories featuring GPs, primary care teams, patients, medical students, social prescribing link workers, and community organisations which were filled with poetry and music.

Our human fabric is bound up with stories handed down over centuries which give us courage to connect in order to move forwards. In our area where the environment is unfair, our patients consult more, often feel less enabled after consultations, and we as doctors are left more stressed. We have been worst affected by COVID-19 and race(ism) and place determine our health outcomes. We have an urgent need now to restore hope story by story.

Download our report with links to recordings of the event (654 KB PDF)

We have had a strong dose of the community as medicine. We have begun to feel and see the compassionate vision for a fairer world full of resourceful people, strong communities and resilient systems in our area. Our virtual Health Equity festival and celebration was organised collaboratively by the RCGP North East London Faculty, NHS East London Health and Care Partnership, NHS North Central London Partners and QMUL. It was developed with short notice yet overwhelmingly supported by interested colleagues in primary and secondary care, patient groups, multi-disciplinary teams, community organisations.

Build Back Fairer: The COVID-19 Marmot Review - Health Foundation, December 2020  

Health equity for doctors and patients - surviving and thriving in the "deep end"

See the Fairhealth Survive And Thrive At The Deep End module.

Fairhealth Deep End project website

"We in our society do not know how to acknowledge, to measure the contribution of an ordinary working doctor. To take measure of a person doing no more and no less than easing – and occasionally saving – the lives of a few thousand of our contemporaries. To fully take the measure of it, we have to come to some conclusion about the value of these lives to us now".
John Berger 1967.  A Fortunate Man – The Story of a Country Doctor

The RCGP NEL Faculty covers areas of significant ethnic and social diversity with some of the most disadvantaged and deprived boroughs in the UK worst affected by COVID-19.

Evidence shows that patients in deprived areas with complex problems consult more often, feel less enabled and their doctors feel more stressed after consultations.

The ‘Deep End’ refers to GPs who work in the deeper end of the social gradient of health. Strategies have been tested to support GPs and Primary Care teams to minimise the impact on themselves of the macro-economic inequalities in the care they provide. The most important ‘Deep End’ messages are the need for generalism, which is most needed by patients with complex multimorbidity; and collegiality, the power of practices ‘marching in the same direction’.

Although these strategies are not a substitute for rightful resources, they have been shown to enable GPs through advocacy, learning, support and research and have been widely accepted by GP teams working in the Deep End programme in Glasgow; Dublin; other UK areas in the Fairhealth network and more locally in West London.

It is predicted that there will be an increased burden on primary care from ‘long COVID-19’ and the economic impacts, which will result in widening inequalities and a further burden on capacity and resources and the need to ‘put equity at the heart of health systems’. Funding and working conditions in primary care have worsened with an increase in early retirement, loss in retention and low recruitment into General Practice. Blame culture and organisational abuse (defined as ‘neglect or poor professional practice as a result of the structure, policies, processes and practices within an organisation or system’) is prevalent but under-reported in our general practice communities.

The Fairhealth and Deep End programme is a resilience initiative, in that it targets the causes of low morale by building confidence, connectivity and control in those most at need, and does so by developing these aspects in a practical way within places. The focus on people means that it not only creates a platform for systems to use, but that it does so in a way that can be flexed across scenarios and local contexts enabling a vision for Marmot Informed’ Primary Care Networks and liberating the abilities of clinicians to effectively advocate on behalf of their patients. This movement is a multi-faceted intervention that uses communities of learning to address workforce retention, leadership potential and grass-roots capacity for change in that it uses the structure of PCNs and Integrated Care Systems as a building block.

In our NEL Faculty we have started conversations with our Integrated System Partners NCL and NEL, our two medical schools UCL and QMUL, HEE, NHSE with the aim of establishing this social movement into each of the 13 Boroughs in our Faculty footprint. To become more involved in the NEL Faculty Deep End Group contact

Visit City and Hackney Trainers' Workshop for useful resources.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) statement to our RCGP members and communities

Collage of people holding Black Lives Matter bannersThe RCGP NE London Faculty has taken a stand in support of the Black Lives Matter movement following the death of George Floyd in the USA.

Our Faculty is one of the most ethnically diverse and geographically encompasses some of the most disadvantaged Boroughs in England. In addition, our community has been disproportionately affected by Covid-19.

For years our members and patients have experienced and continue to experience macro and microaggressions. This can no longer continue.

In consultation with members of the Faculty Board and our wider community we have proposed a national programme for the RCGP to address systemic racism and inequalities at every level, including the environment and in line with the
Marmot Review Fair Society, Healthy Lives.

We hope to maintain trust with our community and to develop leadership over the next 1, 3, 5 years to deliver on these values.

As a start read our Twitter feed where we have taken the knee to our colleagues, patients and communities.

Faculty Leaders in long term Sustainable Healthcare

The RCGP NEL Faculty has led the way in sustainable healthcare by offering scholarships to support the next generation of leaders for sustainable healthcare in collaboration with the Greener Practice.  In February 2020 five scholarships were awarded to GPs to attend a courses at the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare. Dr Deepa Shah, one of the leadership scholars, said:

“The course was excellent in helping me understand how to get sustainability incorporated in practice and into quality improvement frameworks. It was fantastic to also meet some inspiring individuals and get ideas of how healthcare could move forwards with a positive footprint.”

Sustainable healthcare group shot.

Photo is from left Dr Tamsin Ellis, Dr Rita Issa, Dr Radhika Shah, Dr Emma Radcliffe, Dr Wei Shen Szetho

The climate crisis is also a healthcare crisis. The Lancet Countdown on health and climate change reports climate change as ‘the greatest threat to global health of the 21st century’ but also the greatest opportunity. Without mitigation and adaptation, there will be an increase in health inequity especially through negative effects on the social determinants of health especially in the poorest communities.

North East London is characterised by some of the highest levels of deprivation (see Infographic document) and sub-optimal air quality contributing to some of the worst outcomes for children. Recent exposure to air pollution increases the risk of hospitalisation or death from stroke. Health professionals are mobilising for clean air. There is strong evidence that promoting green spaces(965 KB PDF) can improve physical and mental health and social wellbeing as well as improving overall air quality.

Healthcare itself has a significant environmental impact; the NHS is responsible for ~5% of all UK environmental emissions. In primary care pharmaceuticals account for the highest proportion of emissions with inhalers contributing to 3.5% of the NHS’s overall carbon footprint.

In October 2020 the NHS became the first healthcare service in the world to commit to net zero carbon. The report also explains the links between Covid-19 and a greener recovery: “There is an interrelationship between the pandemic and the environment, which reinforces the need to minimise our impact on the environment and be prepared for climate change.”

The RCGP is supporting a sustainable primary care vision  and promotion of the Green Impact for Healthcare Toolkit for primary care teams and patients.
If you’d like to join our growing wonderful world of sustainable GPs in North East London and create a vision for a greener NEL Faculty contact Dr Tamsin Ellis email:

NE London and NC London Primary Care Awards

Primary Care Awards Nominees 2020We were overwhelmed by nominations of gratitude for our awards to value people, who deliver care in our NHS General Practice communities in North Central and East London that comprise our RCGP NEL Faculty patch.

These nominations revealed the quiet, inspiring and most remarkable work that is done minute-by-minute, day-by-day by generous people working in our General Practice communities.

So why does gratitude matter?

It matters because the evidence shows that enhancing appreciation in organisations at different levels (individual, relational, organisational, inter-organisational) promotes performance, positive relationships, healthy workers, and healthy organisations.

Ninety people, from all roles in the General Practice Team, were recognised for their care but we know in this new world where numbers don’t necessarily tell the truth, that pretty much all of the 10,000 people who work in our NEL Faculty area, are deserving of this expression of gratitude.

And these 90 people were nominated long before the COVID-19 wind of change, brought an eerie intensity to our work in primary care, calling on all of us to step into new roles with more love and courage in how we work each other and with our patients.

For each person nominated we wish to shout out: 'Thank you for your generosity of spirit and for your care in making our world a kinder place!'

Dr Liliana Risi Provost RCGP NEL Faculty

Faculty AGM 2 December 2020

New members at the annual general meeting 

The North East London Faculty hosted a well attended virtual 2020 Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 2 December 2020.

We have been worst affected by Covid-19 in our area where health is determined by race(ism) and place. We paid tribute to GPs and the many in our communities who have lost their lives. These GPs have contributed to the richness that is our professional community and have eased over the years, thousands of lives of people resident in our Faculty area. Guest speaker, Dr Dimple Devadas. Dimple spoke on 'Relationship-based care: Covid and beyond. Relationships with ourselves, with our colleagues, with our patients, with our RCGP, with our communities and with our world'.

We celebrated our new GPs, whose names are captured in the beautiful tree here. These are the new leaders in our diverse rich Faculty orchard grown from seeds of love and courage. Nina Simone sang 'Feeling Good' for all of us.

Upcoming events

North East London Faculty AGM (above)
View all learning and social events in North East London

RCGP Fellowship

Due to technical issues the Fellowship Online system is temporarily out of action until the problem is resolved. We will keep you informed of the situation in the coming weeks.  Please accept our sincere apologies.  We thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter. For further queries please contact:

T: 0203 188 7406



We award fellowship in recognition of a significant contribution to medicine, and general practice in particular. Fellows are ambassadors for RCGP.
Fellowship is an honour and mark of achievement recognising a significant contribution to:

More information 

Your Faculty Board

Faculty Officers

Dr Kaindon Kugathas
Dr Kaindon Kugathas - Co-Chair

Dr Sabir Zaman
Dr Sabir Zaman - Co-Chair and Council Rep

Dr Liliana Risi
Dr Liliana Risi - Provost

  • Dr Shani Bhaskaran - Joint Honorary Secretary
  • Dr Sally Smith - Joint Honorary Secretary
  • Dr Helen Stedeford - Co-Honorary Treasurer
  • Dr Yvonne Umebuani - Co-Honorary Treasurer
  • Dr Nazmul Mohsin - Co-Education Lead
  • Dr Shanaz Husain - Co-Education Lead
  • Dr Aleksandra Fryszman-Fenton - Chair, Faculty Fellowship Committee
  • Mrs Sylvia Debreczeny - Layperson Representative
  • Khadija Gitay - Layperson Representative

Faculty Board Members

  • Dr Christiana Aride 
  • Dr Ken Aswani - Deputy Council Representative
  • Dr Ishi Bains
  • Dr Naureen Bhatti
  • Dr Osman Bhatti
  • Dr Jamie Coady
  • Dr Lisa Collins 
  • Dr Stephanie Coughlin
  • Dr Janakan Crofton         
  • Dr Tamsin Ellis - Climate Sustainable Healthcare Representative           
  • Dr Sarah Foley
  • Dr Kavita Gaur
  • Dr Shani Gray - First5 Lead Representative
  • Dr Michal Grenville - Later Career And Retired Members Representative
  • Dr Zainab Kazmi
  • Dr Anwar Khan - CSA course Lead and International Representative
  • Dr Méabh Kinsella
  • Varun Kumar - Student Representative (Barts GP Society)
  • Dr Meena Krishnamurthy
  • Dr Krsna Mahbubani
  • Dr Simon Ormerod
  • Shraya Pandya - Student Representative (Barts GP Society)
  • Dr Chandni Patel 
  • Dr Saravanamuthu Poologanathan - International Representative
  • Dr Emma Radcliffe
  • Dr Selvaseelan Selvarajah
  • Dr Craig Seymour 
  • Dr Nirupam Talukder

Contact us

RCGP North East London Faculty
30 Euston Square

T: 0203 188 7406 

Opening hours

Office opening hours: 09:00 am to 17:00, Monday to Friday.

Your local Faculty Administrator is Mery Ashford.

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