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Welcome from Essex Faculty

We aim to provide the benefits of RCGP membership to colleagues closer to home. You are probably reading this because you already work in Essex in which case you are also most likely to be enjoying the beautiful beaches and fantastic countryside that the county as to offer!

Essex Faculty is relatively small with 1000 members, Fellows and Associates in training. The Faculty Board is made up of local GP volunteers who run educational and social events for our members - we are always open to ideas and welcome new members onto the Faculty Board. The Faculty Board discuss matters of importance to RCGP and feed these back to the College Council. Remember this is your Faculty, so please do get in touch if there are ways we can serve you better.

Get involved

Our Board meetings are held four times a year, in February, June, September and November to progress our local engagement activities and discuss issues pertinent to our members, which are then fed back to the College Council. We rely on our members to play an active role locally, promoting the College's aims and objectives.

Upcoming events

We run many education courses and social/networking events throughout the year. Many of these contribute to CPD and professional development.

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Our blog

Read our latest blog post to find out more about our key projects, local events and highlights of our work.

Your Faculty Board

Faculty Officers

Rachael Marchant 

Dr Rachael Marchant - Chair.

  • Dr Ruth Marshall – Provost
  • Prof Syed Babar – Vice Chair
  • Dr Subatra Basu – Honorary Treasurer
  • Dr Chuckwudi Ukpaka - Honorary Secretary
  • Dr Sunil Gupta - Council Representative and Fellowship Lead

I am delighted to have been elected the new Chair for the Essex Faculty of the RCGP. Some of you will be aware I have been involved with the faculty since qualifying as a GP 6 years ago. Over that time our faculty board has increased in size and activity. I am a portfolio GP splitting most of my time between Pall mall surgery where I am an associate GP and Havens hospices where I work as a GP with extended role. I am also the RCGP/Marie curie clinical support fellow for end of life care, a member of South Essex LMC and mum to two boys.

The Essex faculty is your local part of the Royal college of GPs and I think we want to do 3 key things. Firstly to provide support and opportunities to all RCGP members in Essex, second to be a voice for local members back to central college and finally to continue to strengthen and support our faculty board so we can do more in Essex year on year.

In 2020 we have had to cancel much of our face to face educational programme and we are exploring ways to bring you some of this content virtually whilst also looking forward to a time when some face to face activity may again be possible. We continue to discuss council papers as they are raised and then feedback on these through our council rep who attends central meetings. I hope we will be able to get out conference bursaries and annual colleagues awards. If you have any suggestions for events or support, you would like to see from the faculty please do get in touch.

If any GP or past or future GP in Essex from medical students through to retired GPs and everyone in between is interested in getting involved with the faculty you are always welcome and please do not hesitate to contact me or our faculty administrator Faculty board roles are voluntary but are fun, supportive, and rewarding in other ways.

Getting Involved

We rely on members to play an active role locally, promoting the College aims and objectives. It is essential to raise and maintain awareness of demographic issues and the needs of GPs and patients alike, and develop initiatives to support these.

We currently have vacancies for: Faculty Lay member position available. For further information or to apply, please email

Faculty News

The next Board meetings will be held on

  • 09 November 2021

All members are invited to attend board meetings. If you would like to discuss any item covered or would like an item to be considered at a future meeting please contact us.

The next AGM is on the 14 September 2021, our key note speaker is the RCGP Chair Prof Martin Marshall, our previous two Keynote speakers were Prof Amanda Howe RCGP President in 2020, Prof Helen Stoke-Lampard the former RCGP Chair 2019 and Prof Mayur Lakhani the former RCGP President 2018.

If you have any suggestions on who you want us to invite in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know. All members are cordially invited to join us, free of charge.

Register for Essex AGM 2021 with Prof Martin Marshall

The Board is going to award 5 Doctors for their contribution to the General Practice in the patch, these Doctors as per every year, are to be nominated by members of the board and the faculty with a small text stating their achievements and contributions to the Primary Care in the Area.

The Faculty is happy to announce it will be granting bursaries to Students, Aits and GPs to attend the face to face RCGP Conference,more details below at the faculty initiatives.

The Faculty is also resuming awards, and will be awarding 5 members for their incredible contribution to primary care in the patch, please send your nominations and suggestions to:


Faculty Events

We are looking to expand our education programme, and to welcome suggestions from members for future educational events. In addition, we strongly encourage members to get together and we are always open to suggestions for rewarding, enjoyable activities.

Details of forthcoming Essex Faculty meetings, social events and educational courses can be accessed using the Upcoming Events box on the right.

Faculty Initiatives

AiTs & First5s Bursary to attend the RCGP Conference

The faculty offers annual support and bursaries for AiTs and First5s to attend the RCGP Annual Conferences or Discounts on specific courses, that would be advertised for everyone in Essex to apply for when we resume face to face meetings.

The faculty is awarding £500 Bursary to attend the RCGP Annual Conference to one First 5 member, £330 to two AiTs each, £130 to two medical students each. Those applicants to be considered they have sent a brief application to the Faculty (500-1500 words) explaining why they wish to attend the Conference and submit it, the decisions are usually taken the board meeting or AGM that precedes the Annual Conference. The submissions deadline is Friday 27th August 2021 at 05:00pm.

The winners are expected to contribute back to the board, by attending a board meeting and share their experience and they have earned from the conference and how the experience helped them for the future.

In the past years, the Faculty offered few £500 contributions towards attending the RCGP Annual Conference and supporting AiTs and First 5s and this is continuing.

Register today for the AGM to stay updated with the selection. Best of Luck.

Sustainability scholarships: calling all Green GPs!

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering sustainability scholarships for two RCGP members based in Essex.

We will fund attendance at a sustainability training course hosted by the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (up to a maximum of £150). Scholars would ideally then apply their learning by doing a sustainable quality improvement project within their own practice and attend a Faculty board meeting to present their project.

To apply, please write (in up to 200 words) explaining why you believe you should be awarded the scholarship and your ideas for a potential project. For more details and/or to submit your entry contact Faculty Administrator.

Email Details

To support sustainability and to keep costs down, we are reducing hard copy communications with members wherever possible.

But, a number of our members have alerted us to the fact that they are not receiving e-briefings, updates or blogs from the College. This appears to be happening for a number of reasons. One issue is that some members are now on NHS email addresses, which are highly restrictive in respect of accepting emails from external organisations. Meanwhile, some members have omitted to set their email accounts to receive RCGP emails. Others sometimes forget to notify us, or make the requisite amendments in MyRCGP, when they change their email address. Finally, some email accounts appear to tag College emails as spam.

We would ask all of you to check your email settings when you get the opportunity to make sure you can receive College email updates, and check that your details in MyRCGP are up to date. If you get the chance, please do pass the message on!

The Essex Faculty Network

We know that members across Essex create and develop local groups who meet on a regular basis. The form and structure of local groups is determined and developed according to local needs and preferences. We want to help foster fruitful and rewarding relationships by:

  • Connecting with GPs across the county
  • Supporting them at every stage of their career
  • Debating clinical, educational and professional issues and other hot topics
  • Feeding back to ensure relevance, representation and practicality in the formation of RCGP policy and the development of initiatives.

We would be delighted to hear from anyone who attends or runs any local groups within Essex, particularly if they cover either First5 members or Trainees. If we are told of any groups we will compile a list and ensure it is accessible to other members who may be interested in joining you.



Why you should become a Fellow of the RCGP

So why should you think about Fellowship? Unlike other Colleges, we do not award Fellowship as a reward for time served. It is a real statement of excellence and one that all members should aim for. It says something about you and your practice for which you can be justifiably proud. Colleagues and patients recognise this excellence.

It is awarded in recognition of a significant contribution to medicine in general and general practice in particular. Fellows should exemplify our motto "cum scienta caritas".

The Faculty actively encourages its members of 5 years plus standing to consider putting themselves forward for Fellowship.

Now that the nomination process is online it is so much simpler. We have a Faculty Fellowship Committee (FFC), led by Dr Sunil Gupta FRCGP. The FFC can offer advice and support through the Faculty office.

Membership by Assessment of Performance (MAP)

If you are going through the MAP process and would like any advice, please contact us and we will be happy to offer you support through our MAP Lead.

Contact us

RCGP Essex Faculty
30 Euston Square

T: 020 3188 7403

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 09:00 to 16:00.

Your local Faculty Administrator is Myriem Ashford.


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