General practice COVID-19 recovery: the power of relationships

The power of relationships: what is relationship-based care and why is it important is the second in a series of RCGP reports, setting out how general practice should function in a post-COVID environment.

In this report we set out to define what we mean by relationship-based care - “care in which the processes and outcomes of care are enhanced by a high quality relationship between doctor and patient” - what the evidence tells us about its benefits for patients, GPs and the wider health system and why it needs to be reinvigorated.

COVID-19, and particularly the rise of remoting consulting, has posed challenges for the delivery of effective relationship-based care, and relationships between GPs and patients must be prioritised as we make choices about what the service should look like post-pandemic.

More widely and starting long before the pandemic, a combination of societal sifts and new models of care have made doctor-patient contacts more transactional - focused on issues which are narrow in scope and time-limited.

Relationship-based care is essential to delivering patient-centred care and to revitalising the profession. It’s vital, therefore, that the value of the relational aspects of care are not only recognised but consciously designed in as new models of care and policy frameworks are developed. We need to cultivate an environment in which GPs and their teams are enabled and supported to deliver relationship-based care.

Over the coming months we will be engaging policy makers, health experts and primary care practitioners to identify what change levers are needed to strengthen relationship-based care so that it remains relevant in the modern primary care landscape.

Read the report (PDF file, 478 KB)

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