Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)

Workplace Based Assessment (WPBA) builds up a qualitative picture of your performance in training. The evidence you collect in your Portfolio is reviewed at least every 12 months in the Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP).

How the ARCP works

An ARCP is held at least once every 12 calendar months. In full-time training these two events often coincide, though it is not unusual for trainees to have more than one ARCP within a 12-month period.

Reviews can also be conducted more frequently if there is a need to deal with progression issues outside the annual review.

The ARCP Panel:

  • makes judgements about your progress against the competences, and whether they are ready to move onto the next stage of training
  • provides a final statement of your attainment of the competences for general practice - the basis for making a recommendation of satisfactory completion of training.

ARCP outcomes are recorded in the Trainee Portfolio (accessible through the "training map").

ARCP quality management

A sample of ARCP outcomes is taken twice a year and scrutinised by a team of RCGP External Advisors, to help ensure consistency in decision-making across deaneries.

Quality management in GP training

Find out more about the ARCP

The ‘Gold guide’ has more information about ARCP requirements for trainees, outcomes, composition of ARCP panels, additional training and appeals.

Gold guide: more about ARCP and other aspects of specialty training

Useful MRCGP and WPBA links

The RCGP WPBA Core group understands that over recent months Deanery ARCP panels have been asking for additional criteria to be met before awarding satisfactory outcomes (1 or 6) to trainees. These additional criteria have usually arisen from a desire to ensure that development of all competences and requirements for practice after training have been met. Examples include specifying the number of log entries required, and a required number of significant events per annum or a full audit cycle.

The GP Curriculum and MRCGP exam (including WPBA) has been approved by the GMC as the appropriate curriculum and assessment system for GP Specialty Training. Changes to either must be agreed by the College and approved by the GMC. While it is appropriate for Deaneries to look for evidence to support specific workplace based competence areas, it is not permissible to require additional criteria or assessments to be completed over and above those measured in the Trainee ePortfolio. Educational Supervisors and ARCP Panels must not deviate from the assessment package agreed between the RCGP and GMC and can only award an unsatisfactory ARCP outcome if there is plain evidence of inadequate performance in the ePortfolio assessments or development of competence.

The RCGP WPBA Core group is always happy to hear from trainees, trainers and others about ways in which the system can be improved.