GP curriculum super condensed guides

RCGP has developed super-condensed RCGP curriculum guides for 2021. These are summaries of the full versions of the curriculum topic guides.

The guides are intended as a resource for supporting educational conversations in training and as a means of identifying learning needs for professional development. They are subdivided into the following themes:

  • The Role of the GP and emerging issues in primary care
  • Knowledge and Skills Self-Assessment Guide
  • How this might be tested in MRCGP
  • How to learn this topic

The topic guides are those that correspond to the most usual GP training posts. We hope that they will assist trainees in formulating their PDPs and ePortfolios at the beginning and throughout their training posts, help trainers as a framework for learning needs analysis, and enable specialist clinical supervisors to align experiential learning to the needs of the GP curriculum.

The topic guides included are:

As of February 2021 we are mindful that, although there are a variety of training opportunities still available, there is significant disruption to training and normal working practices under present restrictions. However, we feel that it is still appropriate to align the guides to the established curriculum in anticipation of a future return to the core role and capabilities of being a GP. The final section of the guides on ‘How to learn this topic’ includes a disclaimer to this effect, acknowledging the current limitations in learning opportunities.

We hope to publish updates for the remaining topic guides on coming months. We would be very grateful for any suggestions and feedback.

Last updated 8 February 2021