GP curriculum: Document versions

You can download the current GMC approved version of the curriculum below.

1. Core Curriculum Statement

The core curriculum statement provides a full description of the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours required of a GP in managing patients and their problems.

2. Professional, Life Stages, and Clinical topic guides

The Professional, Life Stages and Clinical topic guides will help you to understand important areas of general practice by illustrating the key learning points with case scenarios, reflective questions, and advice for learning and teaching. They also contain guides on the specific skills required for each area of practice.

The Professional topic guides cover important professional areas of practice such as consulting, patient safety, leadership, quality improvement and self-directed learning.

The Life Stages topic guides provide support for more targeted training in the care of certain patient groups that require a specific clinical approach and skillset.

The Clinical topic guides illustrate some of the areas of clinical practice you will encounter as a GP. These modules are intended as examples and should not be viewed as a complete list of every topic you will need to learn as a GP.

To provide feedback on the curriculum, or if you would like to see previous versions, contact We especially welcome feedback relating to equality and diversity issues affecting patients and doctors.