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Welcome to the North West England Faculty. We support over 3,500 members, Fellows, Associates in Training and students in Central and Greater Manchester, Lancashire and South Cumbria. The Faculty has an active leadership role in the GP Excellence Program supporting its practices and GPs. We have developed links with outside stakeholders (for example HENW, The Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, Local Cancer Care Networks, Local Clinical Allergies Network and Social Enterprise) which provide an excellent network within primary care.

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RCGP North Twitter account

May 2024

As you may be aware, we are now working collaboratively within the following career communities across the North of England:

  • Later Career and Retired Members - Susan Duncan
  • AiT - Toni Ford
  • Established GPs - Clare Bartram
  • First5 - Sarah Adams

Each Faculty will still be working on local events for these groups but now we also aim to combine our knowledge and expertise to produce quality events for these career communities across the 7 Northern Faculties. For more information, please click the names above next to each career community.

As a result we've started a joint Twitter account with the 7 Northern Faculties - NW England, Mersey, Cumbria, South Yorkshire North Trent, Yorkshire, Humber & The Ridings and North East England. Follow us for joint ventures!

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Upcoming events

We run an extensive educational programme including several social/networking events throughout the year. Many of these contribute to CPD and professional development.

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Faculty news

If you have any local news you think we should hear about, please let us know.

Local training and development

Associate in Training support

May 2024

We work in collaboration with the North Western Deanery to support the network of GP Educators in their delivery of the GP Curriculum to North West Trainees. We have 2 co-leads to lead on AiT provision in the area. Please follow us to find out more about our upcoming events.

  • Dr Efioanwan Damisa - AiT Co-Lead
  • Dr Thomas Longbottom - AiT Co-Lead

Please contact us if you would like more information or want to get involved with shaping our AiT offer.

First5 support 

May 2024

We have an active First5s in the NW with a WhatsApp group. If you are interested or would like to find out more information, please contact us

The variety and amount of electronic resources out there can be both overwhelming and difficult to navigate in searching for relevant information. Here are some commonly used and established resources that may help you in finding answers to your PUNS, DENS or just general learning.

The North West Faculty First 5 co-leads:

  • Dr M. Adil Usman Khan – First 5 Co-Lead
  • Dr Jawad Haq – First 5 Co-Lead


May 2024

Fellowship is an honour and a mark of achievement recognising a significant contribution to:

  • health and welfare of the community
  • science or practice of medicine
  • aims of RCGP, or any organisation which benefits general practice

Full details of applying for fellowship can be found at RCGP fellowship. We now have an offline application route. If you are unsure about any part of fellowship or want to know more about the process contact us for more information.

The faculty actively encourages its members of 5 years' plus standing to consider putting themselves forward for Fellowship. We have a Faculty Fellowship Committee (FFC) within the faculty, led by our Provost, Dr Alison Lea. The FFC can offer advice and support through the faculty office.

Friedlander bursary

For anybody who has submitted and a research paper/poster for a medical conference, and subsequently had it accepted the Friedlander Fund will support you by reimbursing some of the costs occurred for attending the conference.

There are 3 annual bursaries of up to £200 each which can be applied for as follows

Criteria to apply

  • Must be a medical/clinical or academic conference
  • Must be a North West England Faculty RCGP member who Is attending to present the work
  • Must have had the paper accepted
  • Must have receipts/evidence of spending*

Please apply in writing in no more than 250 words why you should be considered to Please provide a copy of the paper or poster for consideration with information on the conference you are attending.

Please ensure you provide the following information in your application:

  • Your name, employer/practice and RCGP membership number
  • What have you been accepted for (i.e. poster/oral poster/oral presentation)
  • Title of project and submission to conference (if different)
  • Methods used
  • Main findings of your research
  • What difference it will make to practice/education
  • Your role in the project
  • Future plans
  • Any other dissemination plans/papers proposed from this project

(*Please note this is a reimbursement of expenses already incurred.)

Friedlander support hub

In order to help you apply for this and other bursaries our Faculty can offer guidance and support on the process. If you wish to have your application given a critical read before submission by our "committee" please email

Please find below some links to website you may find useful.

NIHR Research Support Service (RSS) provides free and confidential advice for funding applications, including clinical, applied health and social care research, and post-award advice to award holders.

NIHR Applied Research Collaborations

Meet your faculty

Dr Jane Wilcock - Chair
Dr Alison Lea - Provost

  • Dr Uwadiae Ima-Edomwonyi - Vice Chair & First5 Co-Lead
  • Dr Ben Addlestone - Honorary Secretary
  • Dr Ayede Ologun - Honorary Treasurer and PALP Co-Lead
  • Dr Jane Wilcock & Dr Robert West - Council Representatives
  • Dr Alison Lea and Dr Linda Sulle - Deputy Council Representatives

Faculty Board members

  • Dr Efioanwan Andah - AiT Co-Lead
  • Dr Narveshwar Sinha - International Representative
  • Dr Ishann Saxena - Established GPs Representative
  • Dr Sana Arif - EDI Lead
  • Emma Pimlott - Physical Activity and Lifestyle Co-Lead
  • Dr Ankita Kotamarthi - Foundation Lead
  • Dr M. Adil Usman Khan - First 5 Co-Lead
  • Professor Mark Gabbay - Late Career and Retired GP Lead
  • Dr Jawad Haq - First 5 Co-Lead and Sustainability/Health Inequality Co-Lead
  • Dr Dunni Adeniyi - Sustainability/Health Inequality Co-Lead
  • Dr Zubair Ahmad - Faculty Education Lead
  • Dr Bushra Kamal - Physical Activity and Lifestyle Co-Lead
  • Dr Thomas Longbottom - AiT Co-Lead
  • Dr Khaled Zeidan - AiT Representative
  • Dr Christine Umeadi - Sustainability/Health Inequality Co-Lead
  • Dr Isma Ali - International Representative

Contact us

RCGP North West England Faculty
The Outset
Sankey Street

Telephone: 0203 188 7791

Office opening hours: 09:30 - 17:00, Tuesday to Thursday.
Your local Faculty Administrator is Susan Duncan.

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