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Welcome from North East London Faculty where we care for doctors and our patients (external PDF). We support over 1900 members, Fellows, Associates and Associates in Training in the City of London, the north-eastern parts of inner London and parts of the Thames corridor stretching into South Essex.

The area reflects a wide range of socio-economic diversity and inequality from deprived urban to affluent. The area is also ethnically diverse with a mobile population, including refugees and new immigrants. The needs of our doctors mirror those of the population they serve.

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The Faculty is committed to supporting your professional development and wellbeing through engagement, networking and social events run across the calendar year. Many of these are offered to members free of charge. All our events can be found by searching our courses and events.

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Faculty Board meetings

The North East London Faculty Board meetings take place four times per year, in June, September, November and February before the RCGP's quarterly Council meetings. We rely on members to play an active role locally, promoting the College's aims and objectives and the Board is one of the places where things happen

For more information please email Faculty Administrator, Myriem Ashford at:

A full list of the North East London Faculty Board members is provided at the foot of this web page.

Local training and development

RCGP Fellowship

October 2021

We award fellowship in recognition of a significant contribution to medicine, and general practice in particular. Fellows are ambassadors for RCGP. Fellowship is an honour and mark of achievement recognising a significant contribution. For more information view the Fellowship page.

Meet your faculty

Faculty Officers

Jeeves Wijesuriya and Janakan Crofton - Chairs
Dr Kaindon Kugathas - Co-Chair
Dr Sabir Zaman - Co-Chair and Council Rep
Dr Liliana Risi - Provost

  • Dr Jeeves Wijesuriya - Honorary Secretary
  • Dr Farzana Bhatia - Co-Honorary Treasurer
  • Dr Yvonne Umebuani - Co-Honorary Treasurer
  • Dr Nazmul Mohsin - Education Lead
  • Dr Janakan Crofton – Council Representative
  • Dr Ken Aswani – Deputy Council Representative
  • Dr Aleksandra Fryszman-Fenton - Chair, Faculty Fellowship Committee
  • Khadija Gitay - Layperson Representative

Faculty Board Members

  • Dr Christiana Aride
  • Dr Shani Bhaskaran
  • Dr Lisa Collins
  • Dr Stephanie Coughlin
  • Dr Rachel Parker - Climate Change and Sustainability
  • Dr Chee Yeen Fung
  • Dr Sarah Foley
  • Dr Kavita Gaur
  • Dr Shani Gray - First5 Lead
  • Dr Harry Greenberg – AiT Lead
  • Dr Michal Grenville - Later Career And Retired Members Representative
  • Dr Anwar Khan - CSA course Lead and Joint International Representative
  • Dr Meena Krishnamurthy
  • Dr Sally-Ann Ofri
  • Dr Simon Ormerod
  • Dr Saravanamuthu Poologanathan - Joint International Representative
  • Dr Selvaseelan Selvarajah
  • Dr Craig Seymour
  • Dr Sally Smith
  • Dr Helen Stedeford
  • Dr Nirupam Talukder

Contact us

RCGP North East London Faculty
30 Euston Square

Telephone: 0203 188 7432

Office opening hours: 09:00 - 17:00, Wednesday to Friday.

Your local Faculty Administrator is La-Keish Oram.

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