MAP (Membership by Assessment of Performance)

Are you a licensed GP working in the UK?  Membership for all has replaced MAP. 

Previously, GPs were offered a portfolio-based assessment route to MRCGP. 

Below is information for current MAP candidates who are completing their portfolios.

Membership for All - Information for candidates switching to new route to membership

Can I continue to do MAP? 

Yes, you are free to continue to do MAP. You will receive the same support and the assessment process is unchanged.

How do I switch?

Let the MAP team know that you wish to stop ( You will find details on the membership for all page – Please note that the decision to stop MAP is final, you cannot resume MAP submissions at a later stage.

Can I get a refund for MAP fees paid?

Yes, please contact the MAP office ( so that we can advise you of what refund you are entitled to receive.  This will depend upon how much of the MAP portfolio you have completed to date.

If I apply for membership, can I use the title MRCGP?

Yes, once your application has been accepted and your membership fee has been paid you are entitled to use the post-nominals.

Information for current MAP candidates

Please check that you have the latest version of the portfolio document.  You can download and fill in the portfolio template following the guidance in the MAP Handbook.

MAP Portfolio Template [Word]

MAP Handbook [PDF]

When submitting material for assessment, MAP candidates must confirm that they have read, understood and agree to the MAP regulations.

MAP Regulations[PDF] 

Candidates must submit at least three criteria in one submission and must leave at least three criteria for their last submission.  There are ten criteria in total so one submission should include four criteria. You may submit sets of criteria in any combination, to suit you, and these sets of criteria may be submitted in any order.

It is suggested that you set aside approximately 2 hours per week to work on your portfolio.

See the section on additional resources for more supporting information and guidance.

Before submitting, you should check the material fulfils the requirements stated in the document below.

MAP Portfolio Submission Information [PDF]

Additional resources

Submission fees

The fees for MAP are as follows:

Submission fee: £100 per criterion

Evaluation Panel (if required): £250

Associate Membership (not mandatory) £129.75 annually * which represents a discount of 75% from the normal rate. *subject to annual review.

Membership fees are normally paid by direct debit.

All MAP related payments are made online. The MAP office will contact candidates with links to make payment at the relevant time.

Note that as at 1 April 2021 fee structure will change (50% reduction of submission fees).

Submission process

The MAP process is as follows:

Download handbook and portfolio template - MAP Handbook [PDF]

Complete the templates you wish to submit for assessment, remove the blank templates - MAP Portfolio Template [Word]

Send the completed portfolio for assessment

Portfolios are marked by a pair of assessors according to the MAP definition of scores:

MAP definition of scores [PDF]

Marked submissions are returned to candidates by email from the MAP office and will contain guidance on any changes required. A maximum of two resubmission attempts are permitted.

Once a set of criteria completes the assessment process, they will be reviewed by a Recommendation Panel. Some candidates will subsequently be invited to attend an Evaluation Panel. 

Further information about the panels may be found below and in the MAP Regulations

Once a candidate's final set of criteria has been successfully completed the assessment and review process above, the candidate will be recommended for membership.

Flow chart for Clinical governance cases [PDF]

Recommendation Panel

The role of the MAP Recommendation Panel is to review all submissions that have been assessed, including all those that have reached the limit for re-submissions but have not been marked as satisfactory in all criteria. The Recommendation Panel convenes at regular intervals throughout the year. Candidates who have submitted all criteria for assessment and have reached a satisfactory standard in all criteria in the judgment of the Panel will be eligible for membership of the RCGP.

Further information about the Recommendation Panel may be found in the MAP Regulations.

Evaluation Panel

Candidates whose submissions do not meet the required standard in the judgment of the MAP Recommendation Panel will be invited to attend an interview with an Evaluation Panel. These will be scheduled as necessary.

There is an additional fee of £250.00 for all candidates who attend the Evaluation Panel.

Further information about the Evaluation Panel may be found in the MAP Regulations.

Who are the MAP Team?

The MAP Team

Clinical  Lead: Dr Clare Etherington

Panel Arbiter: Dr Elizabeth Nodder

33 MAP assessors: All GPs working in various working environments across the UK.

2 Lay Assessors: The role of the lay assessor is to ensure fairness and transparency in the process.

MAP Manager: Karen Bollan

MAP Officer: Gordon Wiseman

MAP Administrator: Fridah Mutegi

Contact details for the MAP team may be found at the bottom of this page.

Contact us

30 Euston Square
London NW1 2FB


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