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Pregnancy Loss and Child Bereavement

No-one expects their child to die before them – it isn’t the natural order of things. This course aims to provide GPs with the tools to support patients who have experienced a loss during pregnancy or the death of an infant or child. The first module discusses what to do in the immediate aftermath of a loss whilst the second deals with longer term issues and management in subsequent pregnancies. There is some discussion of legal issues and, for brevity, the term Coroner is used throughout. Information about equivalent systems in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can be found in the resources section as can many resources to help support parents. Quotes in the course are from various surveys of bereaved parents, details of which can be found in the references section.

GP SelfTest International General Practitioner Recruitment Programme

Welcome to the GP Self Test. The three tests have been specifically designed for the International General Practitioner Recruitment Programme. This online learning needs assessment tool will help you to validate your knowledge and identify areas for improvement. There are 100 multiple choice questions in each test and they have been written and quality assured by GPs and examiners. The tests are designed to cover all of the curriculum areas required and will provide you with extensive feedback and links to further learning resources.

Practice Staff Health

An e-Learning course on Practice Staff Health. The course is free to all primary healthcare professionals.

Critical Appraisal

An e-Leaning course on Critical Appraisal. Free to all primary healthcare professionals.

Glycogen Storage Disease

An e-Learning course on Glycogen Storage Disease. The course is free to all primary healthcare professionals.

Patient Data Choices

An e-Learning course on Patient Data Choices. The course is FREE to all primary healthcare professionals. Click the following link to access the course:


An e-Learning course on Breastfeeding. The course is FREE to all primary healthcare professionals. Click the following link to access the course:

Acute kidney injury (AKI) in primary care

An e-Learning course on Acute Kidney Injury (AKI). This course is FREE to RCGP members Associates-in-Training and available on subscription to others.

Type 2 diabetes and the low GI diet

An e-Learning course on type 2 diabetes and the low GI diet. Click the following link to access the course:

Military Veterans

Looking after those who served in the United Kingdom’s armed forces is an important aspect of day to day general practice. This screencast introduces the current state of health of Britain’s 2.5 million military veterans and focuses on common aspects of veteran’s health, such as physical and emotional trauma and how all members of the primary care team can honour the military covenant by following appropriate referral patterns for ex-military personnel.

Five Minutes to Change your Practice

These 5 minute 'bitesize' screencast cover a range of topics and are updated every month. They are FREE to access for all healthcare professionals within the UK. Click the following link to access the Five Minutes to Change your Practice page:


This half-hour module aims to update GPs about scoliosis, a common orthopaedic condition in childhood which benefits from early recognition. The module uses a case-study approach to discuss the clinical assessment of a patient presenting with possible scoliosis as well as how to investigate in primary care, when to refer and the possible approaches that might be taken in secondary care.

Pulmonary Fibrosis

This course will cover everything the generalist in primary care needs to know about idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. This will include pathophysiology, presentation, natural history, treatment options, exacerbations, oxygen therapy, lung transplant, advanced care planning and end of life care.

Listen, Suspect, Refer: A guide to detecting heart valve disease

An e-Learning course on Heart Valve Disease. The course is FREE to all primary healthcare professionals. Click the following link to access the course:

Essentials of Smoking Cessation

An e-Learning course on Essentials of Smoking Cessation. The course is FREE to all primary healthcare professionals. Click the following link to access the course:

Multiple Sclerosis in General Practice

This course enables you to update your knowledge of evidence-based care for people with MS. It covers dilemmas in diagnosis, typical presenting symptoms and the multi-disciplinary management of people with chronic MS. The course also explores psychosocial issues and uses video clips to illustrate patients' experience of living with the condition. It has been developed in partnership with the MS Society. The MS Society is keen to know how this module will help you to improve your care and services for people affected by MS. Please contact if you would be willing to share your thoughts, have further learning needs or if you would be interested in helping shape services for people affected by MS.

Gender Variance

This course consists of two modules, which cover different areas of this subject but with some overlap. The first module concentrates on care of the adult transgender patient, using a case study approach to discuss all aspects of GP care. This includes prescribing, pronoun use and changing the gender marker in the notes as well as a detailed discussion of the GMC and BMA positions on transgender care. The second module focuses more on the adolescent patient and discusses management including psychological input and drugs such as puberty blockers, as well as what to do if a patient presents to their GP wanting to discuss pausing or reversing aspects of their transition, as well as more information about disclosure of trans status within the context of medical care. In some places this course refers to administrative issues that do not apply across the whole of the UK, for example NHS numbers. The resources section contains information on these issue for those working in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Mental health in the context of COVID-19

This collection of resources is specifically designed to support the mental health and wellbeing of the GP workforce and the healthcare community at large. The resources aim to help with the mental and physical state of the workforce, address current and future challenges, allow healthcare professionals to feel supported and therefore provide better care to colleagues and patients. By giving the members of the primary care team the tools to recognise signs of burnout, PTSD and low mood, and subsequently introduce them to techniques to manage these, these resources aim to prevent further reduction of the workforce due to ill health.

NHS Screening

An e-Learning course on NHS Screening. The course is FREE to all primary healthcare professionals. Click the following link to access the course:

Granulomatosis with polyangiitis (GPA)

This ‘Five minutes to change your practice’ screencast discusses the presentation of GPA, when to consider it as a diagnosis and what investigations to do in primary care. It also touches on the secondary care management and longer term prognosis.


The impact of osteoarthritis (OA) is often overlooked; diagnosis and management of OA is a key primary care competency. This module will update you on the pathogenesis and management of OA, and improve practitioner confidence in diagnosis, appropriate self-management, prescription of analgesia and referral.

Cannabinoid-based medicines

This course aims to educate the GP about the use of cannabinoids as medicines, both when prescribed and when bought over the counter. It will discuss the basic biochemistry and pharmacology in this area as well as reviewing the indications for prescribed cannabis and the reasons that patients may cite when buying cannabinoids over the counter.

COVID-19 and staff mental health

This two module eLearning course covers two areas which are particularly pertinent to the mental health and wellbeing of clinical staff in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The first considers what wellbeing is, and how we can support it in ourselves and our staff. The second looks at mental health in the context of traumatic experiences and moral trauma, including how we recognise and address it, and when it becomes PTSD.

Best practice for remote working and virtual patient care in general practice

The aims of this eLearning course are to highlight various existing tools available to most clinicians in general practice to provide remote working and virtual patient care. To highlight examples where the use of existing technology can assist with virtual consultations.


This course aims to educate GPs in the management of syncope, including the search for an underlying diagnosis, knowing what examination and tests to carry out, what red flags to look for and when to refer. The course consists of a 30 minute eLearning module, a 5 minute screencast and a podcast.

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