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Dermoscopy with Benign and Malignant skin lesions diagnosis

Melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma outcome is significantly improved by early diagnosis however most skin lesions referred are benign. This workshop is an introduction to dermoscopy and how it can increase your confidence in diagnosing skin cancers and benign lesions.

Start date16/07/2020
Duration4 hours

Hepatitis C: Enhancing Prevention, Testing and Care

This course provides an understanding of hepatitis C and its prevalence. It also gives an overview of the liver and its function, and the stages and natural history of untreated hepatitis C liver disease. This course is FREE to RCGP members and available for purchase by non-members.

Five Minutes to Change your Practice

These 5 minute 'bitesize' screencast cover a range of topics and are updated every month. They are FREE to access for all healthcare professionals within the UK. Click the following link to access the Five Minutes to Change your Practice page:

New Members' Ceremony | Oxford

Bookings go live December 2019. The College’s New Member Ceremony is an opportunity for you to celebrate with friends and family the achievement of attaining membership of the college by completing the MRCGP MRCGP [INT] OR MAP.

Start date03/09/2020
Duration6 hours 30 minutes

Minor Surgery Course 10 & 11 September 2020

A two day theory and practical course on skin surgery syllabus for general practitioners

Start date10/09/2020
Duration1 day 8 hours
LocationSutton Coldfield

MSK Joint Injections September 2020

Are you just starting to learn joint injections? Do you want to improve your knowledge? Do you want to learn different techniques? Then this course is for you. Joint us! On our full day, interactive Musculoskeletal Joint Injection Workshop, held at Gateshead on Wednesday 16 September. All primary care workers welcome.

Start date16/09/2020
Duration8 hours

Essentials of Smoking Cessation

An e-Learning course on Essentials of Smoking Cessation. The course is FREE to all primary healthcare professionals. Click the following link to access the course:

RCGP Essex Minor Surgery Update 18 September

This is not just any minor surgery update course this is the update course which presents the most recent evidence guidance and examples from recent medicolegal cases to advise warn and encourage GPs and GPwSIs in minor surgery towards necessary appropriate safe skilled and fun skin surgery in general practice. We have a programme for you that is suitable for education appraisal accreditation and revalidation with certificates for CPD and which also features the Direct Observations of Procedural Skills (DOPS) Assessment (required by NHS England for all GPs already practising and looking to re-accredit to continue to practise minor surgery in London - unless you perform more than 100 minor surgery procedures per year. DOPS is not a specific requirement outside of London but it is recommended by NHS England.) Running since 2011 with the publication of the Department of Health guidance for competencies for GPs who carry out skin surgery this year?s focus is on anticipating and minimising the unavoidable risks in skin minor surgery. Suitable for existing practitioners in GP minor surgery our aim is to make you good. If you are already good we will make you better.

Start date18/09/2020
Duration8 hours

Midland Faculty MRCGP CSA Course

A three day clinical skills assessment course in preparation for the CSA examination

Start date21/09/2020
Duration2 days 8 hours

Influenza in the elderly

An e-Learning course on Influenza in the elderly. The course is FREE to all primary healthcare professionals. Click the following link to access the course:

Management of Obesity in General Practice

As obesity is a chronic relapsing condition requiring lifelong support, and its prevention and management can prevent future physical and psychosocial sequelae, the whole primary care team plays a vital part in the improvement in these patients’ quality of life. This five minute screencast looks at how weight management can be addressed during the GP consultation, a run through of tier-based management and an overview of the wide range of tier services offered by the local obesity services.

ENT - South Yorkshire North Trent 13 October 2020

This half-day course aims to help GPs and GP Trainees to be competent to deal with ENT problems and to diagnose and treat common ENT symptoms that arise in patients. Facilitator for the the day is Mr Carr - A consultant Ear Nose and Throat surgeon whose subspecialty interest is conditions of the hearing and balance system. His higher surgical training was in Sheffield and Leeds. During this time, he undertook higher research which culminated in the award of a MD. Following completion of his higher surgical training he was awarded two fellowships in Toronto where he worked at Toronto General Hospital and the Hospital for Sick Children. Clinical interests: Hearing loss Chronic ear infections secondary to cholesteatoma or chronic suppurative otitis media Hearing implants – bone conduction devices and cochlear implantation Paediatric dizziness Facial nerve disorders Research interests: Paediatric dizziness Cochlear implantation

Start date13/10/2020
Duration3 hours 30 minutes

Multiple Sclerosis in General Practice

This course enables you to update your knowledge of evidence-based care for people with MS. It covers dilemmas in diagnosis, typical presenting symptoms and the multi-disciplinary management of people with chronic MS. The course also explores psychosocial issues and uses video clips to illustrate patients' experience of living with the condition. It has been developed in partnership with the MS Society. The MS Society is keen to know how this module will help you to improve your care and services for people affected by MS. Please contact if you would be willing to share your thoughts, have further learning needs or if you would be interested in helping shape services for people affected by MS.

NHS Screening

An e-Learning course on NHS Screening. The course is FREE to all primary healthcare professionals. Click the following link to access the course:

LGB Issues in Primary Care

An e-Learning course on LGB Issues in Primary Care. The course is FREE to all RCGP Members. Click the following link to access the course:

Annual Essential Knowledge Challenge 2018

The latest edition of the Essential Knowledge Challenge our series of multiple choice questions on topics covered in Essential Knowledge Updates. This course is FREE to RCGP members Associates and AiTs.

Granulomatosis with polyangiitis (GPA)

This ‘Five minutes to change your practice’ screencast discusses the presentation of GPA, when to consider it as a diagnosis and what investigations to do in primary care. It also touches on the secondary care management and longer term prognosis.

Acquired and Traumatic Brain Injury

Patients who suffered an acquired or traumatic brain injuries are a frequent occurrence in general practice. This ‘Five minutes to change your practice’ screencast covers the epidemiology, symptoms, sequelae and management of this common condition and covers post-traumatic hypopituitarism.

Antibiotic Resistance in Primary Care

This course looks at the problem of dependence on medicines both prescribed and over-the-counter. The concept of dependence is explored along with information on how it might develop who is at increased risk and how you might recognise it. There is a focus on the particular dependence-forming medicines that might be encountered in primary care and information is provided on good prescribing practice. Management strategies are discussed noting that dependence usually develops slowly and so there are several opportunities to intervene.

GP SelfTest for the refresher (returner) doctors

Welcome to the GP Selftest Induction and Refreshers Scheme. The three tests have been specifically designed for the International General Practitioner Recruitment Programme. This online learning needs assessment tool will help you to validate your knowledge and identify areas for improvement. There are 100 multiple choice questions in each test and they have been written and quality assured by GPs and examiners. The tests are designed to cover all of the curriculum areas required and will provide you with extensive feedback and links to further learning resources.

Practical aspects of allergy diagnosis

An e-Learning course on Practical aspects of allergy diagnosis. The course is FREE to all primary healthcare professionals. Click the following link to access the course:


An e-Learning course on Endometriosis. The course is FREE to all primary healthcare professionals. Click the following link to access the course:

Conversation on Type 2 Diabetes

An e-Learning resource on type 2 diabetes. The online adaptation is FREE to all primary healthcare professionals. Click the following link to access the course:

Common infections in primary care

Three eLearning screencasts on Common infections in primary care. These screencasts are FREE to all primary healthcare professionals.

Genetic Haemochromatosis

An e-Learning course on Atrial Fibrillation. The course is FREE to all primary healthcare professionals. Click the following link to access the course:

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