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2 Day Minor Surgery Course 30 April & 1 May 2020

This course will enable you to develop the skills required to run a successful minor surgery service in primary care. Topics covered include minor skin procedures, joint injections and non-surgical techniques as well as advice about how to set up a service and the medico-legal and contractual obligations required of those practicing minor surgery.

Start date30/04/2020
Duration1 day 7 hours

Online Learning Environment subscription

This OLE Annual Subscription gives you access to eLearning content which is currently only available for free to RCGP members. This includes the two most recent Essential Knowledge Updates and Essential Knowledge Challenges, plus a range of other courses.

Kidney Health in General Practice

An e-Learning course on Kidney Health in General Practice. Free to all primary healthcare professionals.

Practice Staff Health

An e-Learning course on Practice Staff Health. The course is free to all primary healthcare professionals.

Critical Appraisal

An e-Leaning course on Critical Appraisal. Free to all primary healthcare professionals.

Glycogen Storage Disease

An e-Learning course on Glycogen Storage Disease. The course is free to all primary healthcare professionals.

Atrial Fibrillation

An e-Learning course on Atrial Fibrillation. The course is FREE to all primary healthcare professionals. Click the following link to access the course:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - York 2020

*NB: This course is very popular* Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) training provides skills which are rapidly becoming essential in General Practice. CBT focusses on the here and now instead of symptoms of the past. CBT is applicable to a range of mental health disorders such as depression anxiety panic disorder phobias and bulimia and can also be applied to primary care problems such as pain management.

Start date13/05/2020
Duration7 hours 15 minutes

GP SelfTest International General Practitioner Recruitment Programme

Welcome to the GP Self Test. The three tests have been specifically designed for the International General Practitioner Recruitment Programme. This online learning needs assessment tool will help you to validate your knowledge and identify areas for improvement. There are 100 multiple choice questions in each test and they have been written and quality assured by GPs and examiners. The tests are designed to cover all of the curriculum areas required and will provide you with extensive feedback and links to further learning resources.

RCGP Event Essex Minor Surgery with DOPS 21- 22 May 2020

This popular two-day Minor Surgery course has an evidence-based approach to skin surgery in general practice with a hands on programme for delegates. It is restricted to 16 delegates to guarantee you a more focused trainer to delegate experience. The course includes Direct Observation in Procedural Skills (DOPS) on the elliptical excision and layered skin closure which is recognised for accreditation by CCGs and NHS England. It has been carefully planned and written by Primary Care experts with the support of Plastic Surgeons Dermatologists and Orthopaedic Surgeons. A review of the current medicolegal landscape highlights the pitfalls that need to be avoided. Taught by tutors with a background in general practice and led by the education lead for the Association of Surgeons in Primary Care and an expert witness for the MPS MDU and GMC this course guides you to an enjoyable stress-free minor surgery practice.

Start date21/05/2020
Duration1 day 8 hours

Patient Data Choices

An e-Learning course on Patient Data Choices. The course is FREE to all primary healthcare professionals. Click the following link to access the course:

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

An e-Learning course on COPD. The course is FREE to all primary healthcare professionals. Click the following link to access the course:

Pregnancy Loss and Child Bereavement

No-one expects their child to die before them – it isn’t the natural order of things. This course aims to provide GPs with the tools to support patients who have experienced a loss during pregnancy or the death of an infant or child. The first module discusses what to do in the immediate aftermath of a loss whilst the second deals with longer term issues and management in subsequent pregnancies. There is some discussion of legal issues and, for brevity, the term Coroner is used throughout. Information about equivalent systems in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can be found in the resources section as can many resources to help support parents. Quotes in the course are from various surveys of bereaved parents, details of which can be found in the references section.

Essex AGM 09 June 2020

If you want to have a say about GP services in Essex then come along to the 20209 Annual General Meeting of the RCGP Essex Faculty where you can meet and talk with your GP colleagues from Essex and your Faculty Board members. You can also support your Faculty by joining the Board and the added bonus is that the speakers will excitingly talk about the future of General Practice.

Start date09/06/2020
Duration3 hours 30 minutes

Essential Dermatology Series 1 with PCDS 10 June 2020

The course is designed to provide GPs with the knowledge of types of instruments that you can rapidly learn to improve your diagnostic accuracy and to warn you when expert opinion is needed.

Start date10/06/2020
Duration7 hours 40 minutes

Dermatology 11 June 2020

A full day workshop for GPs covering assessment of the patient with skin problems. Dermatology problems are common in primary care and can be perplexing. Using case based discussions we will look at the diagnosis and management of common skin conditions including eczema psoriasis and acne diagnosis and management of hair and nail disorders and how to use topical steroids effectively and safely in skin disease.

Start date11/06/2020
Duration8 hours

CPR Class 16 June 2020

This evening class is one in a series of CPR classes run by RCGP in Northern Ireland. This is a basic life support class open to RCGP members and non-members. GP's in Northern Ireland are required to update their CPR training every 18 months.

Start date16/06/2020
Duration2 hours 30 minutes

Joint Injection Course 19 June 2020

A one-day course on Joint and Soft Tissue Injection for General Practitioners (including clinical assessment & conservative management) Reduce Your Referrals to Secondary Care.

Start date19/06/2020
Duration8 hours
LocationSutton Coldfield

Acute kidney injury (AKI) in primary care

An e-Learning course on Acute Kidney Injury (AKI). This course is FREE to RCGP members Associates-in-Training and available on subscription to others.

ENT - South Yorkshire North Trent 23 June 2020

This half-day course aims to help GPs and GP Trainees to be competent to deal with ENT problems and to diagnose and treat common ENT symptoms that arise in patients. Facilitator for the the day is Mr Carr - A consultant Ear Nose and Throat surgeon whose subspecialty interest is conditions of the hearing and balance system. His higher surgical training was in Sheffield and Leeds. During this time, he undertook higher research which culminated in the award of a MD. Following completion of his higher surgical training he was awarded two fellowships in Toronto where he worked at Toronto General Hospital and the Hospital for Sick Children. Clinical interests: Hearing loss Chronic ear infections secondary to cholesteatoma or chronic suppurative otitis media Hearing implants – bone conduction devices and cochlear implantation Paediatric dizziness Facial nerve disorders Research interests: Paediatric dizziness Cochlear implantation

Start date23/06/2020
Duration3 hours 30 minutes


An e-Learning course on Breastfeeding. The course is FREE to all primary healthcare professionals. Click the following link to access the course:

Type 2 diabetes and the low GI diet

An e-Learning course on type 2 diabetes and the low GI diet. The course is FREE to all primary healthcare professionals. Click the following link to access the course:

Lipid Management in General Practice

An e-Learning course on Lipid Management in General Practice. This course is FREE to RCGP members and available for purchase by non-members.

2 day Minor surgery Including DOPS Leicester

This is not just any minor surgery course this is a popular evidence-based approach to skin surgery in general practice with a hands-on programme for education appraisal accreditation and revalidation with the usual certificates for CPD and DOPS assessment.

Start date09/07/2020
Duration1 day 8 hours

Military Veterans

Looking after those who served in the United Kingdom’s armed forces is an important aspect of day to day general practice. This screencast introduces the current state of health of Britain’s 2.5 million military veterans and focuses on common aspects of veteran’s health, such as physical and emotional trauma and how all members of the primary care team can honour the military covenant by following appropriate referral patterns for ex-military personnel.

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