PCD: Commissioners

Working with larger commissioning groups within the NHS means that we can provide a wide and far reaching programme of support and have a greater, sustained impact. We work closely with PCNs, ICBs and Health Boards to develop a relationship that makes the most of insight. This is combined with our unrivalled expertise and knowledge of primary care, to develop support programmes which make a difference.


Coaching offer for groups

We can work with commissioners to deliver a package of coaching to a specific group or number of their workforce, from GPs and GP fellows to PCN leaders and strategic decision makers.

All our coaches are fully qualified and receive regular supervision from the Faculty of Medical Coaches. As a commissioner, we will confidentially support the individuals in your teams and can also provide you with fully anonymised feedback to help you identify common themes that may arise through our coaching sessions, helping you gain a better understanding of your workforce.

Devolved nations

The RCGP has faculties across the four nations of the United Kingdom and we can support practices in the devolved nations as well as England. If you are a part of a practice cluster or University Health Board in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland and are interested in implementing a programme in your area, get in touch and we can discuss the best way to provide what you need.

Previous work we have done has included working closely with Welsh University Health Boards (UHB) in providing support to practices in their area, and continuity plans across the UHB.

GP Excellence

GP Excellence is a long-term quality improvement programme first launched in partnership with Greater Manchester Health and Social Care. By working closely with local staff and decision makers, the RCGP provides programme management and practical support to embed a culture of continuous and sustained improvement across a primary care system.

We use quality improvement techniques and methodology alongside our programme management expertise. This helps us work on a large-scale programme of change, directed by local knowledge of the healthcare system in your locality.

CQC inspection support and practices in special measures

Healthcare commissioning organisations such as STPs and CCGs have the frontline knowledge of where there is the greatest need within their area, and we have found that the greatest impact PCD has had on the primary care landscape has been achieved through working in partnership with commissioners. This has been demonstrated through the support we have given specifically to practices preparing for their CQC Inspection or who have been placed In Special Measures following a rating of Inadequate by the CQC.

In fact, since 2019, 96% of the practices we supported who were rated Inadequate by the CQC exited Special Measures at their next inspection.

We worked closely with Birmingham and Solihull CCG to provide support to a quarter of the practices in their area over a three-year period. In late 2020, they were confirmed as the only CCG with no practices in special measures and the PCD programme was credited as being fundamental to that achievement.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can collaborate to bring about lasting change across your region or network.

PCN support

As one of the newest developments in the NHS landscape, Primary Care Networks have quickly become one of the most talked about parts of the NHS. Both celebrated and controversial, PCNs have been established as an effective building block of healthcare provision. However, as new as they are they also face challenges to keep them operating effectively and efficiently. The PCD team can help your network perform at its best and overcome the challenges you may be facing such as:

  • Managing additional roles
  • Workforce and skills audits
  • How to provide clinical supervision
  • PCN governance
  • Team building and cohesion
  • Process mapping and preparation
  • Mediation
  • PCN clinical director and manager support

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