Junior International Committee

The Junior International Committee (JIC) is a subgroup of RCGP International and is made up of UK GP trainees (AiTs) and First5s who are interested in International Health. We aspire to involve junior doctors in global health related academic and educational activities, and to develop long term global partnerships to promote and support primary healthcare within healthcare systems.

There are many opportunities for young GPs to be involved with global health both in the UK and farther afield. Some current projects involve volunteering in the UK and abroad, taking an 'Out of Programme Experience' (OOPE), being involved in international primary care research or completing a Hippokrates exchange with a practice abroad.

The JIC also represent the European Young Doctors’ Movement, ‘Vasco Da Gama’ (VdGM) in the UK. VdGM is an inclusive movement with members from across 38 European countries. There are a number of VdGM Special Interest Groups doctors can get involved with, covering areas like planetary health, lifestyle medicine, family violence and migrant healthcare. VdGM also collaborates with WONCA Europe networks and other international Young Doctors’ Movements.

In June, the JIC will host the VdGM WONCA Europe Preconference in London around the theme ‘Primary Care in a Global Community’. We look forward to welcoming our vibrant community of VdGM GPs to our capital.

The JIC is comprised of a core committee of 15 members who are either AiTs or First5s. You can find out more about each member and how to contact them. (63 KB PDF)

Getting involved

The JIC produce a newsletter with updates on events, activities, and inspiration in global health.

Sign up to the JIC Newsletter

The JIC are also on Facebook and Twitter

JIC teams

We coordinate our work through the following 4 teams:

  • Education
  • Exchanges
  • Research
  • Beyond Europe

Education team

The current projects of the Education and Training group are focused on organising and promoting educational activities related to inclusive, holistic, patient-centred and sustainable primary care in line with the wider aims of the JIC. Recent activities have focused on planetary health, including the development of a planetary health toolkit following on from COP26, and an upcoming webinar on QIP inhaler and green prescribing. In June 2022, our focus will turn to the WONCA pre-conference. Following this, we hope to organise future webinars with international speakers, looking at important topics within global health

Please contact us at EducationJIC@rcgp.org.uk

Exchange team

The exchange team currently has 3 team members, who assist in organising clinical observational placements for UK-based GP trainees and First5 GPs who are RCGP members to observe general practice/family medicine abroad, as well as non-UK based trainees and First5 family doctors visiting the UK.

These are:

Hippokrates exchanges 

1 - 2 week self-funded placements open to all AiTs and First5s to learn about general practice in another European country.

Conference exchanges - short 1-2 day exchanges where participants spend time in general practice prior to attending the host country's general practice conference. Upcoming exchanges are usually advertised on our social media channels or through our mailing list.

FM360 exchanges - set up in the same way as Hippokrates exchanges but generally last 4 weeks and involve countries beyond Europe.

To register your interest in an exchange, please complete this online form.

Hosting exchanges

GPs at any career stage can act as hosts for visiting international colleagues. This is a fascinating experience which will strengthen your organisational, communication and leadership skills (whilst being an interesting addition to your CV). In addition, it will make you question your own practice and lead to new improvements and innovations. This can be reflected on in portfolios for training or appraisal.

If you are interested in being a host, please complete this online form.

For more information on all exchanges contact exchangejic@rcgp.org.uk

Research team

The JIC research group is particularly keen to promote research in global primary care, both nationally and internationally.

We support JIC team members and other early-career GPs to undertake global health research and share their findings through conference abstracts and workshops, such as the RCGP and WONCA conferences, and through publications.

We regularly partner with international primary care networks through the Vasco Da Gama Movement (VdGM) and WONCA. We are part of the VdGM research group, as a forum to share research backgrounds and ideas.

We write JIC ‘bites’ about topical global primary care research, policy and knowledge to share with our members. We try to encourage others to get involved in academic writing around global primary care and are happy to support individuals in writing a JIC ‘bite’ or putting together a more substantial piece, for example for BJGP Life or writing an article for BJGP InnovAiT.

We are currently trying to develop a collaboration to help assist GPs in the UK and abroad to take their first steps into primary care research.

We’re busy preparing for the VdGM pre-conference on 27-28th June 2022 and have lots of topical workshops planned with the various VdGM Special Interest Groups. Looking forward to seeing you there.

We continue to welcome ideas, collaborations and general enquiries from trainees and First5s with similar interests. Please email us at researchjic@rcgp.org.uk if you have ideas and would like to get involved.

Beyond Europe

The Beyond Europe group is a dynamic facet of the JIC that places great value in the benefits of international networks. Our current focus is on developing and maintaining collaborations and partnerships with multiple organisations beyond Europe, to provide opportunities for reciprocal learning and development.

Northern Uganda Partnership

Beyond Europe are currently working with RCGP International build a new global health partnership, in collaboration with another UK based healthcare provider. Once established, we hope this will provide a unique opportunity for GPs or AiTs to conduct placements in northern Uganda.


Beyond Europe have a long-standing successful relationship with the Japanese Primary Care Association (JPCA), with reciprocal exchanges. Together, we are adapting this collaboration in light of the challenges of COVID-19, exploring options that incorporate virtual options.

Established/Historical Projects

Bwindi Community Hospital in Uganda

each year this project places a GP and AiT to this rural hospital in a sustainable project set up with the RCGP. The aim is to provide an innovative volunteer opportunity, which incorporates elements of service provision, teaching, quality and improvement and research, with its foundations in an African hospital, which is well known for its focus on primary care. Find more information about the Bwindi Community Hospital, Uganda, volunteer recruitment programme and other international opportunities.

Building links

We are keen to collaborate with organisations working internationally. For example, we are currently working with On Call Africa to bring their exciting opportunities to a wider AiT audience. We are keen to explore further opportunities, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Contact us at: BeyondeuropeJIC@rcgp.org.uk

Opportunity to join us

We're currently advertising for a new Exchange Lead to join our team. Read the full role description and how to apply (Word doc, 21 KB)

We're currently advertising for a Research Team member to join our team. Read the full role description and how to apply (Word doc, 20 KB)

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