Junior International Committee

Our mission is to create a network of GP/family doctor trainees and recently qualified GP/family doctors within 5 years empowered to advance primary care globally.

We have three aims that motivate us:

1. Raise awareness of global primary care.
2. Promote global primary care training.
3. Support global primary care research.

We are a subgroup of RCGP International and are made up of UK GP trainees (AiTs) and First5 GPs passionate about advancing global primary care. We also represent the European Young Doctors' Movement (EYFDM) in the UK. The work of the Junior International Committee is aligned with the RCGP’s vision and objectives. The committee’s programme of activities plays an important role in supporting the RCGP’s capacity and capability to deliver this vision.

We provide GP/family doctor trainees and recently qualified GP/family doctors within 5 years:

  • Knowledge and skills necessary to work in global primary care settings.
  • Gain perspective on major global primary care challenges.
  • Explore career opportunities in global primary care.

For more information about our activities contact: educationjic@rcgp.org.uk

We raise awareness about global primary care research and support building research capacity to meet current and future global primary care challenges.

We welcome discussion, collaborations and general enquiries. Please email researchjic@rcgp.org.uk.

We support opportunities for collaborative primary care exchanges globally.

For UK GP trainees and recently qualified GPs within 5 years:

Hippokrates exchanges: 1–2-week self-funded placements to learn about general practice/family medicine in another European country.

FM360 exchanges: Up to 4 weeks in a country outside of Europe.

Conference exchanges: 1–2-day exchanges where participants spend time in general practice/family medicine prior to attending the host country's general practice/family medicine conference.

Non-UK based GP/family medicine trainees and GP/family doctors can email the exchanges team to enquire about spending time in a UK GP surgery/clinic.

For more information on all exchanges contact exchangejic@rcgp.org.uk

We develop and maintain collaborations for training and research with organisations globally.

Partner with us

Are you interested in partnering with the RCGP Junior International Committee? Reach out to: globalpartnerjic@rcgp.org.uk.

Project Lead

Dr Ryu Kitaoka

About the Dr Kaizen Project

The Dr Kaizen Project is a collaborative quality improvement project between 3 UK GP trainees/First5s and their Japanese counterparts.

The project will last for 18 months from April 2023 to October 2024. 3 early career GPs from the UK will be paired with 3 Japanese equivalents forming 3 teams. Teams will be supervised by a Japanese and British volunteer mentor who will provide academic and pastoral support.

Each team will select a quality improvement project that is both important and relevant to UK and Japanese primary care. Example topics include Chronic care management in a digital age, telehealth after the Covid-19 pandemic and improving GP wellbeing. The first phase of the project will be conducted virtually, and progress will be monitored in an online meeting once every 2 months.

Upon completion of participants’ quality improvement projects, participants are given the opportunity to present their work by submitting abstracts to the RCGP and JPCA annual conference. In the week leading up to the annual conferences, UK participants will be hosted in a Japanese primary care facility. This experience is replicated for Japanese participants in the UK.

Dr Rishi Caleyachetty, Chair
Dr Adedoyin Oyekan, Deputy Chair
Dr Alexandra Shields, Acting Secretary
Dr Viraj Popat, Communication
Dr Jo Dobbin, European Young Family Doctors Movement Representative
Dr Julius Tan, Acting National Exchange Coordinator
Dr Charlotte Morris, Incoming Exchange Coordinator
Dr Alex Caulfield, Education
Dr Azam Saied, Education
Dr Safia Akhtar, Research


Quality improvement in the global primary care setting 

Discussing transferable skills for QI projects

6:30-7:30pm GMT on Monday 19 February 2024.

Participants: up to 100 from the UK and abroad

Tickets are free of charge. Registration for the event is via Eventbrite

Learn more

If you want to know more about the RCGP Junior International Committee, contact secretaryjic@rcgp.org.uk or chairjic@rcgp.org.uk. You can also follow us on Twitter for updates.