RCGP Fellowship

Applying for RCGP Fellowship

About fellowship and who is eligible to apply

Fellowship is the highest level of membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and is a distinction to which all our Members can aspire. We award fellowship as a mark of achievement, excellence and recognition for one’s contribution to general practice, and medicine more broadly. A Fellow of the RCGP exemplifies its motto 'cum scientia caritas'. Being awarded fellowship denotes the esteem in which a Member is held by their peers and the RCGP.

We believe achieving fellowship is within the reach of all our Members, regardless of their career path or destination. There are some requirements which you must fulfil to be eligible to apply and these are set out below:

  • i) You must be either a current Member or International Member in good standing of the RCGP, and have been for at least five continuous years;
  • ii) If you are clinically active in the UK, you must also have successfully completed at least one cycle of revalidation post-CCT (this requirement is not applicable to candidates who are not clinically active or those who solely practise outside of the UK);

You should also be able to demonstrate that you meet the criteria for fellowship, which are as follows:

  • iii) You should be able to demonstrate a significant contribution to:
    • the health and welfare of the community,
    • the science or practice of medicine,
    • the aims of RCGP, or any organisation which benefits general practice.

Fellowship is open to UK, Overseas and International Members.

If successful, a candidate can use the postnominals FRCGP or FRCGP[INT] following their formal election as a Fellow at a general meeting.

How to apply

Members of at least five continuous years good standing can apply for fellowship, with the support of a principal and additional supporter. A fellowship application can be initiated by either the candidate themselves or by the principal supporter. Regardless of how an application is started, the principal supporter should lead the application and actively drive it forward. The candidate and supporters are each required to complete a form and provide a supporting statement. Applications are reviewed by the candidate's local Faculty Fellowship Committee (FFC) who will make a recommendation as to whether the candidate should be elected as a Fellow to our Council. Approved candidates are then elected at either the Spring General Meeting or Annual General Meeting.

Requirements, application forms and other useful resources

There are some necessary requirements for all fellowship applications which it is important that prospective candidates and supporters read through before starting an application.

Application requirements (PDF file, 1.01 MB)


There is an achievement areas guide which sets out six suggested 'achievement areas', which a prospective Fellow would typically be able to make reference to as the basis of their application. We recommend that prospective candidates and supporters also familiarise themselves with this document when considering whether to start an application to get a sense of the expected 'standard' for achieving fellowship.

Achievement areas guide (PDF file, 207 KB) 

Each individual involved in a fellowship application must complete the appropriate form, and once completed, these should be sent by email to the candidate's faculty. You can find the contact details for faculties by clicking on this map.

Candidate application form (PDF file, 170 KB)

Principal supporter application form (PDF file, 144 KB)

Additional supporter application form (PDF file, 135 KB) 

We have produced some informative step-by-step guides to help you through the fellowship application process, from start-to-finish. These are tailored by role and include useful tips and advice to ensure a successful application.

Candidate user guide (PDF file, 140 KB)

Principal supporter user guide (PDF file, 149 KB)

Additional supporter user guide (PDF file, 132 KB)

We have produced a simple infographic depicting the process flow of the various stages in the fellowship application process.

Your fellowship application journey (PDF file, 201 KB)

We have also compiled a list of frequently asked questions for your reference should you have any further queries.

Your questions answered (PDF file, 198 KB) 

Alternatively, please contact the candidate's faculty in the first instance or email fellowship@rcgp.org.uk (however, this inbox is monitored periodically so please be aware there may be a delay in receiving a response).

Fellowship fees

The fellowship administration fee is a one-off fee and is separate to the annual membership subscription fees. Approved candidates need to pay this fee prior to their election as a Fellow, in order to be elected. Your annual membership subscription fee rate does not change as a result of being made a Fellow.

The fee for UK based candidates is £235.

For international and overseas candidates, the fee is based on the World Bank country classification list, as it is for annual membership fees - you should speak to the International faculty to confirm the fee rate applicable to you.

Contact us

If you have any questions relating to fellowship which are not answered by the resources on this page, please contact the candidate's faculty in the first instance. Alternatively, email fellowship@rcgp.org.uk - however, this inbox is monitored periodically so please be aware there may be a delay in receiving a response).

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