Latest COVID-19 guidance

The COVID-19 outbreak is arguably one of the greatest public health challenges of our time – not least for general practice, where over one million patients are already treated every day.

The College is closely monitoring the situation and developing practical resources and support for GPs and their teams. We hope you will find this page and its resources useful in your day to day work and for keeping yourselves, your families and your patients as safe as you possibly can over the coming difficult weeks and months.

Latest advice

Every attempt will be taken to keep this advice current but please continue to refer to the latest advice in your area.


Latest advice for GPs in England

For members in England, NHS England has set up a PPE supply and distribution helpline. 

Are you experiencing PPE shortages?

Tel: 0800 915 9964 or 0191 283 6543. 


This service is operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Public Health England

NHS England


Latest guidance for GPs in Scotland


Latest guidance for GPs in Wales

RCGP guidance

Guidance for Remote Verification of Expected Death (VoED) out of hospital

During the COVID-19 pandemic the processes in relation to death registration and management across the UK have been changing to ensure the deceased are treated with the utmost respect, to help minimise delays and distress for bereaved families and to protect public health. In these extraordinary times, there is a need for various groups of workers to work differently and together as one system.

This is why, in collaboration with the BMA, we have produced guidance for the verification of expected death with the remote assistance of other workers so that the verification process can be completed by a clinician safely, ensuring that bereaved families do not experience needless delays, reducing the risk of unnecessary exposure to the virus and allowing clinicians to continue on the front line.

Download Guidance for Remote Verification of Expected Death, 21 April 2020 (82 KB PDF).

Workload prioritisation during COVID-19

Learn how to set priorities in general practice in the RCGP Guidance on workload prioritisation during COVID-19, 10 April 2020 (273 KB PDF). 

Ethical dimensions of COVID-19 for front-line staff

RCGP has produced Ethical Guidance on COVID-19 and Primary Care which is available on the COVID-19 resource hub.

The Royal College of Physicians has published (31 March) ethical guidance for frontline staff dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, supported by more than a dozen other health organisations including RCGP.   

GP returners

Thousands of GPs have responded to the call to return to general practice during the COVID-19 crisis and we are very grateful to you.

Please read the letter that we have written in partnership with the BMA (133 KB PDF) for those of you who have re-licensed but may still be waiting to hear how your help will be deployed.

You can also access our resources on Returners and read a blog post from College President Amanda Howe on the important contribution of late career and retired GPs. 

Contact us

RCGP members can email our dedicated COVID-19 inbox with feedback and questions.

Please keep your questions coming as they're also helping us populate our COVID-19 FAQs. We have convened a group of GP experts on emergency preparedness to answer these and are also bringing together helpful material from elsewhere to make this the 'go to' resource for GPs.

If your practice has experienced any difficulties in implementing the current guidance or protocols, please let us know so we can provide feedback to the relevant authorities.


RCGP online resource hub

The COVID-19 Resource Hub has been created to support GPs in understanding and managing this pandemic, with topics ranging from diagnosis to keeping your practice safe. This hub will be updated daily with the latest developments and guidance.

The resource hub includes:

Top tips

Key information for GPs during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Remote consultation and triaging

Advice on adapting to changing consultation formats, including best practice for online and telephone triage appointments.

Clinical management

Essential information for GPs about COVID-19, from symptoms/diagnosis to protecting practice staff.

Managing general practice during a pandemic

Advice on adjusting to changes in your practice due to COVID-19, including keeping on top of routine care.

End-of-life care

Guidance on dealing with palliative and end of life care, and supporting carers throughout the pandemic.

Specialist issues and contexts with Covid-19

Information on dealing with specific patient groups throughout the COVID-19 period.

GP wellbeing

Support for GPs during this challenging time, including wellbeing, resilience and mental health resources.

Utilising the workforce

A dedicated section for those volunteering, beginning their GP careers or returning to general practice in response to COVID-19.

Research, evidence and mythbusters

Key evidence about COVID-19 and answers to common questions about the virus.

Ethics, challenging conversations and health inequalities

Guidance to support GPs with making challenging decisions during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

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