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My name is Dr Soni Shrestha, and I work as a General Practitioner in the West Midlands. I am of Nepalese origin.

I'm excited to share my unique story, which touches on many aspects of my life, as a participant in the nationwide "Stories to Tell on South Asian Heritage Month" initiative. This campaign is extremely valuable to me since I can highlight my proud affiliation with the NHS and my employment as a general practitioner.

Working in the NHS

Working with the NHS in the UK has made me feel incredibly proud and fulfilled. I've had the privilege of assisting and caring for patients from a variety of backgrounds, including South Asia.

I'm extremely proud to be part of this group and offer my knowledge and experience to the improvement of healthcare services. I have been able to relate and comprehend the health care demands and difficulties, experienced by members of the larger South Asian community through my work as a general practitioner.

'Stories to Tell' campaign

In the 'Stories to Tell' campaign, I talk about the connections between my South Asian origin. Dedication to the NHS, and my position as a general practitioner. I think about how my ethnic heritage influences my approach to healthcare and my commitment to my neighbourhood. I wish to promote appreciation and awareness of healthcare.

In addition, I support the NHS's efforts to promote tolerance and cultural diversity, and I encourage others from similar backgrounds to work in healthcare for a positive societal impact.

By participating in the initiative. I raise awareness, relay our NHS-related experiences, stress the value of diversity, and inspire others to take pride in their cultural background in their professional aspirations.

Express my satisfaction

Finally, I can express my satisfaction in serving as a GP for the NHS and commemorating my South Asian background by taking part in the "Stories to Tell" campaign. I want to inspire people from similar backgrounds to consider a career in healthcare by sharing my story.

By embracing our diverse stories, we can create a more effective, robust, and inclusive health care system, that accurately reflects and satisfies the needs of our global population.

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Dr Soni Shrestha

Dr Soni Shrestha

Dr Soni Shrestha, MRCGP UK, Dip IBLM/BSLM, MBBS is a British Asian (Nepalese) GP based in the West Midlands. She is a GP trainer, a clinical supervisor for foundation doctors and a tutor for the University of Birmingham Medical School. She is also a certified lifestyle medicine physician. Her special interest is providing holistic care for patients, mainly on chronic illness management and disease prevention. She also has a YouTube channel where she provides health advice in her heritage language, Nepali.