Previous Award Winners

The Discovery Prize: Triennial

Year Name
2019 Professor P Little
2018 Professor R Hobbs
2015 Dr D Fleming
2012 Professor J Howie
2009 Dr C Kay
2006 Dr J Tudor Hart

GP Specialty Trainee Award

Winners of the 2020 GP Specialty Trainee Awards (for original and/or innovative project work undertaken during the course of GP Specialty Training) at the RCGP Fresh Approach to GP conference held in February:

  • Devina Maru: Developing a toolkit of educational resources to help GPs, trainees and the wider primary healthcare team around deafness and hearing loss in primary care. This application also won the Bill Styles Award for gaining the highest marks.
  • Ben Searle: Which interventions are effective at decreasing or increasing hospital attendance or hospital admissions from care homes? A systemic review
  • Jung Yin Tsang: Development of national discharge care following acute kidney injury.

Honorary Fellowship

Year Name
2021 Katrin Fjelsted
2021 Ann Wylie
2020 Tom Dastur
2020 Mark Pemberton
2020 Ed Scully
2020 Fiona Stevenson
2020 Colin Angus
2020 Asha Kasliwal
2020 Carl May
2020 Richard Mumford
2020 Lesley Regan
2020 Jane Randall-Smith
2020 Nandani de Silva
2020 Iqbal Singh
2019 Victor Adebowale
2019 Mary Dixon-Woods
2019 James 'Guy' Edwards
2019 Rob George
2019 Simon Gilbody
2019 Helene Irvine
2019 Richard Lilford
2019 Michael Marmot
2018 Julia Blitz
2018 Peter Bowers
2018 Paul Bowie
2018 Grant Duncan
2018 Jenny King
2018 Jan-Helge Larsen
2018 Aldo Lupo
2018 Carrie MacEwen
2018 Ros Roughton
2017 Jenny Aston
2017 Christine Bond
2017 Elaine Hay
2017 Elizabeth Hughes
2017 Kate O’Donnell
2017 Keith Porter
2017 Gina Radford
2017 Simon Stevens
 2016 Hilary Cass
 2016 Edward Dove
 2016 Philip Hunt
 2016 Wendy Reid
 2016 John Skelton
 2016 Rob Webster
 2016 Simon Wesseley
 2016 Gerhard Wilke
 2016 Genc Ymerhalili
2015 John Ballatt
2015 Peter (Alf) Collins
2015 Penny Campling
2015 Carl Clowes
2015 Jane Dacre
2015 Colin Drummond
2015 Sandra Eldridge
2015 Paul Fredericks
2015 Michael Kidd
2015 Izumi Maruyama
2015 John Norcini
2015 Harvey Ward
2014 Sue Bailey

Monica Burns

2014 Steve Crabb
2014 Sally Davies
2014  Derek Fishwick
2014 David Heath
2014 Aileen Keel
2014 Donald Li
2014 Antoinette Perera
2014 Davinder Sandhu
2014 Robina Shah
2014 Terence Stephenson
2013  Peter Carter
2013 Antony Chuter
2013 Fiona Dalziel
2013 Melanie Davies
2013 Neil Douglas
2013 Ben Dyson
2013 Fiona Godlee
2013 Helen Gordon
2013 Jamie Oliver  
2013 Stephen Pattison
2013 Joseph Muscat Brown
2013 Mike Rawlins
2012 Bradley Baker
2012 Tim Bolt 
2012 Valerie Iles
2012 Vicky Osgood
2012 Fiona Patterson
2012 Allyson Pollock
2012 Richard Roberts
2012 Sue Roberts
2012  Ian Smith 
2012 Frank Strang
2012 Kathy Tilney 
2011 Hilary De Lyon
2011 Ian Hammond
2011 Sue Kinsey
2011 Alan Maryon-Davis
2011 Philip Routledge
2011 David Russell
2011 Sheila Shribman
2011 Gillian Smith
2011 Hamish Wilson
2010 Mike Cheshire
2010 Ian Cumming
2010  Paul Danvers 
2010 Jan De Maeseneer
2010 Linda Gask
2010  Ian Gilmore
2010 Hilary Haman
2010 Louis Lillywhite
2009 Roger Banks
2009 Glynis Buckle
2009 Harry Burns
2009  Mrs Ailsa Donnelly
2009  Michael Farrar
2009 Bruce Keogh

John Horder Award

Year Name
2020 A Hoyte
2019 M Thomas
2018 A Wolstenholme
2017 K Messent
2016 C Hull
2015 G Watson
2014 G Lyons
2013 G Taber
2012 D Manek
2011 T Daster
2010 M Burtt
2009 C Bolton
2008 J Austin

Michael Drury Award

Year Name
2020 C Bartram
2019 R Carrie
2018 J Brennan
R Shepherd
2016 M Work
2015 L Gillies, neé Kelleher
2014 N Edmunds
2013 F Cloyne

RCGP / SAPC Elective Prize

Year Name
Title of Projects
2019 Jessica Lee

Saint Mary's SARC and SAFEplace Merseyside Saint Mary's Hospital

The provision of sexual and reproductive healthcare services in
Western Uganda. 
                          2018                     Ms P Sturges University of Keele  Primary Care in Primary School
2017 Ms A Taylor 
University of Bristol
Primary care patients' knowledge, attitudes and beliefs around the use of self-help strategies in the management of subthreshold depressive symptoms: a qualitative study
2016 Ms M Smith University Aberdeen A Systematic Review of Telemedicine Applications for People with Diabetes: Focusing for the Future
2014 Ms A Pawluk
University of Manchester
Evaluation of Tuberculosis Treatment in Primary Care in the Aboriginal Population of Vancouver Island, Canada
2013 Ms L Robson
University of Bristol
Staying Human: The Role of Mindfulness in Medical Education
2012 Ms S Harvey
University of Keele
A comparison of undergraduate medical student education in rural general practice in Australia and the UK
2011 Ms K Ooi 
University of Cambridge
Exploring the healthcare needs of the Aboriginal population
2010 Mr J Durrand 
University of Manchester
Are acutely unwell patients on the Isle of Skye receiving appropriate early management? - a clinical audit
2009 Ms S Gates
University of Cambridge
Rural Medicine and Children in the Developed World: A comparison of the Scottish Highlands and the Islands of British Columbia
2008 Ms R Clarke
University of Oxford
An exploration, both quantitative and qualitative, of delays in diagnosing childhood cancer in primary care
2007 Mr A Moola Imperial College London To study the prevalence of respiratory diseases in UK pilgrims who perform the Hajj 2007
2006 Ms S Vanitha 
University of Edinburgh
An assessment of sanitation and hygiene beliefs and practices regarding drinking water as a basis of planning and implementing interventions in a rural South Indian Village
2005 Ms J Verma
University Oxford
Clinical placement at Vivekananda Girijana Kalyana Kendra (VGKK) Karuna Trust which was set up in 1981
2004 Mr D Wood  University of Birmingham Health promotion and nutrition for street children in North Ghana - what is needed and what can be done
2003 Ms H Bailey-Thomas  Southampton Medical School How does travelling from an Island community to a mainland hospital affect patient care and health care in the area?
2001 Ms S Havard University Cambridge A study of the Doctor - Patient Relationship in Rural Papua New Guinea
2000 Mr M Arolker University of Cambridge, School of Clinical Medicine Primary Care in Brazil
1999  Mr A Heazell  University of Birmingham Investigation of the quality and quantity of patient input into primary care consultations. Are there differences between inner city and rural areas?
1998 Mr A Mott University of Sheffield Medical School To compare General Practice both within Australia and between Australia and GB
1997 Miss C Higton
Mr B Visavadia (Joint Award) 
King's College School of Medicine and Dentistry – Department of General Practice and Primary Care A Study of Out of Hours telephone advice services in the UK and Australia
1996 Miss R Katugampola University of Southampton Primary Health Care in a developing country (Sri Lanka)
1995 Ms J Thomson University of Southampton The relationship between diet and haemoglobin level in pregnant women in the Caprivi district (Namibia)
1994 Ms T Russell  St George's Hospital Medical School  Endemic Goitre in Papua New Guinea: Due to Iodine Deficiency, or not?

Foundation Council Award

Year Name
2020 Professor R Jones
2019 Dr I Rafi
2018 Dr G Kassianos
2018 Dr JG Williams
2017 Professor S Brown
2016 Dr J Gillies
2015 Professor M Marshall
2014 Professor N Sparrow
2013 Professor J Hayden
2012 Dr C Hunter
2011 Dr M Boland
2010 Professor P Hannaford
2009 Dr M Baker
2008 Dr T Schofield
2006 Dr L Newman
2006 Dr I Heath
2005 Dr B Reith 
2004 Dr D Fleming
2003 Dr J Toby
2002 Dr P Evans
2001 Professor Sir M Drury
1999 Dr JAR Lawson
1998  Dr J Horder
1997 Dr AG Donald
Dr M McBride
1995 Dr C Waine
1994 Dr R Steel
1993 Dr J Fry
1992  Professor P Freeling
1991 Dr JC Hasler
1989 Dr WMcN Styles
1988 Dr DG Garvie
1986 Professor DHH Metcalfe
1985 Professor JS McCormick
1984 Professor J Walker
1981 Dr IM Scott
1980 Dr DJ Pereira Gray
1979  Dr D Irvine
1978 Dr CR Kay
1975 Dr SJ Carne
1973  Dr DI Rice
Dr KC Easton
1971 Dr B Cardew
1968 Dr M Balint
1967 Dr EV Kuenssberg
1964 Dr JC Graves and Dr V Graves
1963 Dr WH Bradley
1961  Dr WN Pickles
1955 Dr RJ Minnitt

Fraser Rose Gold Medal and the RACGP Trainee's Book Prize

Year Name
2020 Dr Alexander Clark
2019 The prize jointly awarded to:
Dr M Griffiths and Dr N Begg
2018 Dr K Farquharson
2017 Dr S Helyar
2016 Dr C Camm
2015 Dr S Dargue
2014 Dr K Burt
2013 Dr ES Bibb
2012 Dr D Hora
2011 Dr E Rhodes
2010 Dr A Slade
2009 Dr L Hayden
2008 Dr R Clarke
2007 Dr M Khan
2006 Dr R Whitnall
2005 Dr C Winslade
2004 Dr E Kendrick
2003 Dr M Horan
2002 Dr F Marsh
2001 Dr M Howcutt
2000 Dr C Veltman
1999 Dr N Odwell
1998 Dr J Bircher
1997 Dr L Mountford
1996 Dr B Guthrie
1995 Dr M Lane
1994 Dr J Collerton
1993 Dr B Connor
1992 Dr JA French
1991 Dr G Craig
1990 Dr IM Hughes
1989 Dr CA Chew
1988 Dr RD Carlisle
1987 Dr G Adamson/P Hoddinott
1986 Dr IB Lennox
1985 Dr JW Paterson
1984 Dr BS Spear
1983 Dr SG Rees
1982 Dr M Beer
1981 Dr I Heath
1980 Dr B Bedford
1979 Dr IR Lacey
1978 Dr BJ Golden
1977 Dr JW Drummond
1976 Dr CR Hartshorn
1975 Dr AY Ewing
1974 Dr M Faulkner
1973 Dr AW Prince
1972 Dr SL Barley

George Abercrombie Award

Year Name
2019 Dr P Toon
2018 Dr R Lehman
2017 Professor C Dowrick 
2016 Dr M McCartney
2015 Dr C Simon
2014 Professor S Murray 
2013 Dr I Heath
2012 Professor B Hurwitz
2010 Professor T Greenhalgh
2009 Professor M Roland
2008 Dr C Helman
2007 Dr A McPherson
2006 Dr J Willis
2004 Professor R Jones
2003 Professor I McWhinney
2002 Dr I Loudon
2001  Dr R Neighbour
2000 Dr A Wright
1999 Dr E Hope-Simpson
1997  Professor N Stott
1995 Dr P Pritchard
1994 Dr GN Marsh
1993 Dr CAH Watts
1991 Dr ML Marinker
1990 Professor JGR Howie
1987 Dr J Tudor Hart
1986 Dr GKH Hodgkin
1982 Dr JF Burdon
1978 Dr DJ Pereira Gray
1977 Dr J Fry
1975 Professor A Mair
1973 Dr WAR Thomson
1970 Dr RMS McConaghey

Paul Freeling Award

Year Name
2020  Dr J Buchanan

A Hawkridge
D Molyneux

2018 Dr S Naidoo 
2017  Dr J Woodhouse
2016 Dr S Austin
2015 Dr H Thampy
2014 Dr R Mehay
2013 Dr A Rughani
Dr A Godden
Dr D Patterson
Dr H Smithson
2012 Dr SJ Merron
2010 Dr J Chadwick
Dr A Davangere
Dr M Eisner
Dr A Rughani
2009 Dr R Mehay
2008 Dr K Sharma
2007 Dr ML Denney
Mr R Wakeford
2006 Dr A Dunbar
2005 Dr B Lewis
Dr B Malcolm
2004 Dr J Page
Dr M Rickenbach

John Fry Award

2020 Dr G Hayward
2019 Dr D Swinglehurst
2018 Dr J Protheroe
2017 Dr M Ridd
2016 Dr H Everitt
2015 Dr D Lasserson
2014 Dr C Mallen
2013  Dr R McManus
2012 Dr J Reeve
2011 Dr A Hay
2010 Professor L Smeeth
2008 Professor J Hippisley-Cox
2007 Professor T Avery
2006 Professor H Lester
2005 Dr C Butler
2004 Professor M Marshall
2003 Professor T Fahey
2001 Dr R Charlton
1998 Dr P Little
1997 Professor AP Hungin
1996 Dr R Chambers
1995 Professor MAL Pringle  

The President's Medal

Year Name

Dr Christine Johnson
Dr Malcolm Lewis

2019 **Dr M Hoghton
2019 *Dr K Hill
2018 ** Dr M Purvis
2018 Dr K McLean 
2017 ** Dr J Shakespeare 
2017 Dr C Thomas 
2016 ** Dr D Paynton 
2015 ** Dr A Rughani 
2015 Dr S Rendel 
2014 ** Professor Sir B Jarman
2013 Professor P Wallace
2013 ** Dr Bill Taylor 
2012 ** Dr J Howard
2012  Dr A Hassey
2011 ** Dr D Jewell
2010 ** Professor A Hibble
2010 Dr A McKnight
2009 ** Dr S Naidoo
2009 Professor T Kendrick
2008 ** Dr M Deighan
2007  ** Dr J Holden
2006 ** Dr R Horne
2006 ** Dr J Fleetwood
2005  ** Dr J Allen
2004 ** Dr T Mathie
2003 ** Dr R Taylor
2002 ** Professor P Freeling
2001 ** Dr M Boland
2001 Dr G Shirriffs
2000 ** Dr D McKinlay
1999 ** Sir D Irvine
1998 ** Dr P Thomas


* Presented at Spring General Meeting
** Presented  at Annual General Meeting

President's International Medal

Year Name
2020 Dr Preethi Wijegoonewardene
2018 Dr G Manning
2017 Dr J Wynn-Jones  
2016 Professor A Freeman
2015 Professor V Wass
2013 Dr H Mohsin
2012 Professor J Howard
2011 Professor N E S Saad
2009 Professor G Moore
2008 Professor Riaz Qureshi 

RCGP Certificate of Commendation

Year Name
 2020 Dr K Barrett

Dr T Burch

Dr Olukayode Adedalyayo Adeeko – for general practice contributions to Merseyside, Northwest and Northeast of England and work as Medical Director. 

Dr David Bailey – contributions to Welsh general practice including the British Medical Association and its General Practitioners' Committee in Wales.

Dr Richard Kirk – lead GP for Maghaberry prison in Northern Ireland and supporting those in extremely challenging circumstances.

Mr John McEvoy – for services to general practice as a managing partner, his contributions to workforce transformation, local commissioning and to the development of at scale primary care following a distinguished military career.

Dr James Matheson – for work in a range of challenging environments including deprived areas, prisons and with those with addiction and mental illness.

Dr Anne Mullin – for extensive work with Deep End practices and her leadership as Chair of their group.

Dr Dom Patterson – for leadership in transforming GP training in health inequalities and developing a dedicated curriculum.

Dr Mair Strinati – for contributions as Chair of the RCGP Wales Secure Environments Network, responsible for providing essential services to vulnerable populations.

Dr S Bailey - for contributions towards general practice and training in East Anglia.


Dr KS Bhanumathi
Dr SAA Gilani
Dr H Joshi
Dr K R Korlipara
Dr LRM Kamal 
Professor S Pande
Dr S Venugopal

Individually awarded at the launch of the South Asian doctors exhibition in June 2018 at 30ES


Dr G Rawlinson - for contributions towards the College's International work and significant achievements in establishing MRCGP[INT] in Kosovo

Dr H Jack - for services to healthcare in south Dublin and for the Republic of Ireland faculty


Dr P Prichard - for contributions to the work and establishment of the National Association of Patient Participation (NAPP)

Dr T Paine - for his contributions for the promotion of patient participation


Dr S Scallan - for acknowledgement of your many contributions to primary care research

Dr N Suggett - for contributions as a leadership coach, coach trainer and writer

Dr B Michie - contributions to the health and welfare of remote parts of the North of Scotland and through his role within the emergency search and rescue and coastguard services

Dr S Newell - contributions towards GP training and primary care education in Havering, Barking and Dagenham

Paul Linsley - contributions to the work of the Secure Environments Group and the MSc programme covering primary health care in this area


Dr TV Avendonk - for her services to the development of general practice as a specialty in Malta and the establishment of the MRCGP[INT] qualification in the country

Dr D Stables - for his services towards the invention and development of GP clinical systems

Dr T Houlston - contributions to running a mentoring and support programme for Doctors in Difficulty in the Midlands

Dr K Gully - contributions to the discipline of general practice and primary care and, in particular, on improving EOLC in Wales

2014 Dr A Doyle - for contributions to the development of primary care
Ms R Foster - for contributions to the College's remuneration work
Dr H Lloyd - services to mental health care in Wales
2013 Dr A Melville - contributions towards continuing professional development and the education of GPs
Dr L Pettigrew - contributions as Chair of the Junior International Committee and the work of the RCGP International Department
Dr A Melville - contributions towards continuing professional development and the education of GPs
2012 Dr J Wrout - contributions towards the College's international activities and the development of MRCGP[INT] in Kuwait and Malta
Professor P Thomas - contributions towards the launch and redevelopment of the London Journal of Primary Care
Dr C Simon and Dr B Riley- for their contributions for the College's work on enhanced and extended GP training to four years
Dr J Dickson - contributions towards the education of GPs in the field of musculoskeletal in the UK and the management of these conditions in primary care
Dr R Caird - in recognition of contributions towards the College's international activities and the development of MRCGP[INT]
2011 Dr L Bingham - College Examiner and one of the founders of Simulated Surgery for contributions to the College
Dr M Al Shafaee - for contributions towards the College's international work and the development of the discipline of Family Medicine in Oman
Dr M Jeffries - for contributions to the College's international work and his influence on the development of family medicine in both Kuwait and Dubai
Dr C Ford - for contributions to the Substance Misuse Unit and to many other aspects of the College's life
Professor J Howard and Dr M Vaughan - in recognition of their contributions to the work of the Fellowship Committee
Dr N Pall - in recognition of contributions towards health inequalities and meeting the needs of who are socially excluded
Dr K Scott - in recognition of contributions towards the College archives and heritage collection
Dr G Martin - in recognition of contributions towards the care of patients with learning disabilities
2010 Dr M Boulter - in recognition of contributions towards disability awareness training in Wales
Dr C Howells - in recognition of contributions towards the College's Secure Environment Group
2009 Dr G Ryan
Dr S Pick
Dr T Garrett - in recognition of his work in Kosovo
Dr B Mosedale, Dr Stephen Pick, Dr George Ryan - in recognition of their contributions towards the work of the College's SMU
Ms V Restell for sustained contributions to the College's hospitality

Rose Prize

Year Name
2019  Dr K Collins
2017  Dr J Stephenson
   Dr M Whitfield
2015  Dr C Timmins
2013  Professor Sir DJ Pereira Gray
2011  Dr A Y Chong
2009  Dr J Rubenstein
2007  Professor J T Macfarlane
2005  Dr R Harland

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