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Unless we look after ourselves, how can we look after our patients?

GPs have consistently been ranked as one of the most trusted professions in society because we place our patients at the heart of everything that we do.

Our job as professional leaders is to tell politicians the truth

I worry that some of my Just Saying mini-blogs come across as negative. Isn’t one of my jobs as Chair of our College to inspire a stressed workforce? If you think it is, how about the following framing of the results of the College’s most recent member tracking survey.

We absolutely have to give ourselves and our staff a break over the summer

I feel like the Grim Reaper when I point out, yet again, that general practice is in the middle of a workload crisis. And I feel like the Grim Reaper’s evil uncle when I suggest that we probably face an even tougher time in the winter. I say 'probably' because there’s so much uncertainty about how infectious diseases will play out over coming months and how they will impact on NHS activity.

RCGP examinations - future developments

We hope you have all been keeping well and want to thank you for your continued work to support your general practice colleagues and patients throughout the pandemic. Here’s our latest update on future developments for RCGP examinations. We are currently working on the exam schedule for 2022 and will update you soon.

On Call to a Nation

Set aside some time, make yourself a drink and watch where our speciality has come from. You’ll be reminded that many of the joys (our proximity to our patients’ lives) and challenges (being undervalued and inadequately supported) that we now face are enduring ones.

Undoable workload is the biggest impediment to our ability as GPs to provide care for our patients

There are lots of small answers to the workload crisis that we’re all experiencing, viscerally, every day and we, GPC colleagues and others are working on them. But there’s only one big answer and that’s increasing the size of the general practice workforce. What can and needs to be done in general practice has increased exponentially in recent decades and the number of health professionals delivering care has failed to keep pace.

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