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Later career and retired members during COVID-19

I wish to say thank you for the amazing response from GPs who have retired from clinical work who have volunteered to return.

GPs in the North East have been pivotal to the vaccination programme

GPs have been crucial in supporting those with COVID and those suffering the consequences of COVID including mental health problems, financial issues and the challenges associated with loneliness and isolation.

Climate and sustainability in Humber and the Ridings Faculty

Climate change threatens to undermine the past 50 years of gains in public health, but the Lancet Commission concluded a comprehensive response to climate change could be “the greatest global health opportunity of the 21st century” (Lancet Commission on Health & Climate Change 2015).

Environmentally sustainable healthcare in Essex

In October 2020, the NHS committed to reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2040 and together with my fellow faculty leads I am excited about supporting primary care to reduce its carbon footprint!

Sign up today to 'fight the good fight' in becoming a veteran-friendly practice recognising, understanding and providing the best care for our veterans

Sergeant X left the army six years ago, having served for 12 years, including front-line combat roles in Iraq and Afghanistan. He struggled to adjust to "civvy" life and his mental health spiralled, he lost his job and alcohol became his support.

Experiences with conversion therapy – Dr Gareth Patterson

Dr Gareth Patterson talks to us about his experiences with conversion therapy, and his involvement with RCGPNI.

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