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Tinkering and political posturing isn’t enough

I gain solace in history. General practice is in crisis, but this isn’t the first time that our speciality has struggled and the care that we are able to offer to our patients has suffered.

Transforming the careers of senior GPs

The RCGP Later Careers and Retired Members Committee showcase the options open to you as a later career GP.

General practice is both retaining what’s good and transforming itself

I’m not sure I’m qualified to tell a neurosurgeon how to improve what they do. It would be nice to see the same level of humility exercised by some policy makers and NHS leaders commenting on general practice. It feels like many people are convinced that they are experts in our speciality.

As it is clear that athletes can combine creativity, skill and competition, so too GPs can be recognised by our holistic approach to healthcare

When is a sport not a sport? It seemed inconceivable to anyone who watched the Olympic freestyle BMX, skateboarding or surfing that just hours after the competition, pundits were debating whether the competitors had too much fun or supported each other too much to be a 'real' sport.

Another call to arms as Omicron takes hold

Requests for general practice teams to go the extra mile – again - are more credible when they come from fellow clinicians than politicians. Trust is important.

Choosing a sustainable future

Picture this... 1st October 2030. You arrive at work energised after your half-hour commute on e-bike. There are far more cycles than cars on the road since the council completed its safe active travel routes.

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