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On Call to a Nation

Set aside some time, make yourself a drink and watch where our speciality has come from. You’ll be reminded that many of the joys (our proximity to our patients’ lives) and challenges (being undervalued and inadequately supported) that we now face are enduring ones.

Undoable workload is the biggest impediment to our ability as GPs to provide care for our patients

There are lots of small answers to the workload crisis that we’re all experiencing, viscerally, every day and we, GPC colleagues and others are working on them. But there’s only one big answer and that’s increasing the size of the general practice workforce. What can and needs to be done in general practice has increased exponentially in recent decades and the number of health professionals delivering care has failed to keep pace.

RCGP Myanmar Volunteers – On the frontline internationally

The RCGP Myanmar Volunteers have been actively working with Myanmar since 2013 to improve the quality of Myanmar General Practice.

Ridgeway Surgery PPG: Pride in our PPG

Dr Clare Etherington, Ridgeway Surgery, Harrow, discusses her pride in the Ridgeway Surgery PPG.

Opportunity awaits - From Faculties to feel-good events to following your passions

Dr Aaliya Gopal discusses her experiences of volunteering for the RCGP.

Leading later career GPs, before, during and beyond COVID-19

Dr Mona Aquilina, LCARM Committee Chair, discusses volunteering opportunities for doctors approaching retirement.

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