Welcome to the new RCGP blog, where you'll find updates on a range of our activities with posts from RCGP officers, members, staff and guest bloggers.

Remote consultations and GP wellbeing during the pandemic

RCGPNI Chair Dr Laurence Dorman discusses the changes in general practice during COVID-19, particularly the impact of technology in remote consultations, and highlights the impact of the pandemic on trainee assessments and GPs' mental health.

Identifying and communicating with high-risk patients

Identifying patients at high risk of Covid and approaching them to discuss such plans has been a difficult challenge for most GPs and GP practices, explains Dr Mair Hopkin, Joint Chair of RCGP Wales.

Preparing for a 'new normal' and protecting the most vulnerable in society

RCGP Scotland Chair Dr Carey Lunan explains how GPs can reach out to the most vulnerable people in society, highlights resources that offer guidance on health inequalities, and discusses the need to effectively prepare for the future of general practice and the NHS.

Trainees' determination and willingness to contribute to the COVID-19 effort is shining through

A lot is expected of our trainees as they transform into ‘expert medical generalists’ but never more so than now.

Committed to safety and care in residential homes

Ensuring that the most vulnerable in our society are protected from the worst effects of COVID-19 has to be a priority for our national response and it is a simple fact that many of the most medically vulnerable in our communities live in care homes, explains RCGP Scotland Chair, Dr Carey Lunan.

Peaks, patients and GPs under pressure: support for the public and the profession

We hear the phrase ‘the peak’ on the news, referring to the highest number of COVID-19 cases in a day. Sadly, this is just one peak among many, says RCGP Wales Joint Chair Peter Saul, who suggests resources for patients and GPs to manage times when it feels overwhelming.

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