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Integration is about patient care pathways

Integrated care is a good thing. It’s certainly better than fragmentation. And that’s why we’re talking about it again, especially in England with the publication of the recent White Paper, 'Working together to improve health and social care for all'.

Small and simple changes in the more mundane, routine aspects of our practice can lead to significant carbon footprint reductions

'An unprecedented challenge demands an unprecedented response'.

It’s a phrase we’ve heard many times over the past year in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. But the 'unprecedented challenge' referred to in the quote above is not the pandemic, it is climate change.

Top tips to make the most of your GP appraisal

You deserve an appraisal that is worthwhile. You have the power to make sure it is.

Competing interest statements are only occasionally interesting but they are always important

We know that our views and judgements as professionals are influenced by factors not directly related to the matter in hand. This influence may be subconscious and can impact on the credibility of what we say. This matters if you are a researcher or in a leadership role because your views may be widely disseminated and influential.

A prolonged international crisis leaves a country bankrupt and exhausted

It’s the late 1940s in post-war Britain. The solution? Courageous politicians with vision and tenacity driving through social reforms - including the establishment of the NHS - which the British public would probably not have accepted at any other time in this nation’s history.

RCGP Myanmar Volunteers – On the frontline internationally

The RCGP Myanmar Volunteers have been actively working with Myanmar since 2013 to improve the quality of Myanmar General Practice.

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