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We need a more collaborative and proactive approach between community and hospital

Call me protectionist but I’ve always regarded the physical separation of GPs and specialists in the UK as good thing for everyone.

One foot out of a global health crisis, only to step into a humanitarian one

The College is doing what it can to show that we stand in solidarity with Ukraine.

The courage of the non-combatant

What a great expression, one that increasingly reflects my conversations with some non-clinician managers, policy makers and commentators.

What should general practice stop doing?

The fundamental question for me is whether we want a contract that draws tight boundaries around what we do, or whether we want a permissive contract that ensures whatever we do is properly resourced.

We mustn’t dismantle effective models of care

It’s not always easy in the current environment to distinguish between substance and silliness when a story appears in the media.

Keeping the flames of Bevan’s aspirations alive

It’s tough for today’s NHS staff, desperately trying to keep the flame of Bevan’s aspirations alive. Does government feel sufficiently responsible as the current custodian of his ambition?

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