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Women in general practice: Women as patients

The first generation of women doctors suggested that many women were neglecting their health rather than be seen by a man.

We should endeavour to listen to the lived experiences of our colleagues which have helped to remove the cloak of invisibility that has shrouded so many for years

As we approach the anniversary of the death of George Floyd, our nation's conscience is reawakened in dealing with our own challenges around structural racism. There has been a reignition of much needed local and national debate, reflection, and action on racism in the United Kingdom.

Climate and sustainability in Humber and the Ridings Faculty

Climate change threatens to undermine the past 50 years of gains in public health, but the Lancet Commission concluded a comprehensive response to climate change could be “the greatest global health opportunity of the 21st century” (Lancet Commission on Health & Climate Change 2015).

Patients and their GPs are natural allies

The most recent survey of patient views about general practice confirms what we already know: the vast majority of patients value their general practice highly. 82% of patients highly rate their overall experience of their practice. 95% of patients said they had confidence and trust in the clinicians looking after them. These figures have hardly changed from pre-pandemic levels.

RCGP examinations update

Updates on the RCA, AKT and Tier 2 visas from the RCGP Examinations team.

Supply, in the form of access to GP services, changed rapidly and dramatically during the pandemic

I thought the concept of supplier-induced demand was simple; when supply increases, demand increases. But health economists define it in a more sophisticated way, as the amount of demand that exists beyond what would have occurred if patients were fully informed.

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