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Women in general practice: At work

Without sufficient finances, the first British woman to qualify as a doctor Elizabeth Blackwell (1821-1910) could not afford to set up a practice in London.

Women in general practice: Careers advice

By the 1920s, the Medical Women’s Federation were promoting general practice as “a role for which women are peculiarly well-fitted.”

Women in general practice: The family unit

Between the late 1800s until the 1960s, male doctors relied on their wives to assist with their professional lives and run their family ones.

Women in general practice: International perspectives

Women doctors have played and continue to play a significant role globally both as practitioners and policy makers.

Women in general practice: Leadership

Although more than 50% of today’s GPs are women, they are not equally represented at the top levels of medicine. What gender issues have contributed to this discrepancy?

Women in general practice: The wider team

GPs are part of a much wider team that works together to deliver primary care. Today, and in the past, women make up the majority of this team.

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