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Top tips to make the most of your GP appraisal

You deserve an appraisal that is worthwhile. You have the power to make sure it is.

Competing interest statements are only occasionally interesting but they are always important

We know that our views and judgements as professionals are influenced by factors not directly related to the matter in hand. This influence may be subconscious and can impact on the credibility of what we say. This matters if you are a researcher or in a leadership role because your views may be widely disseminated and influential.

A prolonged international crisis leaves a country bankrupt and exhausted

It’s the late 1940s in post-war Britain. The solution? Courageous politicians with vision and tenacity driving through social reforms - including the establishment of the NHS - which the British public would probably not have accepted at any other time in this nation’s history.

GPs and patients must be at the centre of health reforms

They say that come the day of the nuclear apocalypse only three things will remain: cockroaches, tax inspectors and the middle tier of the NHS.

Welcoming our new AiTs to Team GP

You are joining a community of over 13,000 GP trainees, so help, support and advice is never far away. You will quickly realise that there’s a whole host of people around to help you through navigate GP training, but we just wanted to introduce you to a few things to get you started.

New Appraisal Portfolio offer for members

The RCGP is pleased to announce changes to our appraisal and revalidation support for members. In particular these changes will benefit and strengthen our offer for First5s at this difficult time.

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