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Supply, in the form of access to GP services, changed rapidly and dramatically during the pandemic

I thought the concept of supplier-induced demand was simple; when supply increases, demand increases. But health economists define it in a more sophisticated way, as the amount of demand that exists beyond what would have occurred if patients were fully informed.

Tier 2 Visa Sponsorship: Planning for Post-CCT

If your Tier 2 visa is due to expire at the end of your training, this information should help you to plan ahead.

Our hidden role in just keeping vulnerable patients going should be another entry on the long list of 'business as usual' general practice

A GP recently described to me how almost every week for more than a decade, she’d seen the same young woman in her Wednesday morning surgery. The woman was a single mother, had been sexually abused as a child and frequently self-harmed. The weekly meeting, which the GP described as 'just a supportive chat’, kept the patient going.

The concept of a digital consultation sounds reassuringly modern so why are we reverting to a technology that’s been around for 150 years?

According to the most recent data from NHS Digital, more than half of general practice appointments were carried out face to face. This isn’t surprising. Since the low of one in 10 last spring, the proportion of face to face appointments has slowly but steadily increased, in spite of the Secretary of State’s call for 'digital by default'.

There have been many in the past week who have commented on Prince Philip's valuable and personal contributions to public life

A week ago today, the country heard of the death of Prince Philip in his 100th year and after a long life in the public eye. The Duke of Edinburgh was the RCGP’s Royal Patron, and had actively supported the College on a number of occasions, including the official opening of the new headquarters at 30 Euston Square on 26 March 2014.

Mental wellbeing and resilience in a time of change

With stressors, we become less able to cope. Our health is impacted in numerous ways, such as reduced sleep, increased anxiety and risk of panic attacks, and potentially struggling with relating to others.

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