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One or two lessons for healthcare leaders, perhaps?

I listened recently to a fascinating podcast by the curator of Amsterdam Zoo, an expert in chimpanzee behaviour. She’s spent most of her career observing troops of chimps and has become fascinated by their leadership behaviours. She’s convinced that Homo sapiens has much to learn from our primate cousins.

Access to health services has become politicised in recent years

Good access to health services is a defining feature of effective primary care. The Alma Ata declaration told us this in 1978 and few clinicians would disagree. Ensuring good access is particularly important for people with a quiet voice or no voice. But it’s also important for those who have no problem being heard, because it maintains the social compact which underpins the NHS.

Mohammad Razai - NIHR In-Practice Fellow

Mohammad Razai is an NIHR In-Practice Fellow in Primary Care at the Population Health Research Institute at St George's University of London. Here, Mohammad undertakes research in cardiovascular health, physical activity trials and epidemiology.

Any form of abuse to health staff is unacceptable

In a recent survey one fifth of GPs said that they had been personally threatened by patients and half had witnessed violence or abuse directed at their staff.

Dipesh Gopal - Cancer Care Researcher

A GP in North London and researcher in cancer care at Queen Mary University, Dipesh Gopal first became interested in a career in academia after his intercalated degree as a medical student. He took the initiative to organise research, as well as improve writing skills.

How our practice got better at UTI management

Dr Linda Strettle used the TARGET antibiotics toolkit to change policies and processes surrounding diagnosis and management of UTIs at her practice.

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