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The College isn’t going to stop speaking truth to political and media power

Are you getting a wee bit fed up with most of my Just Saying columns highlighting how bad things are in general practice? I am. I worry about the impact of tirades of negativity on the morale of current GPs, the career intentions of future ones and our reputation as a constructive partner in government.

Any form of abuse to health staff is unacceptable

In a recent survey one fifth of GPs said that they had been personally threatened by patients and half had witnessed violence or abuse directed at their staff.

It’s not the operating model that’s at fault, it’s the resource model

'Impasse' might be the right word to describe some of my conversations with critics of general practice. They say current ways of working in general practice are broken and rebuilding is the only option. I say of course general practice needs to flex, and it does, but the biggest issue by a long way is that general practice is inadequately resourced to do what it’s being asked to do.

One or two lessons for healthcare leaders, perhaps?

I listened recently to a fascinating podcast by the curator of Amsterdam Zoo, an expert in chimpanzee behaviour. She’s spent most of her career observing troops of chimps and has become fascinated by their leadership behaviours. She’s convinced that Homo sapiens has much to learn from our primate cousins.

As it is clear that athletes can combine creativity, skill and competition, so too GPs can be recognised by our holistic approach to healthcare

When is a sport not a sport? It seemed inconceivable to anyone who watched the Olympic freestyle BMX, skateboarding or surfing that just hours after the competition, pundits were debating whether the competitors had too much fun or supported each other too much to be a 'real' sport.

10 years as a GP

General Practice is the bedrock of the NHS and without it the NHS fails. Being a GP is an exciting and varied career as well as being the only role in the NHS that delivers care for the whole person over their lifetime.

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