FAQs for membership fees and renewals

When is my membership due for renewal?

On the 1 April - the annual subscription year runs from 1 April to 31 March.

How is my membership fee calculated?

Our membership fees are based on your annual overall gross income (before tax) from any medical/non-medical related income carried out in the previous tax year or current personal circumstances. Please note that Income from pensions should NOT be included in your calculation.

You can reclaim up to 40 per cent in tax on your membership by using the tax receipt in your order history HMRC has advice on making a claim; for specific tax advice, speak to your tax advisor or accountant.

Where can I see the latest RCGP membership fees?

There is a list of all membership fees listed on our join page which show the fees for each membership category, details on concessions and other information.

How can I pay for my membership?

You can pay for your college membership by either card or Direct Debit. If you wish to set up a Direct Debit you can select the schedule that best suits you; monthly, quarterly or annually.

Don’t forget, you can claim back up to 40% from HMRC which reduces your membership fee even further!

Do I need to do anything if I pay by Direct Debit?

No, your membership will automatically renew on the 1 April.

If you need to change your fee due to a change of circumstances, or change the frequency of your payments, you will need to make these changes by 16 March 2021.

How do I change my direct debit payments?

To make changes to your Direct Debit log into your MyRCGP account.

For this April 2021 renewal, these changes need to be made by 16 March 2021.

Can I change how I pay?

You can pay by credit card or Direct Debit. To start paying by direct debit simply log into MyRCGP and click on 'renew your membership' or. You can pay by direct debit in monthly, quarterly, or annual instalments.

To pay in instalments your direct debit needs to be set up before 1 April 2021.

I am an AiT - Why is my membership due for renewal?

The college membership year runs from April to March for all members.

The initial registration fee when you join the college is a fixed price and it covers the cost of setting up your portfolio and other administrative aspects until March 2021.

When your membership comes up for renewal in March 2021, your renewal fee will then be based on your training pathway.

How do I resign my membership?

We are sorry to hear you wish to resign your membership with the College. To resign your membership you need to complete the resignation form and a member of staff will be in touch to confirm the receipt shortly.

Updating your details and circumstances

How do I update my personal details?

To change your preferences or update your profile, simply log in to MyRCGP and edit your Personal Details under Manage my Account

From here you can update your email address, phone number and postal address.

How can I update my circumstances?

Maternity, adoption, retirement, unemployment, sickness, income change and hardship all count as a change of circumstances and as such can entitle you to a discount on membership for the following year.

There is no need to resign your membership if you are moving abroad, just contact the Member Services team

More information about the membership fees and changes to your circumstances.

I am going on maternity leave/I am retiring from general practice

If your circumstances have changed since the last renewal you can update you details by logging in to MyRCGP and changing your personal details by clicking Manage my account.

Maternity, adoption, retirement, unemployment, sickness, income change and hardship all count as a change of circumstances and as such can entitle you to a discount on membership for the following year.

There is no need to resign your membership if you are moving abroad, just contact the Member Services team on mebership@rcgp.org.uk to discuss transferring to the reduced overseas membership rates.

Accessing my receipt to claim back taxes

How can I access my receipts?

After payment of your membership fees, a receipt will automatically be emailed to you. For past receipts, simply log into your online account and click 'Renew your membership'. All receipts are saved under 'Order History'.

Is my membership fee tax deductible?

Yes! You can claim back up to 40% from HMRC which reduces your membership fee even further!


I am having trouble accessing my account

I'm unable to login / I've forgotten my login details?

  • Have you reset your password? Find out how you can reset your password below.
  • Email addresses are case sensitive. Did you enter your email address all in lower case, or with capital letters at different points?
  • Has your email address changed recently? If you log in with your old email address, you can then  update your profile with your new email address. 

If you are still unable to login, our Member Services team are on hand to help, just email membership@rcgp.org.uk.

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password on our website and enter your email address. Be sure to check your spam or trash folder for the reply.

Accessing the benefits of my RCGP membership

How do I use my post nominals?

Using Post Nominals - What MRCGP denotes

If you're a member of the RCGP, you can use the post nominal MRCGP. This indicates that you have successfully completed the MRCGP or the MAP process. It recognises your status as a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners. It also indicates your commitment to maintaining your continuous professional development.

How to use
  • Members and First 5s : MRCGP
  • International members: MRCGP [Int]
  • Fellows: FRCGP

As agreed by the Queen's Counsel, the initials MRCGP (FRCGP) are an acronym for the status of being a Member (Fellow) of the Royal College of General Practitioners. This means that use of the post-nominal is restricted to those who are "in good standing" with the College - doctors who have met all of the requirements for full membership of the College and who maintain that status through payment of an annual subscription fee in accordance with RCGP bye-laws.

Professional obligation

The College takes the view that it is misleading for a non-member to use the post-nominal MRCGP in circumstances where patients or colleagues could reasonably believe it to indicate current membership of the RCGP (and not simply as an indication of past membership at an unspecified date) which can/may be seen as a breach of the professional obligation "to be honest and trustworthy", which is defined by the General Medical Council as one of the duties of a doctor. Such circumstances include using the post-nominal MRCGP/FRCGP on a practice nameplate, website, leaflet or letterhead, or in information supplied to a Primary Care Organization.

Inappropriate use or misuse of the post-nominal is investigated and followed up by the Honorary Secretary's office. It has become apparent that most cases brought to our attention were a result of lack of awareness of the usage rather than any intentional action.

What is RCGP Plus

As part of your RCGP membership you get to experience and enjoy exclusive access to RCGP Plus – a wide variety of additional member benefits and offers from our selected partners for no additional membership fee.

We secure preferential rates, exclusive offers and added value packages for members on a wide range of products, services and experiences with leading brands and retailers.

How do I get my Totum Pro (former NUS) card?

TOTUM Pro is a new discount card for association members, brought to you by the team behind TOTUM powered by NUS extra.

I am interested in becoming a Fellow, how do I do this?

We award fellowship in recognition of a significant contribution to medicine, and general practice in particular. Fellows are ambassadors for RCGP.

In order to be eligible for Fellowship you must have been a continuous member in good standing for 5 years. If you would like to look at paying retrospectively to close any gaps in membership, please contact us.

If you have any further questions regarding fellowship please email us or call us on 020 3188 7665.

RCGP awards

Our awards recognise the contributions made by people working in general practice. In many cases, awards are made possible by generous contributions from RCGP members and sponsor organisations.

Find out more on how to nominate someone for an award.

How do I contact my RCGP representative?

AiTs (Trainee GPs) and First5s (GPs in their first 5 years after qualifying) have dedicated committees to help with the specific needs of those in the early stages of their general practice careers. Contact your representative

All other members can get in touch with their local faculty who are there to support members at a local level. Faculty boards represent members at Council.

How do I get my membership certificate?

RCGP membership certificates acknowledge your membership status and display your pride!

By joining RCGP, you have demonstrated your commitment to high professional standards. 

RCGP photo frame

If you are a new Member or an AiT upgrading to Member and you have passed MRCGP, MAP and MRCGP[INT] you will automatically receive a membership certificate free of charge.

The certificate displays your College membership, rather than proof of you passing an examination and are only valid whilst your membership remains in good standing.

Every certificate is superbly printed on A3 quality grade paper with an embossed silver border. Your certificate will bear your name, the date you became a full member, and the signatures of the RCGP President and RCGP Chair.

Let others know you are a member of one of the largest Medical Colleges in the world by displaying your RCGP membership certificate in your practice or home.

You can choose to order a framed certificate in a high-quality teak frame with a dark blue RCGP mount (approx 18"x14").

To order a framed certificate or an unframed replacement certificate, please click on the online order form button.

Order Form

Pricing and delivery

Unframed replacement certificate prices:
  • UK – regular Royal Mail delivery £10 
  • EU - delivery not tracked £15 
  • Rest of World – delivery not tracked £17 
  • Tracked delivery non-UK £38 

Framed certificate prices:

  • UK £48 
  • EU £65 
  • Rest of World £72 

Once we receive your order and payment, your framed certificate will be delivered by courier within four weeks for United Kingdom orders / between eight to ten weeks for overseas orders.*

*Note: Due to the current Covid-19 situation, it may take up 12-14 weeks for deliveries in and outside the UK

Further information

If you've got any questions, please get in touch with our Member Services team at: membership@rcgp.org.uk

What did the college achieve in 2018/2019?

Check out some of the College's achievements over the past year.

RCGP volunteering

Make even more of your Royal College of General Practitioners membership by joining our community. Network and connect with your peers, develop personally and professionally and know you are supporting great doctors, providing great care – three incredible reasons to get involved.

Find our latest RCGP Volunteering opportunities

What is the Trainee Portfolio?

The Trainee Portfolio is where the trainee records their learning in all its forms and settings. It is designed to be an educational tool that will facilitate and record the trainee’s clinical and personal development throughout training. It is the system used to record the evidence collected through workplace based assessment (WPBA). It might be described as the ‘glue’ which holds the curriculum, learning and assessment together.

Find out more about the Trainee portfolio

Do I have to sign up for RCGP Membership to access the FourteenFish portfolio?

Membership with the college is not mandatory while you are training. However, you do need to sign up with RCGP to access the portfolio to complete your training.

The AiT portfolio is included in AiT membership with the college and even though it is a separate platform you need to be registered with RCGP to access to FourteenFish.

If you do not wish to have membership with the college the fee for the just portfolio for 3 years will be £935 and you will be unable able to claim that back on tax like you can with membership.

Find out more about the Trainee portfolio

Membership policies and information

Membership and subscription policy

Subscription year

The subscription year runs from 1 April to 31 March. The fees payable by members for any subscription year will be notified in advance via a renewal notice. Fees may be varied or waived by the Council subject to College bye laws or ordinances.

Late payments

Subscriptions are due on 1 April of the subscription year. Subscriptions which are outstanding as at 1 August will result in your membership being lapsed. In such instances, you will no longer be entitled to use the post-nominals MRCGP, FRCGP, MRCGP[INT], or FRCGP[INT] after your name.

Reinstating within two years

If you reinstate your membership within a two-year period, there is no gap in your years of membership and you will retain your original date of enrolment. This is important if you:

  • Are interested in applying for Fellowship, which requires that applicants have at least five years of continuous membership.
  • Hope to become a Life member, which requires a minimum of 40 years ‘active’ membership with the most recent 5 years prior to election to Life being continuous.

Requirements for reinstating:

  • All outstanding fees must be paid in full for the years when your membership was lapsed.
  • You must still be actively registered with the GMC.

By reinstating your membership of the RCGP you acknowledge that, you will be bound by the RCGP’s Royal Charter, Bye laws and Terms and Conditions.

Reinstating after two years

When you re-join the RCGP, you are given a new enrolment date, as if you are a new member. You will only receive credit for the current and one previous year’s membership.

Requirements for reinstating:

  • Pay the previous and/or current year membership fees in full, in order to receive membership benefits.
  • You must still be actively registered with the GMC.

By re-joining membership of the RCGP you acknowledge that, you will be bound by the RCGP’s Royal Charter, Bye laws and Terms and Conditions.

To reinstate your membership please contact the Member Services team.

Reduced membership fees

Reductions can be claimed in the following circumstances:

  • Professional income below the specified amounts (see RCGP website).
  • Retired
  • Discount for the first 2 years of full membership after GP training completion/entering GP register
  • Overseas residents
  • Training for general practice
  • Unemployment, illness and hardship
  • Career break
  • Maternity, paternity or adoption leave
  • Member of another Royal Medical College or Faculty where appraisal is conducted within the other specialism. 


All resignations must be received by completing the Resignation Form below. Please refer to our Membership Refund and Cancellation Policy for further information.

Personal details

The RCGP maintains a private database of its members and each member is responsible for ensuring that their details are complete, accurate and current. You can update your details by logging in to the members' area of the website.


We aim to provide all our members with the highest quality of service, tools and benefits relevant to day to day practice. If you’re unhappy with our services, products, or have a complaint, please contact us in order that we can understand the situation and do everything we can to put things right. We always welcome suggestions and feedback.

Membership refund and cancellation policy

RCGP membership is an annual subscription running for a minimum 12-month period from 1 April.

Renewal notices are sent to all members at least five weeks before the subscription period ends. The notice will advise:

  • the amount of subscription due for the following year
  • your chosen method of payment
  • the date your payment is due / will be collected (if paying by direct debit).

To view RCGP’s current fees, go to membership fees.

Cancellation of membership

If you wish to resign your annual membership, you will need to complete a Membership Resignation Form which can be found in the Membership Resignation section below this policy. 

Annual Payments

If membership is cancelled during the year after full payment is made, no refunds will be provided, unless you meet the criteria outlined in this policy.

If you do not wish to renew your membership at the end of the 12-month period, you are required to give us written notice of this at least one calendar month before the date on which your current membership expires.

Monthly and Quarterly Payments

If you pay by direct debit, we will automatically renew your membership unless you give us one calendar month written notice of your intention to cancel. If you cancel your direct debit payments midway through your membership year, you remain liable to pay us the remaining balance of your membership fee for that year, either by a one-off payment or by reinstating your direct debit. Any outstanding fees would also be payable before reinstating your membership.

If you have outstanding membership fees due to the RCGP, we reserve the right to lapse your membership and stop access to all membership benefits, including access to GP Self-test and the Trainee ePortfolio.

Refund eligibility 

We will only refund your subscription:

  • for an over payment, due to personal circumstances or income changing in the first 3 months of the subscription year. You must notify us within the first 3 months of the subscription year to be eligible, no refunds will be offered after the first 3 months.
  • we agreed to the refund after an appeal.
  • if you die and your estate requests a pro-rata subscription refund.
  • you can show that the payment was made in error.
  • if you are unable to work, due to ill health or hardship.

We will not refund, in part or full, annual membership fees you paid for the same year you cancelled your membership.


Refunds will also be made to members affected by the following: 

  • where a member’s personal circumstances change (eg maternity leave, career break, ill health) in the first 3 months, meaning a lower annual fee, but have already paid in advance for the higher annual fee. The refund due will be the difference between the fee paid. You must notify us within the first 3 months of the subscription year to be eligible, no refunds will be offer after the first 3 months.
  • Where an Associate in Training (AiT) suspends their membership due to maternity/parental/adoption leave or out of programme.

Changes to circumstances

Members must inform us in writing of required changes to their circumstances at the time those changes take place. For example, please notify us if you take maternity or paternity leave, retire, stop work through unemployment or undertake unpaid work abroad. Refunds will not be given for retrospective changes to personal circumstances: for example, a member who has been retired for two years.


If a member feels they have an extenuating circumstance that justifies an exception to the refund policy, then they may submit an appeal, in writing, to Honorary Treasurer membership@rcgp.org.uk.

All requests must be submitted in writing and include supporting documentation.

If you have any further questions about RCGP membership fee refunds, then please contact us on + 44 (0) 20 3188 7766 or email membership@rcgp.org.uk.

Membership resignation

We are sorry to hear that you are thinking of resigning your membership of the College.

The RCGP is committed to ensuring professional standards throughout general medical practice, it's only with the support of our members that we can achieve this vital work. Your College is dedicated to keeping your needs at the heart of everything we do, supporting you at every stage of your career. As a valued member of the College you have access to a wide range of events, a network of peers, free learning tools such GP Self-Test to support your CPD and training and exclusive offers on lifestyle benefits that help our members save more money. In addition, your College is engaging with policy and decision makers at all levels to keep the needs of members and General Practice at the top of the agenda.

Please note:

  • All resignations must be received in writing by completing the Membership Resignation form below.
  • If membership is cancelled during the year after full payment is made, no refunds will be provided, unless you meet the criteria outlined in our Membership Refund and Cancellation Policy.
  • Only a member can cancel their own membership (we cannot accept cancellations from other parties, e.g. practice managers, spouses, siblings, etc. unless they hold a power of attorney for you)
  • Resigning your membership is likely to affect your ability to become or continue as a GP trainer and may affect your ability to become a Life member or Fellow in the future.
  • If you resign your membership you will no longer be able to access any benefits or use MRCGP or FRCGP post-nominals.

Continuity of your membership is important, especially if you are thinking of applying for Fellowship (or nominating a colleague), considering becoming a GP trainer, and for free Life membership eligibility.

Are you sure you want to go?

We want to make sure we've done everything we can to find out why you are resigning and try and fix this before you leave. Please contact the Member Services team if you wish to discuss further before you resign.  

Did you know . . .

  • Fees are based on your income from the previous year, and we offer discounts of up to 75% if your income is below certain thresholds.
  • You can set up a Direct Debit and pay by monthly instalments, so that your fee is more manageable over the year.
  • Our membership fees are also tax deductible by up to 40%.
  • As a member, you have access to hundreds of face-to-face and online learning resources and events, many of which are free and the rest with a discount for members, free access to an extensive eLibrary of journals and publications, a network of support from other members, free resources to look after your well-being, a voice in leading the conversation on policy issues affect GPs, and a role in shaping the future of general practice.

Still want to go?

In order to resign your membership of the College, please complete and submit this Membership Resignation form.

You will receive an email notification once your membership has been resigned.

On behalf of everyone at the RCGP, we’d like to thank you for your support. We wish you every success for the future and the good news is that you can re-join the College at any time,

By submitting this form, you understand that your membership with RCGP will end and you will no longer be able to access any of the member benefits, use the post nominals and eligibility for Fellowship or life membership may be impacted.

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