AiT Member Package

Associate in Training (AiT) membership is for qualified doctors who have yet to sit the MRCGP exams. We'll support you as you start your journey into general practice.

To apply for AiT membership, you need to be:

  • GMC registered
  • about to start training with an NHS Deanery
  • in a 3+ year training programme

There are two options for trainee GPs who want to sit the MRCGP; RCGP membership or the Trainee non-member package. Both options include RCGP certification and access to the trainee ePortfolio, however only joining as a member gives you the additional benefits outlined below.

How much will my membership cost?

When you sign up for membership, you'll need to pay an initial registration fee, and then an annual membership subscription.

Initial registration fee: £273.40 - reduced if signing up in January and February

Annual membership subscription* - due on 1 April every year until you complete training:

  • Full time or less than full time training over 76%: £399.00
  • Less than full-time (under 76%): £199.50
  • Currently on maternity, parental or adoption leave: £199.50

You can update your training status or career pathway at any time via RCGP account. Just go to Update your Profile and then Personal details. Discount available for Associate in Training members.

* Prices are subject to change with inflation

Claim back your membership subscription

As a member, you can claim back up to 40% in tax on your initial registration fee and annual AiT membership subscription fees. Simply use the tax receipt you will receive by email after each payment. Unfortunately, we are unable to give specific tax advice, if you would like more information on this, please consult with your tax advisor or accountant and/or HMRC

Out of Program and maternity relief

You have the option of suspending your AiT membership subscription during maternity leave and Out of Program Experience.

Please note: This also results in suspension of access to the Trainee ePortfolio, online exam booking systems and all other member benefits.

Please note: Retrospective membership suspension is not possible.

Upon returning to training, AiTs must notify Member Services at: or call 020 3188 7400 to have their membership reinstated.

Non-Member fees

You do not have to become an AiT member of the RCGP, but you still need to gain access to the Trainee ePortolio and obtain certification to the GMC.

  • Non-member one off fee: £925

This is payable by credit/debit card only and is paid in one lump sum at the beginning of training. This fee is based on training of up to 3 years. For extended training beyond 3 years, an extension of training non-member fee - £129 will be payable annually. Please note that the non-member fee is not tax deductible via HMRC.

To sign up for non-member access please call 020 3188 7400

For more information, send us an email at or call us on 020 3188 7400.

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