The use of genomics in medicine provides incredible opportunities and new ways to predict, prevent, diagnose and treat disease. The education and training of General Practitioners on genomics is core to effective delivery and use of this revolutionary technology that is becoming more accessible to the public. As the cost of genome sequencing continues to decrease and new providers continue to emerge more and more patients potentially will be approaching GPs with questions. During this time where genomics in primary care is yet to be established and primary care professionals are overburdened there's a need to ensure there are educational materials and resources available.

Funded by Health Education England’s Genomics Education Programme (GEP) and working in partnership with key stakeholders from Genomics England, NHSE and other professional bodies, the RCGP is creating educational and training resources to ensure that the workforce of today and the future is equipped to respond to the fast-paced developments in genomics. We will work with these stakeholders to develop a common language and drive all activities in the same direction to avoid replication and ensure best use of resources.

The College, GEP and stakeholders will also take this opportunity to raise awareness of key challenges and issues facing primary care in terms of genomics and the increase use and prevalence of genetic information in medicine.

Our Resources

Podcast 1: An introduction to genomics in primary care from Helen Stokes-Lampard

Podcast 2: An introduction to genomics basic terminology and the potential for primary care involvement

Podcast 3: Potential impact of applications of genomic medicine in primary care citing the importance of family history and conditions seen though secondary care specialties

Podcast 4: Considerations around the ethical, social and legal implications of genomics in primary care. Discussion around direct consumer testing and pharmacogenomics

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