International membership

FRCGP[INT] Fellowship of the RCGP

RCGP Fellowship is the highest level of membership and is awarded in recognition of a significant contribution to medicine in general and to general practice and family medicine in particular. Just like our UK Members are eligible to receive UK Fellowship, International Members are eligible for International Fellowship, or FRCGP[INT], which is equivalent to UK Fellowship in status and recognition.

The fundamental criteria are the same for both UK and International Fellowships, but the process differs slightly, as International Fellowship applications or nominations are considered by the International Faculty Fellowship Committee (IFFC).Fellows

Qualifying for International Fellowship:

  • Five years continuous 'membership in good standing'
  • Evidencing a significant contribution to:
    • the health and welfare of the community
    • the science or practice of general practice or family medicine
    • the aims of RCGP, or any organisation which benefits general practice or family medicine.

Affiliate membership

International Affiliate membership is a new membership category created by the Royal College of General Practitioners to provide comprehensive support and resources to medical students, GP trainees and family doctors based outside of the United Kingdom.

The RCGP encourages medical students, GP trainees and family doctors beginning their career in family medicine to join as an International Affiliate member.

MRCGP[INT]  International membership

The passing of a MRCGP[INT] examination enables you to become a MRCGP[INT] member, providing evidence your accredited examination is equivalent in academic rigor to the MRCGP assessment in the UK.

Successful completion of the exam will also enable you to use post nominal MRCGP][INT], to be included in our membership directory and enjoy the comprehensive membership benefits associated with the grade.

Each MRCGP[INT] examination is suitable for those candidates who plan to work in the country in which they sit the exam. They are locally developed and locally relevant, reflecting local epidemiology and medical practices.

Find out how to sit a MRCGP[INT] accredited exam by expanding the country boxes below.


Suitable applicants should fulfil the following criteria:

  • Currently in clinical practice
  • Bruneian candidates working with the Government
  • Have undergone three years of Vocational Training Scheme (VTS) in Primary Health Care;
  • AND have successfully completed at least two years of the Masters of Science in Primary Health care, University Brunei Darussalam

Other candidates (this includes international candidates, expatriate doctors working in Brunei Darussalam and Bruneian doctors working in the private sector:

  • Have undergone three years of VTS in Primary Health Care
  • OR a minimum of five years independent clinical experience in primary health care
  • Visit the Brunei Darussalam MRCGP[INT] exam website

Read the Universiti Brunei Darussalam MRCGP[INT] handbook


Hjh Fazean Irdayati Binti Hj Idris
Senior Lecturer in Clinical Academia
PAPRSB Institute of Health Sciences
Universiti Brunei Darussalam
Email: or



Suitable applicants should fulfil the following criteria:

 Successfully complete the Postgraduate Diploma in Family Medicine, a concurrent award from the University of Nicosia and St George’s, University of London

 Have 5 years of clinical practice in primary care, or have completed a structured specialty training scheme of at least 3 years before sitting the exam

Candidates who successfully complete the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT), Workplace Based Assessment (WPBA) and Simulated Surgery (SS) will become entitled to RCGP International Membership.

To learn more, visit the University of Nicosia Medical School website


Dr Ourania Kolokotroni

Course Director, Family Medicine Programme

University of Nicosia Medical School



Suitable applicants should fulfil the following criteria:

  • Have been eligible to practice as an independent (unsupervised) GP or Family Physician for at least three years
  • OR are undertaking vocational training for general practice and have successfully completed three years of training

Visit the MRCGP[INT] Dubai exam website

Read the Dubai Health Authority MRCGP[INT] Dubai exam guidance


Ms.Rhodora Cecilia Diaz Manlucu
MRCGP[INT] International Exam Board
Mamzar Health Center, Family Gathering, Villa 2
Dubai Health Authority
Email: or


Suitable applicants should fulfil the following criteria:

  • Be enrolled as trainees at the Egyptian Fellowship of Family Medicine
  • Complete four years of successful training before sitting the exam

Visit the Egyptian Ministry of Health website


Eman Refaat
Head of Arab Board Department
Egyptian Fellowship Board
Cairo University Hospitals


We are delighted to announce that the Centre for the Development of Family Medicine in Kosovo has  received MRCGP[INT] Accreditation.

Suitable applicants should fulfil the following criteria:

  • Enrolled in the Residency Programme in Family Medicine at the Centre for the Development of Family Medicine of Kosovo
  • Candidates must successfully complete all elements of the exit assessment: AKT, CSA and WPBA

Dr Albana Sahiti Morina
Acting Head of Primary Health Care
Centre for the Development of Family Medicine in Kosovo
Pristina, Kosovo


Suitable applicants should fulfil the following criteria:

  • Enrolled on the Kuwait Institute of Medical Specialisation (KIMS) Family Medicine Specialty Training Programme
  • Candidates must complete a number of requirements each year to be eligible to sit the exam at the end of each residency year.

Learn more about the KIMS Family Medicine Specialty Training Programme


Dr. Samia Al-Musallam
Director of the family Medicine Residency Programme
Kuwait Institute of Medical Specialisations



Suitable applicants should fulfil the following criteria:

  • Have completed the Malta College of Family Doctors (MCFD) Family Medicine Vocational Training Programme – only doctors from MCFD are eligible to sit this exam

Find out more about the Malta College of Family Doctors


Professor Pierre Mallia
President of the Malta College of Family Doctors

South Asia

Suitable applicants should fulfil one of the following criteria:

  • Candidates should have a Certification of completion of a structured three year training course, inclusive of experience in Family Medicine/General Practice which is accredited by the South Asia MRCGP[INT] Board
  • Candidate should have Certification of completion of an accredited one year programme in Family Medicine with an additional three years clinical experience
  • Minimum of five years of clinical experience, of which a minimum three years should be in family medicine or general practice and the other years in specialties related to family medicine or general practice, certified by the local accrediting organisation and approved by the regional MRCGP[INT] Board.

Learn more about MRCGP[INT] South Asia

Contact information for South Asia Board regional offices

South Asia MRCGP[INT] accredited exams are run in the following areas:

  • India: Chennai (Indian Medical Association)
  • Pakistan: Lahore (Noor Hospital) and Karachi (College of Family Medicine Pakistan)
  • Sri Lanka: Colombo (College of General Practitioners of Sri Lanka)
  • Bangladesh: Dhaka (Bangladesh Medical College)


Waseem Hameed
South Asia Board
Karachi, Pakistan
Email: or

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