North East London Faculty

Faculty officers

  • Dr Liliana Risi - Chair
  • Dr Michal Grenville - Provost
  • Dr Simon Ormerod - Vice Chair
  • Honorary Secretary - Vacant at the moment
  • Dr Rebecca Viney - Honorary Treasurer
  • Dr Tariq Khan - Education Lead
  • Dr Christiana Aride - Council Representative

Faculty board

  • Dr Johra Alam - Member
  • Dr Ken Aswani - Member and Deputy Council Representative
  • Dr Mary Burtenshaw - Member and First5 shared Lead
  • Dr Lisa Collins - Member and First5 shared Lead
  • Dr Janakan Crofton, Member and First5 Co Lead
  • Mrs Sylvia  Debreczeny - Lay member and Chair of Fellowship committee
  • Dr Aleksandra Fenton - Member and MAP Representative
  • Professor Gabby Ivbijaro - Member
  • Khadija Gitay, Lay Member
  • Dr Shani Gray, Member and shared AiT representative
  • Dr Sara Kayat, Member
  • Dr Anwar Khan - Member and International Representative
  • Dr Kaindon Kugathas, Member
  • Dr Maud Nauta - Member
  • Dr Nazmul Mohsin - Member and Co-Education Lead
  • Miss Chandni Patel - Member and Medical student Representative
  • Dr Saravanamuthu Poologanathan - Member and International Representative
  • Dr Craig Seymour - Member
  • Dr Freddy Shaw - Member
  • Dr Hayley Sherratt, Member and shared AiT Representative
  • Dr Sabir Zaman - Member

Dr Liliana RisiDr Liliana Risi, Faculty Chair

Michael GrenvilleMichal Grenville. Faculty Provost

Faculty events

View Faculty events

About us

We support over 1800 members, Fellows, Associates and Associates in Training in the City of London, the north eastern parts of inner London and parts of the Thames corridor stretching into South Essex.

The area reflects a wide range of socio-economic diversity and inequality from deprived urban to affluent. The area is also ethnically diverse with a mobile population. Refugees and new immigrants further add to the challenges faced by GPs working in the North East London Faculty area. The needs of these doctors mirror those of the population they serve.

Faculty Representatives

A list of the Faculty Officers and board members is available from the above respective drop down options.

Getting involved

We rely on members to play an active role locally, promoting the College aims and objectives.  It is essential to raise and maintain awareness of demographic issues and needs of GPs and patients alike, and develop initiatives to support these.

If you would like to find out more about becoming involved with the faculty we would be delighted to hear from you at

Faculty News

North East London Faculty Board

The Faculty board meets quarterly in June; September; November and February. Our next Faculty board meeting is taking place in February 2018. The time and date of this will be confirmed soon.

Annual General Meeting and Dinner (AGM)

Dr Trevor ThompsonOur well-attended North East London Faculty AGM and Dinner on Thursday 30 November at the RCGP focused on how we in primary care, can learn from living systems in Nature, in particular from termites. This was led by Trevor Thompson (pictured left) a GP and Reader in Healthcare Education who is also the Head of Teaching and National Teaching Fellow, Centre for Academic Primary Care, School of Social and Community Medicine, University of Bristol, Bristol.

With no one obviously in charge, termite colonies emerge with air-conditioning, maternity units, and aqueducts. Should the territory be disturbed, the workers immediately start to restore it. Trevor then took us through themes of low pressure high effectiveness, trusting self organisation, symptoms as signals, designing for diversity, symbiosis and cycles of change. Read article:

Music for the evening showcased the Silkroad which ‘creates music that engages difference, sparking radical cultural collaboration and passion-driven learning to build a more hopeful world’.

Dr Liliana Risi, Faculty Chair

Board Meetings

All members are invited to attend board meetings. If you would like to discuss any item covered or would like an item to be considered at a future meeting, please contact us

The Faculty has its Annual General Meeting and Dinner every November (mentioned above). This is an opportunity to report on our activity for the year 2016/2017 and to nominate existing and new  members onto the Faculty board.  It is also a fantastic opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge our successes with our Faculty members and primary healthcare professionals and staff in the North East London area. It is also an important event for socialising, networking and a place where we can support and care for each other.

  • Tuesday 20 February 2018 at 7:30 pm (Waltham Forest CCG, Leytonstone)
  • Tuesday 19 June 2018 at 7:30 pm (provisionally James Wigg Practice, Kentish Town)
  • Tuesday 18 September 2018 at 7;30 pm (provisionally Bromley by Bow Centre)
  • Tuesday 20 November 2018 at 7:30 pm (venue to be confirmed)
  • Marcus Clinical Lecture: Tuesday 23 October  2018 at 6:30 pm
  • Faculty AGM and Dinner: Thursday 29 November 2018 at 6:45 pm

First5 Representation

We have two First5 Representatives on our board, Dr Mary Burtenshaw and Dr Lisa Collins, who share the role as First5 Leads.  We hope to run events and meetings for First 5s to enable them to engage with each other.  Some of these are our EASE (Educational And Support Evening) events.  More information on the EASE events is provided below.  We would encourage any First 5s with any enquiries to get in touch with Mary or Lisa via the North East London Faculty.

AiT Representation

We would also like to welcome our two newly elected AiT Representatives to our Faculty board, Dr Shani Gray and Dr Haley Sherratt.  If you are an AiT in North East London and have a query then please do not hesitate to get in touch with either Shani or Hayley via the Faculty.

Pan London RCGP AiT and First5 Committee (

There is also an RCGP pan London AiT and First5 committee.  This committee is a branch of the RCGP London Faculties board.  It is specifically set up to deliver relevant pan London AiT and First5 events, courses and activities to London Faculty members in transition from AiTs to established First5 GPs. 

Committee Meetings: The committee has up to 4 meetings per year and some planning meeting for events  All London AiTs and First 5 GPs are welcome.  However, please note: if you want to attend then it is important that you let the Faculty know in advance at

Life after GPVTS study day is the committee's very successful flagship event.  It is aimed at London ST3s in transition from newly qualified GP in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to become successful established GPs.  It also provides advice on different career options available as a GP.  In 2017 the Pan London AiT/First5 committee delivered two study days with one in June and the other in July.  The delegate feedback on both was extremely positive.  The committee intends to build on this success by offering two more courses in 2018 (likely to be at the end of May and in June).  As soon as we have full details, we will post hem on the webpage. 

Self Directed Learning Groups: The committee support a pan London support group network if you are part of a group or would like advice on how to set up a group please get in touch.   

The London Journal of Primary Care, the online journal for all three RCGP London faculties.

Faculty Events

Details of forthcoming North East London Faculty meetings, social events and educational courses can be accessed via the View Faculty Events section above.

MRCGP CSA Exam Preparation Courses

The following CSA exam preparation courses are now open for booking:

RCGP Education and Support Evening (EASE) 

The North East London Faculty delivers four Education and Support Evenings (EASE) events per year (May, August, November and February).  These events are specifically aimed at AiTs and First5s and they are free to attend.  

Our last EASE was on Thursday 2 November 2017 at James Wigg Practice, 2 Bartholomew Road, London NW5.  We were lucky to have Dr Christina Petropoulos, Consultant Paediatrician and RCPCH college Tutor, UCLH.  Dr Petropoulos spoke on "10 minute consultation in Paediatrics". Her talk covered four areas:

  • The crying infant
  • Developmental Red flags - when to refer
  • The child with a limp
  • The child presenting with funny turns

Our next EASE is taking place in February 2018.  We are waiting to confirm the actual date.  Our speaker will be Dr Anshoo Sahota, Consultant Dermatology. His talk will be on "Common topics in Dermatology". It is likely to be held at the Medical Education Centre, Whipps Cross University Hospital. Once we have confirmed details we will post it on the Faculty web page under the View Faculty Events section.

Faculty Initiatives

The Lotte Newman travel bursary an opportunity to travel

The Lotte Newman Travel Bursary provides an annual sum to support a GP trainee or newly qualified doctor to travel outside of the UK, or sometimes to attend the RCGP annual conference in the UK. The purpose of this travel bursary is to promote international research in general practice and primary care, and or to attend a conference of recognised educational value in the UK.   

This year the Faculty decided that the bursary should be a contribution towards the cost of an AiT or First5 to attend the RCGP annual conference which took place in Liverpool. 

Dr Alexandra Grove
The winner of the Lotte Newman bursary this year was Dr Alexandra Grove (pictured left). Many congratulations to Alexandra on receiving your award.

As part of winning the bursary Alexandra gave a talk at our Faculty Dinner on 30 November 2017 about her experience of attending the RCGP annual conference, meeting GP colleagues and looking ahead, how it relates to her work as a GP in Tower Hamlets. Alexandra's contribution was an integral part of a successful evening for the Faculty.


This year the Faculty board decided to provide bursary runner up prizes as well. Congratulations to the runners up as follows:

  • Dr Mayukh Bhattacharyya
  • Dr Shani Gray
  • Dr Anjali Gondhalekar
  • Dr Salmaan Khan
  • Dr Alice Roche

They all received a copy of the book "A fortunate man: The study of a country doctor"

MRCGP CSA Exam Preparation Courses

A team of senior RCGP CSA examiners have designed, and are involved as the Trainers of the Faculty's MRCGP CSA exam preparation courses.  The courses are RCGP accredited for 2017/2018. They are designed to offer the best knowledge base in developing methods to prepare for a successful attempt at the CSA exams and includes mock CSA cases in the actual examination circuit at the RCGP with experienced role players and feedback from examiners, role players and your peers.  The Trainers on this course have developed a very supportive and accessible environment where delegates are put completely at their ease.

The dates of the RCGP accredited North East London Faculty CSA exam preparation courses are listed above under View Faulty Events.

Annual Provost Awards 2017

The Faculty organises the Provost Awards in recognition/celebration of excellence and best practice of care by GPs and other primary health care professionals and staff in the North East London area.  

  • GP Practice Nurse
  • GP Practitioner
  • GP Educator
  • AiT Trainer 
  • AiT Trainee 
  • First 5 
  • GP Practice Team

Winners 2017

Dr Geoffrey Norris


The winners for 2017 were presented with their awards by our Provost, Dr Michal Grenville FRCGP, at our AGM and Dinner on Thursday 30 November 2017 at the Royal College of General Practitioners.

We would like to offer many congratulations to all the winners of the Provost awards as listed below: 

  • GP Educator of the Year 2016: Dr Ann Telesz 
  • First5 Award: Dr Dimple Devadas 
  • GP Practice Team award: Paradoc City & Hackney (collected by Mark Scott, Dr Douglas Green and Dr James Melia)
  • Trainee Quality Improvement Project: Dr Mayukh Bhattacharyya
  • Special contribution to Education for "The CSA Exam: Maximising your success" book: Dr Anjum Iqbal; Dr Simon Ormerod; Dr Rachel Roberts and David Russell  
  • Special award for Relationship based care: Dr Geoffrey Norris (the photo shows Dr Liliana Risi talking about Dr Geoffrey Norris, who received a special Faculty Provost Award)

Contact us

RCGP North East London Faculty
30 Euston Square

Telephone: 0203 188 7406 (Monday to Friday: 09:00 am to 5:00 pm)
North East London Faculty Administrator: Michael Coyne
A voicemail system is in operation when the office is closed. Please call before visiting the office.

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