RCGP Council

Our UK Council has overall responsibility for setting strategy and making key decisions about policy for the college and general practice.

Council membership

The current RCGP Council is made up of 67 representatives, elected by the RCGP membership. 32 represent local Faculties, ensuring broad representation of the membership. The other 18 Council members were elected through a national ballot. It’s possible for Council to appoint additional members to supply special knowledge or expertise.

Members are joined at Council meetings by up to 12 observers from key RCGP committees and external bodies, including the armed forces and the British International Doctor’s Association.

RCGP Council officers and Chair

In addition, the RCGP membership elects five college officers with specific duties including a Chair, Vice-Chair, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer. The RCGP President and Deputy President, if one is elected, also have a seat on Council.

RCGP Council elections: national ballot

A national ballot is held each year, nationally elected Council members usually serve a three year term, with six places coming up for election at a time.

All RCGP members and fellows in good standing are entitled to vote but International members and Fellows, Honorary Fellows, ‘Fellows ad eundem’ or Associates in Training (AiTs) are not. Voting is overseen by our electoral agents, Electoral Reform Services (ERS).

The national ballot usually takes place in May. If you’re eligible to vote, we’ll post you a ballot paper. If you don’t get one, contact shirley.chinery@rcgp.org.uk

Standing for election in the national ballot

Any RCGP member or fellow can stand for election in the national ballot. To get on the ballot paper, you need to be proposed and seconded by two other members of RCGP.

Details of the election process are set out in the RCGP ordinances and other constitutional documents. To find out more, and to obtain an application pack, contact shirley.chinery@rcgp.org.uk

RCGP Council elections: Faculty representatives

Each of the College’s Faculties can elect one of its members to represent them on the RCGP Council and, in some circumstances, a second member.

Faculties make their own arrangements for the nomination and election of representatives. Contact your local Faculty for details.

RCGP Council meetings

Council meets formally four times a year

Minutes of current College year

Raising an issue for discussion at Council

Members who want to raise an issue at Council should approach their local Faculty in the first instance.

Other Council committees

There are a number of other Council committees which make day-to-day decisions in specific areas, for example, nominations, RCGP’s international work and post-graduate training.

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