GP curriculum: overview

The RCGP curriculum sets out what’s required to practise as an independent General Practitioner in the UK NHS.  It defines the knowledge, skills and qualities expected of GPs and describes useful learning and teaching activities.

The curriculum forms the foundation for GP training and assessment across the UK, and is relevant to GPs throughout their career, including preparation for revalidation.

2014 Curriculum update

Each year the college reviews the GP curriculum and makes changes where appropriate in response to user feedback and to ensure the content is kept up-to-date.

Some minor updates were implemented on 6 August 2014 and all trainees should use the revised version.

You can find information about the changes and track-change copies of the statements on the GP curriculum changes page of the website.

Curriculum Introduction and User Guide

The Introduction and User Guide will help you to understand and use the curriculum effectively

The curriculum statements

You can download the current version of the curriculum below.

1 Core curriculum statement

 Image of the cover of Being a GP showing a GP related wordcloud

  • Being a General Practitioner

  • The core curriculum statement provides a full description of the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours required of a GP in managing patients and their problems.

Being a General Practitioner [PDF]


 2 Contextual statements    

The four contextual statements explore particular aspects of general practice in greater depth.

3 Clinical statements

The clinical examples apply the competences in Being a General Practitioner to population groups or to organ based conditions.

Using the GP curriculum

Using the curriculum in everyday practice Episode 1 ‘Where’s the kidney?’

Curriculum guide

GP curriculum self assessment tools

The GP curriculum and GP training and development

The GP curriculum defines the knowledge, skills and qualities required throughout a GP's career, from trainee to experienced practitioner.

It’s the basis of our MRCGP membership exam, and underpins our CPD resources for experienced GPs.

Previous versions and development of the GP curriculum

Development of the original GP curriculum: background information

The GP curriculum is designed to provide a thorough grounding in the principles of the discipline, without attempting to cover all possible contexts.

The original version of the curriculum was approved by PMETB in 2007. PMETB later merged with the GMC, and the GMC is now responsible for approving the GP curriculum and assessments.

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