Regional Clinical Lead Role Person-Centred Care Programme, Clinical Innovation and Research Centre


  • From November 2019 to March 2020

Time commitment and remuneration

  • 2/3 Sessions per month, at £226 per session (1 session = 4 hours)


  • Travel and accommodation covered by the project

The Role

We are seeking to recruit 7 Regional Clinical Leads (RCLS) to work alongside a Clinical Champion, Clinical Support Fellow and Regional Demonstrator Site Leads for the RCGP's Person-Centred Care project funded by the Personalised Care Group at NHSE/I. 

The RCL will be primarily responsible for engaging frontline staff to embed the personalised care model at ICS/STP, LMC, Faculty and PCN level. This will include:

  • Increasing frontline awareness and support the implementation of personalised care in PCNs through sharing existing resources and providing peer support through the network.

o Link in with local Clinical Directors (CD) and personalised care lead by attending:

  • At least 1 PCN meetings to present / share resources on personalised care
  • At least 1 CD PCN meeting to present / share resources on personalised care
  • Developing working relationship with local personalised care leads, including Personalised Care Group Leads, Social Prescribing Leads, HEE, Demonstrator Site Lead, etc. and aim to attend relevant demonstrator site meetings to encourage involvement in the local network.

o Where relevant, RCGP, NHSE/I, ask regional network members to provide support for the implementation of personalised care.

  • Engaging and raise awareness with key stakeholders on personalised care at ICS / STP level

o Engage key stakeholders at ICS/STP by attending and presenting about personalised care at: 

  • At least 1 ICS / STP board meeting
  • At least 1 RCGP Faculty meeting

o Where relevant organise 121 follow-up meetings with key influential regional stakeholders

  • Working with Clinical Champion and Community Engagement Coordinator to facilitate of Action 4 in the Universal Personalised Care Plan specifically: expand current PCC network by at least 50 clinical leaders from across the primary care workforce to embed personalised care in the NHS's priority areas and in all RCGP projects.
  • Supporting the broader programme as needed.
  • Being involved in monitoring and evaluation of programme, including meeting reports and catch-ups with Community Engagement Coordinator.
  • Working with Clinical Support Fellow to write one blog or case study on personalised care and local implementation at ICS/STP/LMC/PCN level (for example).
  • Attending: Kick-off workshop and training day, national Person-Centred Care Network Meeting, CIRC clinician days, steering groups and keep in touch meetings
  • Progress will be reviewed at the 3 and 6-month stage to provide additional support if need or review the role.


  • North West
  • North East and Yorkshire
  • Midlands
  • East of England
  • London
  • South East
  • South West

How will we support you

RCGP and NHSE/I will work closely with each of the RCLs to ensure they are fully supported to achieve their objectives. This support includes:

  • Support from a Senior Project Manager and Community Engagement Coordinator at the RCGP
  • Support from a Clinical Champion who will provide leadership, coaching and mentorship support
  • Support from a Clinical Support Fellow for engagement of a regional network
  • Resources from RCGP and NHSE/I
  • Kick-off and training day with other RCLs 
  • Virtual platform for peer support from other RCLs and for ongoing learning and development

Programme Objectives (for information)

  • Develop an RCGP programme for personalised care Regional Clinical Leads (RCLs) to support programme objectives (RCLs supported by RCGP and NHSE/I)
  • Increase frontline awareness and support the implementation of personalised care in PCNs through sharing existing resources and providing peer support through the network and RCLs
  • Engage and raise awareness with key stakeholders on personalised care at ICS / STP level
  • Facilitate Action 4 in Universal Personalised Care Plan, specifically: expand current PCC NoC by at least 50 clinical leaders from across the primary care workforce to embed personalised care in the NHS’s priority areas and in all RCGP projects
  • Engage current network of champions at a national and regional level 

Project Background

The RCGP is working with NHSE/I to support GPs and primary care teams deliver person-centred care. The person-centred care approach can reduce pressures on the primary care team and bring increased professional satisfaction to GPs. It empowers individuals to take an active role in managing their own health and well-being, working alongside the GP's medical expertise and that of other professionals.

People with multiple long-term conditions account for about 50% of all GP appointments but the current 10-minute GP consultation doesn't allow enough time to effectively address all health and well-being issues. The person-centred care approach gives people more choice and control in their lives by providing an approach that is appropriate to the individual's needs. It involves a conversation shift from asking 'what's the matter with you' to 'what matters to you'.

Through this collaborative programme, we have supported the spread, understanding and implementation of personalised care and the comprehensive model in primary care by:

  • Developing resources and training material for primary care health professionals all of which are freely available for anyone to use via the RCGP website.
  • Developing peer to peer communications to win hearts and minds at multiple stakeholder levels including frontline clinicians to commissioners and policy makers. Working in partnership with key stakeholders including C4CC, QNI, RPS, etc.
  • Creating, grown and supported a Person-Centred Care (PCC) Network of Champions (NoC) consisting of frontline clinicians. This network supports on the above activities.
  • Linking-in with existing IPC and then demonstrator sites to support these sites and establish sharing of best practice. 

In the next phase of the programme, the RCGP will be support NHSE / I to implement the Universal Personalised Care Plan and Comprehensive Model.

How to apply

The RCGP aims to encourage and maintain the highest possible standards of patient care in general practice. We are looking to recruit a member of the RCGP who can work collaboratively to raise the profile and awareness of this work within both general practice and the wider primary care community with the aim of improving the quality of care and patient outcomes.

We would like to know why you think person-centred care is important to GPs and patients, and what interest and/or experience you have in person-centred approaches. 

Send your CV (no longer than 2 sides of A4) and a supporting statement (no longer than 2 sides of A4) to to be received no later than 5pm, June 2020. To qualify, you must also be available on the week of 10 February 2020 for a workshop to be held in London. 

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