How to search for prescription items

You are required to collect the data for 50 prescriptions. Many of you will need to do this by looking through all of your consultations backwards, from a particular date and identifying when you have prescribed a medication. You will then need to manually enter the information onto the spreadsheet.

For some of you, we have managed to work with the patient management systems (PMSs) to create a search function that can gather some of the data for you. Those with this ability are fortunate as we did not envisage we would be able to utilise this and it ensures that none of your scripts are missed.

Whilst we have tried to work with as many PMSs as possible, for some, this is not available, for others, they were unable to do this due to other commitments.

We will continue to try and work with the PMSs to provide as many trainees with an automated search but we are aware that there will be many of you who will not be able to take advantage of this and will therefore have to return to the default position of manually gathering the data.

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