Prescribing Assessment

Prescribing is an integral part of a General Practitioners work and several high profile cases have been published when qualified doctors have made catastrophic errors. In 2017 the GMCs published a document describing Generic Professional Competences. These are competences, which every speciality trainee needs to achieve before the end of training and they include prescribing as one of their key areas. GP trainees are not currently assessed on their prescribing in the workplace and it was felt that this needed to be rectified as a priority.

The assessment consists of a self-assessment prescribing review based on the PRACtlCe study and REVIST studies. These were GMC led reviews looking at the number of times errors were found in prescriptions. The results were alarming with 1 in 20 prescriptions containing an error. The REVISIT study looked specifically at prescribing by GP trainees and the error rate rose further to 1 in 10 prescriptions. The RCGP subsequently worked with the Nottingham team to create an assessment suitable for GPs in training.

The assessment is a formative exercise to reflect on prescribing practice, which should highlight trends and learning needs within your prescribing. By reflecting on the errors identified it will enable learning plans to be put in place in order to improve your prescribing in the future. There is no set standard as it is designed as a learning exercise; however if no errors are highlighted and if no learning is identified this would raise concerns, as to date this has never been the case.

Full details are below but in summary

  1. The trainee searches on their last 50 retrospective prescriptions
  2. Using the prescribing manual, the trainee reviews these prescriptions and maps them against potential prescribing errors
  3. The GP trainer / Supervisor reviews 20 of these prescriptions, maps these against potential errors and adds these to the spreadsheet 
  4. The trainee completes the trainee reflection form in the ePortfolio and in particular reflects on their prescribing using the GP prescribing proficiencies
  5. The trainee and GP trainer / Supervisor complete the assessment using the GP trainer/ Supervisor assessment form found in the ePortfolio
  6. Both the trainee and GP trainer / Supervisor complete and submit the questionnaires
  7. The trainee uploads the anonymised spreadsheet to their learning log
  8. Supporting documents which outline the assessment in detail can be found below

Documents required to complete the assessment


Page last updated: 8 October 2020

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