Leadership Multi Source Feedback (Leadership MSF)

Once you have completed the leadership activity, the Leadership focused MSF then gives the opportunity for you to receive some feedback from colleagues on your leadership skills. The exercise has been designed to evaluate your strengths in leadership and to reflect on where you need to concentrate your efforts before becoming an independent practitioner. 

Guidance for the use of the MSF

Your leadership activity needs to have been completed before you start the MSF. 

Prior to requesting your colleagues to complete this form you need to complete a self-assessment. This will enable a comparison to be made between the two sets of results. 

The more respondents who complete the MSF the more useful the results.  It is therefore suggested that you consider a wide range of colleagues, both within the organisation in which you work day to day and also colleagues with whom you have contact outside the organisation. The respondents should include people who were involved in your leadership activity but is not confined to just this group as the questions also ask about your leadership capabilities which may not have been included in this activity. 

Your respondents are asked to answer 5 questions, each with a rating scale, and to comment on any highlights of your leadership, and suggest areas for improvement.
As with all MSFs, the results will be made available to your Educational Supervisor to access first and then released to you. You should arrange to meet with your Educational Supervisor to allow discussion and feedback with the creation of a personal development plan if required.

Notes for Clinical and Educational Supervisors

A significant part of the value that comes from a leadership activity is being observed and having formative feedback from the Educational supervisor, or an appropriate deputy, within the practice.  This will support your trainee in reflecting upon their strengths and how they can improve in other areas as they continue their leadership journey, which requires career-long learning. This can be done both verbally, e.g. during a tutorial and also in a written format, e.g. through comments relating to a log entry, a CAT, the leadership MSF or an educator’s note.

If your trainee is performing below the level expected for their stage of training it is important to be specific about why this conclusion has been reached and develop a plan the trainee can follow to try and alter the situation.

For many leadership activities it is important that an appropriate environment is created. The environment should be one that expects the trainee to undertake this work, facilitates this process and allows the trainee to feel comfortable in their role, for example when giving feedback to their practice as part of a fresh pair of eyes activity.

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Leadership MSF - FAQs

When do I have to do the leadership MSF?

This is completed once in ST3 and ideally after your leadership activity. This normally will take place in the second half of ST3. You will have already completed the MSF rating your clinical and professional behaviour in the first half of ST3.

Does a written reflection need to be made?

Yes. Reflections on the feedback need to be recorded in a ‘Reflection on Feedback’ log entry. A PDP item can be developed if needed.

How many responders are required?

As with any MSF 10 replies are needed. These can be either clinical or non-clinical respondents. There are no defined number of clinical or non-clinical responders required.

What if insufficient responses are submitted?

If you are working in a very small practice it may not be possible to be able to achieve sufficient responses. In this circumstance, the Educational Supervisor should make an Educator’s Note stating that there are insufficient members of staff to complete your leadership MSF.

If I receive negative feedback or areas for improvement are identified, does the Leadership MSF need to be repeated?

No. You should record your reflections in the feedback section of the learning log and develop a personal development plan to address any needs. The Educational Supervisor can comment on these reflections and PDP.

Do all the respondents have to be part of my leadership activity?

No, it would be expected that people who were involved in your leadership activity are asked to complete your MSF, but is not confined to just this group, as the questions also ask about your leadership capabilities which may not have been included in this activity. 
Page last updated: 31 March 2021

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