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Leadership log entry

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Title of event
1. State your role in relation to the activity  *
2. How did you approach this activity? * [what planning you undertook for the activity]
3. How did you demonstrate your ability to work with colleagues, patients, learners and/or users (individually or in teams)? *
4. How effective were you within this role? * [reflect on your achievements and feedback received]
5. Reflection: what will I maintain, improve or stop?
6. What have you learnt about yourself? * [consider what motivates you, your core beliefs and areas to develop]

Leadership Activity - FAQs

Is participation in a leadership activity mandatory?

It is mandatory to do a leadership activity in ST3 and write this up using the specific log entry for leadership activities.

It is mandatory to do a second MSF in ST3 which will be a leadership MSF, with questions relating to the trainees leadership skills.

How is it assessed?

It will be assessed using the descriptors for the organisation, management and leadership competency.  This is done by the educational supervisor using evidence directly observed, log for leadership activity, MSF and CbDs , which link to leadership activity.

Can I do a leadership activity out with the specific examples given?

The list provided is to give ideas and examples, but includes trainees own ideas.  This should be discussed and agreed with educational supervisor in advance, in the same way any other leadership activity on the list would be.

Are trainees expected to have protected time to do their leadership activity?

There is educational time included in the GPSTR contract and all GPSTRs are expected to have protected personal study time as part of their working week as well as time in groups for shared learning. The WPBA package has changed with addition of some "new" areas of workplace based assessment like leadership and the removal of other expectations (some CbDs etc).

Does the leadership activity have to be done in the practice or in primary care?

The leadership activity is done as part of the training to become a GP. It is therefore necessary that the activity is done within the normal work that a GP would be expected to be involved in. This might therefore include work with commissioning organisations, networks of primary care teams or with District Nurses, palliative care teams or others with whom GPs regularly work.

When can the leadership activity be started?

It is expected that the ST3 leadership MSF will be linked to the leadership activity, so that the people who provide feedback through the MSF will have seen evidence of your leadership skills, (these are not confined to just the leadership activity). Although some elements of the leadership activity could have started before ST3 it is required that the ST3 leadership activity is completed during ST3.

Page last updated: 31 March 2021

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