Leadership Activity and MSF

Leadership skills are an essential component to the everyday work of a GP. This is reflected in the RCGP Curriculum and Topic Guides and GMC Generic Professional Capabilities. Good leadership skills enable improvement of health outcomes, high quality patient care and fulfilling work environments for staff, by inspiring and empowering all who journey towards a shared vision. Leadership is a skill that everybody can learn and requires continuous development and refinement. Whilst there are aspects of theory to learn, the most important learning in leadership is from practicing the skill set. The Leadership Workplace Based Assessment (WPBA) gives all trainees the opportunity to gain practical experience in developing these skills in primary care.

Mandatory requirements for WPBA

  1. A Leadership Activity will be undertaken in ST3. You can propose your own activity or select from the examples in the leadership WPBA manual below. In all cases the proposed activity should be discussed and agreed with your Educational or Clinical supervisor to ensure its suitability. The activity will be recorded in your Portfolio by writing a reflective entry using the specific leadership log entry template.
  2. The second MSF in ST3 will be a Leadership MSF with questions specifically focused on obtaining feedback around your leadership skills. Ten respondents are required. These should include people who were involved in your leadership activity but is not confined to just this group as the questions also ask about your leadership capabilities which may not have been included in this activity.  

In addition trainees are encouraged to develop their leadership skills incrementally over their training programme and record any other leadership activities undertaken. There are a variety of ways to record evidence of leadership activity within your Portfolio:

  • Log Entries: Leadership activity experience and reflections, along with any learning points should be recorded in the Portfolio.  There is a specific leadership log entry template that should be used to record leadership activity.  This could provide evidence for the capability ‘Organisation, management and leadership’, and may also provide evidence for other Capabilities , for example ‘Working with colleagues and in teams’, and activities such as ‘audit and quality improvement’.
  • PDPs: The PDP could be used to record areas around leadership activity that you may wish to develop during your training.
  • CATs: A Case based discussion can be a good opportunity to discuss feedback on and develop areas around leadership.

Approaching the Leadership WPBAs


Useful resources from the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management:

  • Developing medical leadership [PDF] - a toolkit produced in partnership with Health Education England signposting opportunities for leadership development
  • How To guides - a collection of practical resources to help junior doctors complete projects

Page last updated: 31 March 2021

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