New WPBA Developments

Reviewing and improving the tools we use to assess GP trainees in the workplace is one of the key objectives of the WPBA group. Changes most commonly arise as a result of feedback from educators and trainees but also to comply with the GP curriculum and GMC requirements.

This page will be kept updated with our changes as and when they arise.

The following areas are the proposed WPBA changes which are currently being submitted to the GMC for their approval. They have been included on the website for your interest only.

WPBA Tools Update

Clinical Supervisor's Report

The CSR in its current format is being reviewed and an alternative version has been piloted. This includes reducing the length of the report, having obvious links to the questions and the capabilities being tested, facilitating more written feedback and giving trainees an optional box to comment on the report should they wish. You can access the revised CSR form and report here:

Quality Improvement Project (QIP)

The GMC is clear that all doctors in training will have to participate in Quality Improvement work throughout their training. The RCGP has designed a tool and process which enables participation early in training.
The tool is shared here prior to the requirement that it is used, which will be announced once the tool has been approved by the GMC along with other changes to GP trainee training packages. It is shared so that it is easier for trainees, trainers and schools of GP to support the process in a consistent way as early as possible.
The QIP that is expected of a GP trainee is less complex than that which is suggested by QI Ready because GP has a spiral curriculum and the tool is designed for use in ST 1 or 2. GP trainees are therefore NOT advised to look at QI ready when preparing for their ST1/2 QIP as an indicator of standards and complexity required.

Introduction to QIPs

Training resources

QIP ideas and completed QIPS with ES feedback

Prescribing Assessment

The GMC have highlighted prescribing proficiencies across people of ages. An assessment has been designed for the trainee initially to self-assess their prescribing against several areas. These include the right drug, right dose, right dose instructions, right follow up, right documentation and right review. A supervisor will then complete the assessment and give the trainee feedback. Further guidance documents and FAQs will be made available but the outline of the assessment is included below.


The GMC (and others) place an increasing emphasis on Leadership. The WPBA group is in the process of submitting a proposal to the GMC to include leadership within GP training. The proposals are outlined in these documents:

Useful resources from the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management:

  • Developing medical leadership [PDF] - a toolkit produced in partnership with Health Education England signposting opportunities for leadership development
  • 'How To' guides - a collection of practical resources to help junior doctors complete projects

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