Transition arrangements: Introduction of new Portfolio and new programme of WPBA

All GP Specialty Trainees will move onto the new Portfolio platform and the old ePortfolio information will remain accessible for those who are already progressing through the training programme. 

All trainees will be using the new log entry template and using the new assessment forms, irrespective of which WPBA programme they are following.

Everyone must be on the new WPBA programme within 2 years from the date of its introduction.

General Principles

Trainees will move onto the ‘new’ programme when they change training years i.e. when moving from ST1 to ST2, ST2 to ST3 etc

In any training year if the trainee has passed the mid-point of that training year remaining will remain on the ‘old’ programme.

In any training year if the trainee has not passed the mid-point of their training year they will be given the option of staying on the old or moving to the new WPBA programme. 

For any trainee on leave at the time of transition they will move onto the new programme unless they only have a short period leave remaining and a future end of training year date all within 6 months.

For any trainee on an extension they should stay on old programme.

If any trainee is nearing 2 years from the introduction of the new WPBA programme and has not reached a ‘gateway’ ARCP then they need to contact their Deanery/LETB so they can be moved onto the new programme.

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