WPBA minimum evidence requirements: less than full-time trainees, four year training programmes, academic trainees and trainees on extensions

WPBA assessments may vary depending on the nature of the training: ask your deanery/LETB for guidance.

Less than full-time trainees

The timescale of the WPBA minimum evidence requirements is different for trainees who are working less than full time.

Less than full time trainees (LTFTs) normally take WPBA assessments on a pro rata basis, according to the number of hours worked. However, it may be more than the pro rata equivalent; this will depend on your performance, progress and recommendations from your previous review.

You’ll have an educational supervisor’s review every six months, and a review of competence progression at least once a year.

Requirements for trainees on extensions to training

The minimum elements of WPBA for the training level (ST1, 2 or 3) need to be continued in order to demonstrate the development of competence, particularly in areas that have been identified as requiring improvement. Further assessments may be also needed to show this. The ARCP panel should detail any extra assessment requirements over and above the minimum number.

Four-year academic training programmes

There are a small number of four year academic training programmes across the UK. A common arrangement is that the ST3 phase of training is lengthened to two years and is split, with 50 per cent of the trainee’s time spent in general practice and the remaining 50 per cent spent in an academic post.

The WPBA  requirements that usually apply to ST3 are split across two years, as with any Less than Full Time (LTFT) trainees .

You’ll have additional academic assessments, and you’ll be expected to reflect the academic nature of your post in a good proportion of Learning Log entries.

Additional ST4 years

Some LETBs/deaneries have developed four year schemes. Trainees normally apply internally for one of these once appointed to GP training. There are a variety of possible formats to this training and as a result the WPBA requirements in ST4 are bespoke, addressing the trainee’s learning needs and reflecting the nature of the ST4 post. The deanery/LETB will issue local guidance in conjunction with the RCGP.

As an ST4 trainee you will need to maintain a clinical component throughout ST4, so you can demonstrate competence for CCT purposes.

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