Trainee ePortfolio - previous version release notes

TeP v1.95 - 15 April 2019

  • New WPBA tool: Prescribing Assessment
  • New "prescribing review" learning log
  • New reason for creating a manual ARCP (administrative reason)
  • Change to workflow for submitting assessments (for logged in users). The system will now redirect user back to summary of assessments.
  • Trainee: Improved workflow for adding file attachments
  • Panel users: improved guidance content layout in "reasons for unsatisfactory outcomes" on the ARCP form
  • Improvements to performance and application security
  • Fixed the table layout in read-only skills log
  • Fixed quick shortcuts menu for clinical supervisors

TeP v1.94 - 11 March 2019


  • Regional administrator: we’ve added a new report template to list trainees and their expected end of training date (based on post information). This can be found in Reports under “Trainees and Posts” category.
  • New quick shortcuts menu for deanery users. This menu will show in trainee lists, allowing quick access to specific areas of the trainee’s ePortfolio.


  • Updated learning log layout
  • Added a new “saved” notification to learning log & PDP
  • Improvements to performance and security


  • Fixed an issue with the last updated field in PDP not updating correctly
  • Fixed a layout issue with action plan when viewing trainee’s completed self-rating
  • Fixed an issue with the “new learning log” button specific to Safari browser

TeP v1.93 - 11 Feb 2019


  • Advanced search and filtering tools for learning logs
  • Added “Trust Doctor” option to “Assessor” field on the CEPS form


  • Change to layout of tables across the whole application for improved readability
  • Improved layout of action plan within ESR (“agreed actions” in supervisor’s view and “suggested actions” in trainee’s self-rating)
  • Based on your feedback, we improved the layout of “competency” drop-down boxes in “suggested actions” in trainee’s self-rating
  • Back-end improvements to performance and security
  • Removed legacy data to improve application performance


TeP v1.91 - 10 December 2018


  • Improvements to comment/custom message functionality when sending an assessment request
  • Improved handling of text pasted from clipboard – any HTML formatting will be now automatically removed
  • Scheduled changes to CSA assessment results layout for results published from February 2019
  • Further back-end improvements to performance and security


  • Improved Audio-COT workflow to address the ‘GMC null’ issue reported by users who don’t have the GMC number in their profile
  • Removed obsolete code relating to DOPS
  • Fixed visibility of agreed actions in historical version of ESR
  • Based on your feedback, we have fixed an issue with quick access to shared attachments when browsing PDP & learning log lists. Shared attachments will be now correctly displayed to all roles.

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