Trainee ePortfolio - current version release notes

The Trainee ePortfolio was last updated on 12 August 2019.

What’s new in v1.97

TeP v1.97 is now available. Please note that changes to learning log linking & capability grouping have been paused for now. See below for a list of changes:


  • Regional administrator: the “add new” option in the panel groups menu will now work as expected

Paused changes:

  • Clinical experience groups replace curriculum headings in the new version of the ePortfolio. Trainees can link learning logs to clinical experience groups by clicking “select descriptors” and trainers by clicking “validate evidence”. Links to previous curriculum headings will be visible in “archived selections”.
  • Previous curriculum links can be viewed by clicking the “Expand Curriculum Statement Headings” link visible under the “Clinical Experience Groups Coverage” summary table (for example accessible in the ESR).
  • Capabilities: competences have been renamed to capabilities to reflect the wording in the new 2019 RCGP Curriculum & are now grouped into areas of capability. 
  • ESR layout has been updated to reflect above changes. Completed reviews will be displayed in the old layout.
  • ESR: Change to the “Clinical Experience Groups Coverage Comments” section for Educational Supervisor

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