New Trainee Portfolio - Frequently Asked Questions

When is this coming in?

We plan to launch the new Portfolio nationally in August 2020.  There are plans to run a pilot in Wessex Deanery in early 2020.

How will this affect me?

The Portfolio will look different. The core functionality will remain the same although we plan to enhance many of the features. 

Why do we need a new Portfolio?

The current ePortfolio is now outdated. We were getting many requests for enhancements that were not possible on the old system. The new Portfolio allows us much more control as well as new features such as an app.

What benefits are there for me?

The new Portfolio is easier to use and will save time for both trainees and trainers. There are new features that you will benefit from, including a mobile app to add and edit log entries. You can also create log entries from emails. Assessments will be much better managed. These are just a few of a whole host of improvements.

  • Easier to use: Built around a modern Portfolio platform that is used by thousands of GPs across the UK.
  • Mobile app: Record learning logs and review existing entries on the go. Even if you don't have an internet connection.
  • Track your progress: Are you on track for your next ESR? Have you demonstrated all the required capabilities? See all this at a glance on your new Dashboard.
  • Powerful features: Built-in artificial intelligence which automatically scans your entries for sensitive data that shouldn't be included.
  • Save time: Fewer pop-up boxes to read, and fewer clicks to access key areas of the system.

Do I need to change to the new system?

We expect that everyone will be changing to the new system in August 2020.

Will my data be safe on the new Portfolio?

Yes, the new Portfolio provider is ISO certified which requires them to maintain the highest standard for data protection and information security. All data is stored on UK servers and backed up.

Can I sign up now?

Please note that the new Portfolio is not due to be launched nationally until August 2020. FourteenFish offer a "try before you buy" policy for other products and services they offer like their Appraisal Toolkit. This does not include the new RCGP Trainee Portfolio.

Will this coincide with the WPBA changes?

Yes, it will, since we can’t easily implement the new assessments in the current Portfolio. However the trainee is halfway through a year we may not force them to switch. More discussions needed in the WPBA group. More information about the new WPBA developments can be found here.

Will I need a new login?

If you have an existing RCGP login, this will transfer to the new Portfolio. 

I am a Wessex Portfolio user. What do I need to know before the pilot?

On Wednesday 5 February, Wessex will be moving to a new Trainee Portfolio as part of a pilot for the RCGP. Every trainee will transition on the same day (irrespective of where they are in their training programme). The only trainees that will not be transitioning are those that have applied for an inter-deanery transfer (IDT) or those that are part of the Forces Deanery.

There will be a lockout period for Wessex trainees between 9pm on 3 February and 9am on 5 February. This means you will not be able to look at your portfolio, add anything, complete ESRs etc. This is especially important for you if you have your ARCP on 5 February so please make sure you take this into account and make sure everything is ready in good time.

It is important that you complete and submit any open MSF or PSQs. This means that you need to have closed the MSF – if you do not have enough entries by 2 February, don’t panic as you will be able to add more on the new system but please close it on the 2 February. If you have a PSQ in progress now, then make sure it is completed and submitted by the 2 February. As the PSQ is changing, any questionnaires you have collected and not added to the Portfolio before 2 February will not be able to be added unfortunately.

It would be sensible to also complete an ESR if you are part way through it but if you can’t then everything should move across without problems anyway.

Some things to note:

  • All of your data will be migrated onto the new system.
  • When you login through the current ePortfolio, you will redirected to FourteenFish login page.
  • Trainees will use their existing Trainee ePortfolio login details, since logging in to FourteenFish will be done via myRCGP. If you already have a FourteenFish login with the same email you use on MyRCGP, then the accounts will merge. If the emails are different, then FourteenFish can always merge the accounts after the migration.
  • We do not have a test environment for you to go on to have a look around, but there are several videos available with walkthroughs that you can look at now.
  • When trainees first log in, you may want to spend a few minutes changing the titles of your PDP items as these are being generated automatically as PDP entries on the current Trainee Portfolio do not have titles. PDP items will be linked to review periods going forwards so the list will be smaller than you currently see. There is no need to change the titles for PDP entries in previous review periods.
  • The ‘Personal Library’ is being removed as this caused confusion. All files can now be seen under ‘All files’ and you should be able to see if they are linked to a learning log or not. If they are not attached to a log then no one (other than yourself) will be able to see them. To make sure they are viewable by others then make sure they are attached to a log.
  • You will also notice that several of the assessments will look different as well as the learning log types. This is due to improvements to WPBA which we are also piloting in preparation for a full roll out in August. Requirements will remain the same despite the assessments looking different.

With any new system and especially when doing a pilot, there are likely to be some teething issues. It is important that we are made aware of these so that we can make improvements so there will be a help area where these issues can be reported. Please be assured that your data is backed up and the RCGP & selected Wessex staff will have access to the old system (if required) so your CCT won’t be delayed as a consequence of software issues.

Information for trainers & supervisors

  • Trainers will be given new logins for FourteenFish, unless they already have a FourteenFish account using the same email address that they use to access the Trainee Portfolio in which case their existing account will be used. Again, FourteenFish can always merge trainer accounts after the migration if you end up with two accounts because you use different emails.
  • Starting from 9pm on 3 February, any trainees moving to the new Portfolio won't be accessible through the current Trainee ePortfolio

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