New Trainee Portfolio - Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Portfolio launch in my Deanery?

The new Portfolio will be launched in stages between July-September 2020. The system has been piloted in the Wessex Deanery since February 2020, and we have made a number of improvements and changes based on user feedback since then.

We have consulted the launch dates with each Deanery individually and agreed the schedule as below:

Launch date Deanery
16/07/2020 MOD
23/07/2020 West Midlands
30/07/2020 East of England
06/08/2020 North Western


East Midlands

20/08/2020 Scotland

Northern Ireland



Thames Valley




South West Peninsula



Yorkshire & Humber

The system will launch on Thursday morning (9am). The 'blackout period' will start a day before to ensure we can migrate trainee data without issues.

What will happen during the launch week?

Please see the table below to find out what will happen during each launch week:

Day Task / Timing Responsibility
Monday prior to migration week

Deanery comms to all trainees re imminent migration and last chance to complete MSF/PSQs before migration (see: assessments)

Monday of migration week

RCGP migrations and spot checking (no Deanery involvement needed)

Trainees migrating to the new system will see a notification in the TeP



RCGP migrations and spot checking (no Deanery involvement needed)

Reminder comms to all trainees




8am – TeP lockout for trainees migrating to the new system

Migration re-sync throughout the day

RCGP in contact with Deanery to confirm migration results



9am – New Trainee Portfolio go-live

Ongoing support


Ongoing support


How will this affect me?

The ePortfolio will look different. The core functionality will remain the same although we plan to enhance many of the features. Please check our overview and a video walkthrough to learn more about the new system.

Why do we need a new Portfolio?

The current ePortfolio is now outdated. We were getting many requests for enhancements that were not possible on the old system. The new Portfolio allows us much more control as well as new features such as an app.

What benefits are there for me?

The new Portfolio is easier to use and will save time for both trainees and trainers. There are new features that you will benefit from, including a mobile app to add and edit log entries. You can also create log entries from emails. Assessments will be much better managed. These are just a few of a whole host of improvements.

  • Easier to use: Built around a modern Portfolio platform that is used by thousands of GPs across the UK.
  • Mobile app: Record learning logs and review existing entries on the go. Even if you don't have an internet connection. Coming soon.
  • Track your progress: Are you on track for your next ESR? Have you demonstrated all the required capabilities? See all this at a glance on your new Dashboard.
  • Powerful features: Built-in artificial intelligence which automatically scans your entries for sensitive data that shouldn't be included.
  • Save time: Fewer pop-up boxes to read, and fewer clicks to access key areas of the system.

Will my data be safe on the new Portfolio?

Yes, the new Portfolio provider is ISO certified which requires them to maintain the highest standard for data protection and information security. All data is stored on UK servers and backed up.

Can I sign up now?

The new Portfolio is launching soon. FourteenFish offer a "try before you buy" policy for other products and services they offer like their Appraisal Toolkit. This does not include the new RCGP Trainee Portfolio.

Who will be migrating to the new Portfolio?

All ST1, ST2 and some ST3 trainees will transition on the same day (irrespective of where they are in their training programme).

The only trainees that are currently not transitioning are those who took the RCA in July or August. We plan to migrate this group of trainees on Monday, 7 September - please see the question below for more information.

Please note that the deaneries launching after 7 September (Wales, South West Peninsula, Severn and Yorkshire & Humber) will have all their active trainees migrated on their launch day.

When are you migrating trainees who took the RCA?

We plan to migrate the trainees who took the RCA on 7 September. This applies to the deaneries which have already moved to the new system.The four remaining deaneries (Wales, South West Peninsula, Severn and Yorkshire & Humber) will launch with all active trainees in the new system on their scheduled dates.

Please note there will be a blackout period for this group of trainees on Sunday, 6 September.

What data will be migrating?

We are migrating all training data. This includes e.g. learning logs, PDPs, assessments, files, ESRs, ARCPs and educator's notes. 

Please note that messages & helpdesk enquiries won't be migrated to the new system. If you would like to keep a copy of these, please download them from the current system. You can open each entry you'd like to save and click the print icon to save the page as a PDF file through your web browser.

We are also migrating deanery information including training locations and programmes.

Please note that the historical reports won't be migrated. If you would like to download a copy, please login as regional administrator, then go to 'Management' and 'Reports'. Find the following link: 'To access reports generated previously, please click here'. You can download each report by clicking the 'Download' link.

We are also not migrating panel roles due to improvements made to this area in the new system. The system offers a more convenient way to manage panel roles - for example, deanery admins will no longer need to contact the helpdesk to create panel chair logins as these can be set up directly in Fishbase.

Will there be a blackout period during the transition?

Yes, there will be a blackout period all day on Wednesday before the launch in each deanery. This means you will not be able to look at the portfolio, add anything, complete ESRs etc etc. This is especially important for you if you have your ARCP coming up so please make sure you take this into account and make sure everything is ready in good time.

Please note that the blackout period for the migrating RCA trainees will be on Sunday, 6 September.

What about my open assessments?

It is important that you complete and submit any open MSF or PSQs. This means that you need to have closed the MSF – if you do not have enough entries before Wednesday preceding the new system launch in your deanery, don’t panic as you will be able to add more on the new system but please close it. If you have a PSQ in progress now, then make sure it is completed and submitted before Wednesday preceding the new system launch in your deanery.  As the PSQ is changing, it won’t be possible to add any questionnaires collected and not added to the portfolio before the migration starts.

Will I need a new login?

Trainees will be able to access the system using their MyRCGP details. If you already have a FourteenFish login with the same email you use on MyRCGP, then the accounts will merge. If the emails are different, then FourteenFish can always merge the accounts after the migration.

New accounts will be created for Trainers (including Academic, Clinical and Educational Supervisors). This will be based on the communication email provided in the old ePortfolio. We will send login details to that email address once the new system launches. Please make sure your details are up to date by checking the ‘personal details’ page in the current ePortfolio. If you already have a FourteenFish account using the same email address you use in the old system, the existing account will be used. Again, FourteenFish can always merge accounts after the migration if you end up with two accounts because you use different emails.

Will this affect my CCT?

Do not worry - all your data is backed up and we have access to the old system (if required) so your CCT won’t be delayed as a consequence of software issues.

How does this affect my inter-deanery transfer?

If both your current and your new deanery are on the new system - we can transfer the account between the deaneries after doing some checks. Once both deaneries have agreed to the transfer, please contact the FourteenFish support to request the portfolio transfer.

If you are using the old system but your new deanery has moved to the new Portfolio - please contact the RCGP support so we can complete the transfer for you. You can contact us by email:

If you are using the new Trainee Portfolio, but it has not yet launched in your new deanery - FourteenFish team will transfer your portfolio to your new deanery, but please note the record will not be visible to them until they start using the system. This means that for a short period of time, your post information will not be up to date and you won’t be linked to your supervisor. You will still be able to write log entries and collect WPBA evidence, but your supervisor will not be able to see these until the system launches in your area. You can check the launch schedule above in "when will the Portfolio launch in my Deanery".

New starters information

All new starters are on the new Trainee Portfolio from 18 August.

Please note that the new starter portfolios will not be visible to your deanery until the launch date in your area.

For deaneries, this means you won't be able to see the trainee in the Trainee ePortfolio, but the record will be visible in Fishbase as soon as you're given access to it.

For trainees, this means that for a short period of time, your post information will not be up to date and you won’t be linked to your supervisor. You will still be able to write log entries and collect WPBA evidence, but your supervisor will not be able to see these until the system launches in your area. You can check the launch schedule above in "when will the Portfolio launch in my Deanery".

How do I access the new Portfolio once it launches?

Trainee and trainers - login at

If you try to access the old portfolio, you will be redirected to the new system.

Administrator and panel users - login at

What will happen to the old Trainee ePortfolio?

In September, we will be moving all other portfolios onto the new system as planned. This will include any inactive trainees (including trainees who were released from training or resigned) and legacy data (including qualified doctors). We will start migrating these immediately after the last two deaneries have moved to the new system on 17th September (Severn and Yorkshire & Humber). We plan to finish the migration of all trainee data by the end of September 2020.

Due to this, the legacy Trainee ePortfolio will be shutting down from 1st October 2020. This means the old system will be no longer accessible and you will be only able to log in to the new Trainee Portfolio (TP) at and

Please note that while we are migrating all training data, there is some information that is not moving to the new system. This includes historical reports, messages (inbox) and helpdesk enquiries. Please see "What data will be migrating?" for instructions explaining how to download these.

Deanery pre-migration checklist

We have prepared a checklist for your deanery to ensure you're all ready for migration to the new system.

Item Who Status
Confirmation of launch slot RCGP
Two points of contact for all migration comms Deanery
Deanery confirm migration timetable and TeP lockout RCGP

Deanery confirms list of administrators requiring access to Fishbase (portfolio admin system)
Please include information about the required level of access: deanery or programme administrator (for programme administrators, please include the name of the training programme)

Send comms to all trainees and trainers
(information also available on the RCGP website)
RCGP to send a list of trainees for migration (excl. trainees taking RCA) RCGP
Deanery to check trainee list against their records Deanery

RCGP have checked Deanery list versus TeP database & resolved any anomalies


If possible, please also provide a small sample of trainees to assist with migration checking. This would be around 10 trainees at various stages of training, i.e. a combination of ST1/2/3 trainees plus OOP trainees (e.g. MAT/PAT leave).

Getting started


When trainees first log in, you may want to spend a few minutes changing the titles of your PDP items as these are being generated automatically as PDP entries on the current Trainee Portfolio do not have titles. PDP items will be linked to review periods going forward, so the list will be smaller than you currently see. There is no need to change the titles for PDP entries in previous review periods

Your files

The ‘Personal Library’ has been removed as this caused confusion. All files can now be accessed through the ‘All files’ page and you should be able to see if they are linked to a learning log or not. If they are not attached to a log, then no one (other than yourself) will be able to see them. To make sure they are viewable by others, please make sure they are attached to a log

New assessments

You will notice that several of the assessments will look different as well as the learning log types. This is due to the WPBA changes launching along with the new Portfolio. You can read more about the new WPBA on our website

How can I get support for the new system?

FourteenFish team will provide support for the new portfolio. We have prepared a help area with articles explaining how to use the system. You can access this at any time by clicking the ‘Help’ button from any page of the Portfolio. You can also contact the support team through this button.

Last updated: 1 September 2020

Added information about the TeP shutdown (see question "What will happen to the old Trainee ePortfolio?")

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