Fishbase - Frequently Asked Questions

The questions listed below have been raised during our Fishbase webinars.

Is there a bulk upload facility for adding posts/stage of training/supervisor info all at once?

Sorry, this is not currently available in Fishbase. We are looking at a way of making mass addition of new trainees and their roles etc. more streamlined.

Clinical supervisor in the new portfolio

How many clinical supervisors can a trainee have at one time?

There's no limit to clinical supervisors. You can add multiple supervisors as required.

Do clinical supervisors need a ticket code to complete a CSR?

No code is now needed. The trainee invites the supervisor by email and that email contains a link to complete the CSR (same for other assessments). Any supervisor linked to the trainee can complete the form without needing the invitation.

Can trainees add/remove supervisors?

Trainees can add/remove supervisors only if those people are linked to their posts. They cannot just add any supervisor to their portfolio. This functionality was added to allow trainees to make sure they have a supervisor soon after the migration and might be removed in the future.

How do you access the trainees who have recently completed training?

Any trainee that have received the CCT after the migration will be viewable within Fishbase. Anyone who qualified before the migration will remain on the old ePortfolio until the legacy trainees are moved to the new system. We plan to do this after all of the deaneries have been migrated.

I am an administrator but haven't yet received my login. How do I get access?

Anyone who already has admin access to Fishbase in your area can add you to the system through the "users and roles" page. 

There is a guide explaining how to do this in the FourteenFish help area (this will be visible only to Fishbase users).

Can we edit the organisations? How do we change the organisation names?

Fishbase has a very flexible organisation management system so the organisation details, including the name, can be updated by the deaneries themselves (anyone with the admin access to that organisation). We would appreciate if you can hold off from updating the names until after we're done with the migration (later in October).

We use trainers from various deaneries, can the trainer be assigned to more than one deanery?

You can assign more than one deanery to a supervisor. Go to their user record in Fishbase and then click "Link another Deanery/Training programme".

How is the safeguarding requirement marked as completed?

The safeguarding area in "compliance passport" will show as completed and if the trainee has added the information themselves. Trainees need to upload a certificate there and add the dates.

Is there a dummy trainee we can use for training purposes?

Sorry, we don't have dummy trainees we can share with you yet, but will look at creating these after the migrations are finished.

How does the panel chair sign off the ARCP?

The panel chair needs to be assigned to a panel meeting. Once the ARCP is completed, the chair will see "Ready for Chair sign off" section at the bottom of the form where they can sign off the ARCP.

Do ARCP chairs need a separate log in to sign off?

No, the panel roles are now integrated with the actual user accounts, so you just need to assign the panel chair role to their record and then add them to a specific panel meeting to allow them to sign off the ARCPs. You no longer need to contact RCGP to request the panel chair login.

Why does the review period end as soon as the ESR is completed? Should review periods match the rotation dates?

The review period dates should reflect when the ESR is and therefore not the same as the rotation dates. Then it means that after the ESR a new review period is started and new learning logs after that can then be used for their next review.

Are we able to set the next review period with an open end date?

Yes, that's possible. You can add a new review period and leave the end date as empty. You can then go back to it and edit the date later.


Is there an email function within the portfolio?

There is a messaging functionality for trainees and supervisors. They can message each other through the portfolio after they're linked.

Last updated: 17 September 2020 

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