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2 01 Useful learning resources

Books and publications

  • Kurtz S, Silverman J, Draper J. Teaching and Learning Communication Skills in Medicine (2nd edn) Oxford: Radcliffe Medical Press, 2004
  • Neighbour R. The Inner Consultation: How to Develop an Effective and Intuitive Consulting Style (2nd edn) Oxford: Radcliffe Publishing, 2004
  • Pendleton D, Schofield T, Tate P, et al. The New Consultation: developing doctor–patient communication Oxford: Radcliffe Medical Press, 2003
  • Salinsky J and Sackin P. What are You Feeling Doctor? Identifying and avoiding defensive patterns in the consultation Oxford: Radcliffe Medical Press, 2000
  • Silverman J, Kurtz S, Draper J. Skills for Communicating with Patients (2nd edn) Oxford: Radcliffe Medical Press, 2004
  • Worrall P, French A, Ashton L. Advanced Consulting in Family Medicine: the consultation expertise model Oxford: Radcliffe Medical Press, 2009

Web resources

BMA ethics section 

Has a range of guidance for doctors on ethical issues in practice including a section on the questions practitioners most commonly ask of the ethics team.

GMC website 

Contains all recent GMC guidance including guidance on consent and confidentiality. The site also has a series of interactive case studies covering ethical issues faced in day-to-day practice called GMP in Action (from Good Medical Practice).

Institute of Medical Ethics website

This site has a range of learning resources for practising clinicians and teachers of medical ethics linked to the IME’s core curriculum for medical ethics and law. These include links to relevant guidelines and legislation, video clips and case vignettes as well as an extensive range of further reading. Resources are organised under useful headings such as mental health and care of children.

RCGP website

The RCGP website contains the key information about workplace-based assessment (WPBA) of communication skills in general practice. Several methods are available to assess competence in the consultation, in both primary and secondary care. These include case-based discussion (CbD), the consultation observation tool (COT) and the patient satisfaction questionnaire (PSQ). It is an essential site for GP specialty trainees.

RCGP e-learning resources:

For The GP Consultation in Practice module, e-GP includes courses on The Consultation in Context, Practical Consulting, Clinical Ethics and Values, and Promoting Equality and Valuing Diversity.

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